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VP at Intellect Design Arena

Mumbai, India

+ Over 24 years of global & rich experience in Portfolio & Program Delivery Management in leading & managing IT Governance, PMO, IT Portfolio/Program, IT Products, IT delivery management, Budget Management, IT planning & demand management, IT Change Management, Team Management and more.
+ 23 years of proven domain expertise in BFSI Segment (Corporate & retail banking) with experience in Banking Product development, engineering & projects execution globally.
+ Extremely well versed with BFSI Product Development Lifecycle & deep understanding of Retail & Corporate Banking
+ Thorough understanding of SDLC, Waterfall & Agile methodology
+ Multiple global professional certifications (PMP, ACP, PSM I, ITIL, PRINCE2, Agile CSM)
+ Solid experience of managing suppliers, vendors & possess excellent negotiation & bargaining skills while dealing with them
+ An effective communicator with relationship management skills with the ability to influence & relate to people at all levels of business, technology and management
+ A change agent who manages relationship across levels & helps get support across organization to meet set objectives
+ Experience of managing independent P&L for past 6+ years
+ Experience of building and leading large teams
+ Excellent & exceptional collaboration, networking & team building skills with proficiency at grasping new concepts quickly and utilizing the same in a productive manner to relate to people at all levels

Available For: Advising, Authoring, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Mumbai
Speaking Topics: Delivery Excellence, Project Management, Retail and Corporate banking, Fintech, LinkedIn

Speaking Fee $200

Biren Parekh, PMP, ACP, DASSM, CSM, PRINCE2, ITILPoints

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Project Management

I am highly passionate about Project Management and its practical aspects. I have good experience in managing multi-million dollar projects in the BFSI industry. Having worked in banks as well as in IT companies, I understand business from 360 degrees.

I have been speaking about project management in PMI forums as well as conferences.

I am also a guest lecturer at Business schools on this as well as other topics.


Having worked in BFSI products company throughout my career. I have good knowledge about the nuances of banking projects. Being an avid reader, I am having an in-depth understanding of the Fintech segment.

I have been speaking about Fintech in PMI forums and at Business school.

LinkedIn Personal Branding / LinkedIn Coach

I have good experience of establishing a personal brand on the LinkedIn platform. I coach individuals and various personnel to establish their brand on LinkedIn.

Company Information

Company Type: Enterprise
Business Unit: Technology
Theatre: India
Media Experience: 24 years

Areas of Expertise

Agile 30.05
Business Strategy
Change Management
Customer Experience
Design Thinking 30.41
Digital Transformation
Diversity and Inclusion
Edtech 33.57
Fintech 46.23
Innovation 30.18
Leadership 31.46
Lean Startup 39.79
Management 37.87
Procurement 30.26
Social 30.55
Marketing 30.29
Analytics 30.09
Risk Management 30.47
Health and Wellness 30.10
COVID19 32.89
5G 30.13
AI 30.11
Emerging Technology 30.06
HR 30.88
Healthtech 30.24
Project Management 30.71

Industry Experience

Financial Services & Banking
Professional Services

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1 Advisory Board Membership
Winzard Solutions
June 01, 2021

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Tags: HR, Lean Startup, Management

11 Article/Blogs
Watermelon status reporting
Biren Parekh
February 14, 2021
“Watermelon status reporting” describes the phenomenon where the RAG status of the project appears to be green from the outside, but if you dig deep into it, it’s actually RED right through and has serious issues.

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Tags: Fintech, Management, Leadership

Project Management Lessons
Biren Parekh
January 26, 2021

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Tags: Management, Leadership, Project Management

Biren Parekh
December 06, 2020
Neo banks, also known as Challenger banks or smart banks, are digital banks with no brick-and-mortar physical branches. The Fintech, which does not use legacy banking systems or pre-existing infrastructure, can be qualified as a bona fide Neo bank.

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Tags: Fintech, Management

Growth of Internet
Biren Parekh
September 12, 2020
While we have just celebrated 25 years of the Internet in India and have been celebrating this milestone with memories, the authors of this article have collaborated to provide a crisp futuristic view of the next decade. This article has been divided into 3 phases, a Journey of 25 years, Factors that drove growth until now and factors that would drive growth in the future.

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Tags: 5G, Fintech

Facial Recognition - Friend or Foe?
Biren Parekh
July 27, 2020
The growth of a startup focusing on facial recognition is momentous. That could be largely linked to their alliance with law enforcement agents that are using the platform widely. While there exists little to no regulation around how this kind of tech is used, that has not stopped business from booming for all the parties involved.

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Tags: AI, Emerging Technology, Fintech

Preparing for ACP Exam
Biren Parekh
June 12, 2020

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Tags: Agile, Leadership, Management

Dont Fear Intelligent machines
Biren Parekh
March 21, 2020

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Tags: AI, Management

Fiction to Fact - in Five years flat
December 31, 2019

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Tags: AI, Healthtech, Innovation

The Smart Art of Investment
March 14, 2018

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Tags: Fintech, Management

Social Ratings
February 09, 2017

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Tags: Leadership, Management, Social

Liquidity Management Simplified
January 10, 2017

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Tags: Fintech, Management

1 Board Membership
Fintrade technologies
April 01, 2021

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Tags: Edtech, Fintech, Management

1 Book Chapter
High Productivity Practices
Adhyyan books
July 11, 2021
Industry leaders like backbone supporting the body, support the economic development in any country, through their continuous productivity improvements. The author Dr. Ravindran KA has put in the effort to bring out the best practicing ideas and principles which have already been proven in the industry. As a part of that, a chapter has been written by me on my leadership and productivity hacks.

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Tags: Leadership, Management

1 Keynote
Systematics CONTINUUM 2017
August 19, 2017
Shailesh J Mehta School of Business conducts Systematcis continuum every year on BFSI related topics.
In 2017, I was invited to deliver inaugurate and deliver a keynote session.
It was on Disruption by IT in various domains of business. I delivered a session on Fintech Disruptors.

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Tags: Fintech, Leadership, Management

3 Panels
Effect of Pandemic on Employee Wellbeing and working style
Agile Network India
August 23, 2020
1. What was the potential risk from lockdown and what were the emergent practices employed by the companies to mitigate risks.
2. In general how has the pandemic affected the working style of employees.
3. How have you turned around the stress into a family bonding.
4. Job insecurity, layoffs, furloughs is causing stress to employees. How are companies taking care of the economic wellness of the employees?

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Tags: Health and Wellness, Leadership, Management

The Age of Analytics : Competing in a data driven world
August 02, 2019
Analytics is a multi-faced field that uses expertise such as computer science, machine learning, statistical learning, and information technology to derive value from a large volume of data. Given rapid technological advances, the question for companies now is how to integrate new capabilities into their operations and strategies—and position themselves in a world where analytics can upend entire industries.

Topics discussed
• Role of Analytics in revolutionizing the customer experience
• Role of Analytics in Short/Long term strategic decision making
• Unexplored application of analytics in different domains
• Challenges in managing analytics

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Tags: Analytics, Design Thinking, Fintech

Waterfall vs. Agile: Which is the Right Development Methodology for Your Project?
Project World Summit and Awards
July 07, 2019
Waterfall vs. Agile: Which is the Right Development Methodology for Your Project?
One of the first decisions we face for each of our project implementations is “Which development methodology should we
use? Both the Waterfall method and the Agile method have their uses, and the selection of either method will depend on
various project-centric factors.

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Tags: Fintech, Leadership, Management

2 Speaking Engagements
Project Predictability
Project World Summit and Awards
July 05, 2019
Project Predictability as a technique to improve the bottom line

Every business get benefitted from measuring and increasing the predictability of its processes. But project complexity;
limited visibility into performance; and human factors that obscure and delay forecasts, have restricted the ability to
proactively manage cost and schedule outcomes. Capturing the demand from defect identification and remediation will help
keep the team on track of predictable deliveries.
• Maximum use of technology and automated processes
• Integration between people, governance, and technology
• Formation and linkage between information, processes, and tools necessary to unlock predictability
• Integrating predictability with productivity

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Tags: Fintech, Leadership, Management

Risk Management
Asahi Kasei
February 15, 2019
As a part of Corporate training, I conducted Basics of Risk management for Asahi Kasei corporate team.

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Tags: Management, Risk Management

4 Visiting Lecturers
Fintech Disruptor
January 07, 2021
Fintech Disruptor

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Tags: Fintech, Leadership, Management

Reimaging world Post Covid-19
December 04, 2020
As a part of the "Business Management Symposium-2020" organized by the School of Petroleum Management(SPM), Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University(PDPU), Gandhinagar, i was invited to deliver speech on impact on Financial Services segment

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Tags: COVID19, Fintech, Management

Fintech Disruptor
August 31, 2019
Technology in Financial Services at TMISR - Technology led disruption in Financial Services

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Tags: Fintech, Leadership, Management

July 24, 2018
I had delivered the session on the Delivery excellence model as a part of Diksha series of inviting guest speakers.

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Tags: Fintech, Leadership, Management

3 Webinars
Tips to Master LinkedIn Profile
PMI Mumbai Chapter
June 13, 2021
The session will explain from basics on how to become a power user on LinkedIn and how to optimize the use of your LinkedIn profile. This will be a hands-on session whereby users will be explained how to develop a LinkedIn profile and personal brand.

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Tags: Marketing, Social

Pitfalls to avoid in Project Management Journey
PMI Mumbai Chapter
April 18, 2021
ased on Mr. Biren's experience as a Project/Program Manager over years, he has listed down some of the practical key mistakes he had made in his professional career. In this presentation, he would share these mistakes with real-world examples that can be avoided by Project Management professionals in their project management journey.

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Tags: Fintech, Leadership, Management

Product Implementation Excellence Model
PMI Mumbai Chapter
November 29, 2020
In today's VUCA world where all corporates & vendors are cost-conscious, it is imperative to ensure that implementation happens on time & within budget. As we know, poor project management results in the failure of not only the implementation project but sets back the organization by a few years in terms of achieving their vision mission & objectives. Not to mention the loss of revenue but also damage to the reputation of the organization, vendors & key stakeholders.

How to ace & manage the large product implementation and transformation amidst post-covid world? Biren will talk about challenges in banking transformation projects and mechanism to address the same.

The key takeaways will be
1- Banking implementation challenges and risks
2 - Process to meet challenges and risks
3 - How to Uncover Blind spots during implementation
4 - Connect the dots using available information

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Tags: Design Thinking, Fintech, Innovation

1 Whitepaper
A Comparative Study of Vendor Selection Process in Global Outsourcing Industry with an Elucidated Scientific Approach
Turkish Journal of Computer Mathematics and Education, (Turcomat)
April 11, 2021
While shortlisting a vendor, all stakeholders want to ensure that a reliable, dependent, and quality vendor is on-boarded. Any rogue or incompetent vendor selection may hamper the core business of the organization and may result in the downfall of the organization as well as its goodwill, built over years. Stemming from this dilemma, business leaders moved to the business process outsourcing model to mitigate some of the risks in doing everything by them. Outsourcing helps to quickly scale up or scale down and avail expert services at a reasonable price.

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Tags: Procurement




1 Social Media
LinkedIn Social Media Influencer

Location: Mumbai, India    Date Available: July 07th, 2021    Fees: $500

Submission Date: July 07th, 2021    Service Type: Service Offered

With 15K connections, I can influence social media on particular topic.

Having strong and rich experience as well as being a award-winning professional, I have huge followers and can help you on influencing

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