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Conny Svensson

Gothenburg,, Sweden

I want to make a difference in people's life and my tool for doing so is technology used in new and innovative ways. My vision is for technology to play an even bigger role in the future but at the same time disappear as a physical entity in every day life and be naturally integrated in the fabric of the world.

I'm a driven and experienced IT-professional forging my own path, looking for structure and meaning in the big picture from the outside while being detailed and focused on the small issues that make a difference on the inside.
This is why I'm not focused on a single area of expertise, I want a holistic view of the problems I'm encountered with while being savvy enough to make the right decisions.

My strengths are in inspiring people and finding solutions that deliver value in digital transformation, system and solution architecture, mobility, strategy and analysis, innovation, service and product design, user experience, data modelling and information architecture.
I'm also an experienced speaker and presenter at conferences and workshops. I love to plant a seed and see an idea grow in a person.

I'm constantly growing and learning new things both as a professional and as a human being. Trying new angles and questioning status quo. Work and life is a constant learning process.

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Conny Svensson