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Philip Ideson

Managing Director at Art of Procurement

Orlando, United States

Philip Ideson is passionate about the role that procurement professionals and leaders can plan in creating a competitive advantage for their organizations.

Over a two-decade career spanning the entire procurement value chain from Buyer to Head of Procurement, as a practitioner and consultant, Philip observed first hand the challenges that procurement professionals face in fighting the status quo, and ultimately in fulfilling their potential.

Philip founded Art of Procurement in 2015 as a way to empower procurement professionals at all levels to deliver change with confidence; whether from the inspiration of the popular weekly podcast that he hosts, or with targeted solution offerings that guide clients on their journey to transform the impact of procurement.

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76 Article/Blogs
Supplier Diversity: How to Achieve Impact at Scale
Art of Procurement
September 19, 2023
Supplier diversity is not just a box to tick on a corporate social responsibility checklist; it is a dynamic strategy that can drive innovation, increase competitiveness, enhance brand reputation, and, ultimately, impact an organization’s bottom line

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Tags: Procurement, Management

Aspiring to Build an Optimal Procurement Experience and Ecosystem
Art of Procurement
April 19, 2022
We’re all participants in the experience economy, sometimes as consumers and sometimes as providers. When procurement finds itself in the experience provider seat, we have to make sure our talent, processes, and systems create an advantage rather than holding us back.

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Tags: Procurement, Ecosystems

How To Build A Business Continuity Plan For Your Spend Category
Art of Procurement
August 18, 2021
If you expect your strategic suppliers to have a business continuity plan, doesn’t it make sense for procurement to have category continuity plans for the most critical spend?

A category continuity plan helps you proactively identify the risks and disruption mitigation steps associated with a category or a product or service. It is meant to be clear and actionable – not a 60 page manual.

There are six elements to the process of creating your plan:

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Tags: Procurement, Leadership, Business Continuity

Cost Drivers – Warehousing & General Storage Category
Art of Procurement
August 06, 2021
The AOP Category Cost Drivers Series is a new content offering created in partnership with ProcurementIQ.

Today we will uncover the primary cost drivers impacting warehousing and storage providers.

Operating a warehouse requires a considerable number of employees to perform a range of tasks, including operating forklifts, managing warehouse space, and running operations. Suppliers in this market face significant overhead costs, including utilities, rent, depreciation of machinery and vehicles, and maintenance.

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Tags: Procurement, Management, Leadership

Unlocking A Treasure Trove Of Procurement Inspiration
Art of Procurement
August 02, 2021
Since we started Art of Procurement almost six years ago, a broad range of executives, practitioners, academics, and more have shared over 3.2M words of wisdom in our podcasts, webinars, virtual events, and long-form writing. They all share the singular goal of helping forward-thinking leaders change the game for procurement’s impact.

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Tags: Innovation, Procurement, Leadership

How To Create Stronger Supplier Relationships
Art of Procurement
June 23, 2021
Creating stronger supplier relationships is an effort, and it has to be part of procurement culture and the values of the enterprise as a whole. As we learned in 2020, the time to invest in relationships is long before you have to lean on them.

We are often asked, “How do we create stronger relationships with our suppliers?” This week's blog post features Philip Ideson's best advice

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Tags: Business Continuity, Procurement, Supply Chain

Will Automation Replace Procurement?
Art of Procurement
June 09, 2021
Automating professional activities is nothing new. You only need to look at the marketing function to see the impact that automation has had on a business function over the past 10 years.

Procurement isn’t exempt, we’re just slow to the party.

Think about the parts of your job as a procurement professional could be automated. Some of the more transactional activities may be the first to come to mind, as well broad elements of the procure to pay cycle. Or maybe guided buying, allowing technology to become the domain of commoditized products that are bought through catalogs or online marketplaces.

But a lot of what procurement does is strategic, right? It needs to be done by humans.

Not so fast.

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Tags: AI, Digital Transformation, Procurement

Is Procurement Moving Away From Category Management?
Art of Procurement
May 05, 2021
When people ask Philip Ideson if procurement is moving away from category management, his answer is most often: “kind of.”

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Tags: Procurement, Business Strategy

Turning Urgency Into Action For Top-Line Growth
Art of Procurement
April 21, 2021
There are many ways procurement can impact top-line growth. We can enable savings reinvestment and facilitate supplier-led innovations, or empower sales and marketing to overcome objections in the sales process and increase customer success. Without question, procurement’s ability to execute is limited more by our imagination, confidence, and willingness to take measured risks than it is by a lack of enabling technologies or skill shortages.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Procurement, Supply Chain

Securing Buy-In For Sustainability Initiatives
Art of Procurement
March 10, 2021
Sustainability initiatives have often had a PR problem when it comes to trying to get buy in, but #procurement has enough experience to get past this objection. The reality is that the best sustainability initiatives are good old demand management projects; they increase sustainability by reducing demand.

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Tags: Procurement, Supply Chain, Sustainability

Connecting Procurement Performance With Company Growth
Art of Procurement
February 17, 2021
At AOP Mastermind LIVE in October, we asked CPOs about their top objectives heading into 2021. The number two objective named was company growth, something procurement has talked about a lot as a profession, but which we have struggled to actually achieve.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Digital Transformation, Procurement

How To Outsource Services In A Changing Economy
Art of Procurement
February 03, 2021
About five years ago, procurement outsourcing was all the rage. Companies would outsource sourcing and category management ‘en masse.’ It was sort of like selling procurement in a box.

Service providers would typically get really good initial results. They were able to take a fresh approach to spend that hadn’t been run through a formal procurement process before. Maybe they’d come across an organization that hadn’t previously utilized market intelligence, or one that just ran RFPs instead of building holistic category strategies. Having better insights and a more expansive bag of tricks really made a big difference – or so it seemed.

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Tags: Future of Work, Procurement, Supply Chain

The Top 5 CPO Priorities At The Start Of 2021
Art of Procurement
January 20, 2021
Art of Procurement did some research as part of #MastermindLIVE in October. We asked registrants to share their objectives, priorities, and challenges heading into 2021. In this new blog, Philip Ideson shares those findings with a few additional comments of his own.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Leadership, Procurement

Getting And Keeping The A-Team
Art of Procurement
January 06, 2021
Anyone that has ever sourced professional services knows that one of the top concerns is having a firm bid – and potentially introduce you to – the ‘A-team’ to win your business. Then, once the contract is signed, they swap them out for the B-team (or the C-team) when it comes time to actually do the work.

Read 'Getting And Keeping The A-Team' on the AOP blog for tips and tactics you can use to get and KEEP the A-team!

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Tags: Management, Procurement

Heroes In Our Midst: Pivoting To The Potential Of 2021
Art of Procurement
December 08, 2020
For all the stories of stress and struggle we heard in 2020, there have also been some amazing examples of heroism and success. In this new blog post, Philip Ideson shares the stories of two particularly inspiring CPOs, Dan Symon is the Chief Procurement Officer of New York City and Sajid Kunnummal is the Vice President and CPO at Navistar

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Tags: COVID19, Digital Transformation, Procurement

Procurement: Catalyst for Change in the ‘Next Normal’
October 28, 2020
Over the past seven months, the opportunity for procurement to find different levers to drive growth and deliver value has intensified. For procurement leaders, this is a unique point in time. We are working to overcome immediate challenges while building innovative capabilities to position our companies for success in the near and long term.

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Tags: Innovation, Procurement, Leadership

Caution! Category Dynamics Subject To Change
Art of Procurement
September 23, 2020
A couple of months ago on the pod we chatted with Arthur Piszczor, a Consultant at Corcentric, about the changes being seen in facilities services. He joined us as part of a monthly deep dive into the trends in one particular spend category.

Unsurprisingly, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to significant changes in the janitorial services market.

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Tags: Procurement, Change Management

Will Automation Replace Procurement?
Art of Procurement
September 16, 2020
The idea of automating professional activities is nothing new. You only need to look at marketing over the last 10 years to see an example of the impact automation has had on a business function. Honestly, procurement is just late to the party.

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Tags: Procurement, Leadership, RPA

The Six Critical Elements Of A Category Continuity Plan
Art of Procurement
September 09, 2020
If you expect your strategic suppliers to have a business continuity plan, doesn’t it make sense for procurement to have category continuity plans for the most critical spend?

A category continuity plan helps you proactively identify the risks and disruption mitigation steps associated with a category or a product or service. It is meant to be clear and actionable – not a 60 page manual.

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Tags: Sustainability, Procurement, Business Continuity

Fine Lines: Walking Procurement’s Double-Edged Sword
Art of Procurement
June 08, 2020
As much of the world takes tentative steps to return to some type of normality in the shadow of COVID-19, procurement’s role is quickly evolving. The past three months have seen our profession help guide our organizations through uncharted waters, securing supply through unconventional means.

Now the dust is settling and our focus can shift to the medium and long term. For many companies (although not all), that means saving money.

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Tags: Digital Disruption, Supply Chain, Procurement

Why In-Country Labor Arbitrage Will Shake Up The Procurement Hiring Market
Art of Procurement
May 24, 2020
In a recent Forbes article, Jack Kelly writes, “This could be an amazing consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies and workers will both have the choice of hiring or working for a company anywhere.”

I agree wholeheartedly with this idea. By leveraging the best talent worldwide, regardless of location, companies will be able to hire onshore or nearshore knowledge workers at a lower cost. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean moving all roles to the lowest-cost places on earth. For instance, the Outsource to Detroit program encouraged companies to relocate their IT operations to Detroit rather than offshoring them. The advantage of today’s circumstances and connectivity levels even alleviate the need for investments in physical infrastructure.

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Tags: Procurement, Management, Future of Work

Why Dual Sourcing As A Risk Mitigation Strategy May Not Be The Answer
Art of Procurement
May 11, 2020
The ‘word on the street’ about how procurement should respond to COVID-19 product and service supply problems is that going forward dual sourcing should be the default approach.

We’re certainly not against dual sourcing as a strategy. In fact, we encourage clients to have optionality in their category strategies.

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Tags: Procurement, Risk Management

319: Seizing the Opportunity for Quick Wins w/ Brian Seipel
Import from wordpress feed
May 04, 2020
“The real benefit of quick wins is to get the ball rolling. Procurement can take a small set of spend and turn around a good savings percentage within a month...
The post 319: Seizing the Opportunity for Quick Wins w/ Brian Seipel appeared first on Art of Procurement.

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Tags: Supply Chain

318: Partnering with the Business for Mutual Success w/ Canda Rozier
Import from wordpress feed
April 27, 2020
“The mark of achievement for myself, for my team members, and for the procurement function as a whole is to be viewed as a valued, trusted advisor and partner to...
The post 318: Partnering with the Business for Mutual Success w/ Canda Rozier appeared first on Art of Procurement.

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Tags: Procurement

317: 7 Creative Ways to Kick-Start Your Program – Expense Management Special Series Part 5
Import from wordpress feed
April 24, 2020
Sustainable expense management programs should be managed to align outcomes with company objectives. Doing so amplifies their impact, strengthens stakeholder and supplier relationships, and provides real savings that can be...
The post 317: 7 Creative Ways to Kick-Start Your Program – Expense

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Tags: Procurement

1 Founder
Art of Procurement
September 08, 2015
At Art of Procurement, our goals are:

- to inspire the art of the possible by thinking differently about the impact that procurement can achieve.
- to help you build and execute your transformation roadmap.
- to help you rapidly deploy teams of experts that deliver sustainable cost savings
- to help you tackle complex problems, categories, and sourcing events to unlock new sources of value.
- to provide you with the insights, tools, and coaching to succeed day in, and day out.

We strive to achieve these goals through our podcast, consulting, and microlearning offerings.

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Tags: Procurement, Leadership, Entrepreneurship

3 Media Interviews
Episode 25: How to be a Procurement All-Star
World of Procurement
October 21, 2020
Philip Ideson is the man behind Art of Procurement, the number one Procurement Podcast in the world. In addition to this, Art of Procurement provides Education and Consultancy Services. Philip recently hit an incredible milestone of 500,000 downloads over five years of running his Podcast.

Philip has a wealth of experience as a Procurement Practitioner and has spoken with over three hundred Procurement Professionals on his Podcast. As you can Imagine, I was keen to get his views on what the Best Procurement Pros do.

We covered a lot in this thirty minute Podcast episode:

Football, Why Running is incredible for mindset, the traits of Procurement All-Stars, Why focussing on Procurement Technical Skills will only get you so far, why we hate the term “seat at the table” and the challenges COVID 19 has posed to Procurement Teams.

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Tags: Supply Chain, Procurement, Management

PAT Chat: Art of Procurement’s Phil Ideson on Elevating the Role of Procurement
SAP Ariba
February 06, 2020
How do we elevate the role of procurement? Meet Phil Ideson, the founder and managing director of Art of Procurement, who has dedicated himself to precisely that task.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, Procurement

Out of the Mouth of Babes
June 03, 2019
Art of Procurement Founder Philip Ideson shares his entrepreneurial journey, and why the future of procurement relies on a combination of both art and science.

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Tags: Procurement, Entrepreneurship

208 Podcasts
621: Elevating the ROI of Business Travel w/ Scott Gillespie
Philip Ideson
August 28, 2023
The current state of business travel is a combination of cautious optimism and adaptability, counter-balanced by concerns over climate implications and the rising cost of travel. The post-pandemic “recovery” is indeed underway, despite some business travelers preferring the convenience (and low cost) of Zoom over in-person travel.

To gain additional insight, Philip Ideson recently welcomed Scott Gillespie back to the podcast. Scott is the founder and CEO of tClara, and an industry-leading expert on travel strategy, carbon emissions, justifiable travel, traveler friction, and trip valuation. Scott also recently published new research about the ROI of individual trips.

In this conversation, Philip and Scott discuss:

-Key factors driving the recovery of the business travel
-Quantitative models for justifying business trip expenditures
-How to differentiate low-value from high-value trips and prioritize travel budget accordingly

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Tags: Procurement

619: An Expert's Guide to Procurement Change Management w/ Chandell Shorter and Joe Payne
Philip Ideson
August 21, 2023
Change, especially large-scale change, can be hard, overwhelming, or even scary for some people, but it’s also an inevitable part of life and work. Procurement professionals often find themselves at the very center of critical change management projects, leading change around processes, technology, talent management, and skills development, all of which can have profound effects on the company morale and culture.

How can procurement lead the business through this change without implementing it in a way that it backfires or creates resistance?

In this episode, based on an AOP Live session, Chandell Shorter, Senior Consultant of Change Management at Corcentric, and Joe Payne, SVP Source-to-Pay at Corcentric, discussed everything procurement should know about change management with host Kelly Barner.

They covered:

-How to create meaningful communication and training strategies that help drive change and generate support from across the business
-Why it’s so important to frontload engagement and communication at the project level
-Ways to lower common risks associated with change management, like personnel loss, concerns over cost and ROI, resistance, and skills gaps
-How the company’s past relationship to change should inform procurement’s approach

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Tags: Procurement

617: The Care and Feeding of the Procurement Startup Ecosystem w/ Jack Freeman
Philip Ideson
August 14, 2023
In recent years, there has been an “explosion” of procurement tech startups. But not all procurement startups are able to reach their full potential.

In this episode from Digital Outcomes 2023, Philip Ideson speaks with Jack Freeman, procure tech investor and Partner at PeakSpan Capital, about the challenges and opportunities procurement tech startups face, particularly in category specialized solutions like SaaS, vertical software, finance, or construction.

Jack shares his perspective on:

-The most common reasons procure tech startups struggle
-Strategies for avoiding the most common roadblocks founders and CPOs face when working with or launching young or emerging technologies
-The skills and background procurement tech founders should develop to successfully raise the capital they need to scale their technologies and go to market
-The nuances of what makes a successful procure tech founder

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Tags: Procurement

615: Strengthening Your Corporate Culture to Survive Challenging Economic Times w/ Mu Wagh and Matt Reddington
Philip Ideson
August 07, 2023
As companies face the weight of inflation and the potential for recession, executives are reevaluating their decentralized approaches to procurement management and decision making. Instead, many organizations are making the move back toward centralized procurement models to keep a sharp eye on the bottom line. The focus has shifted from viewing cost savings as a 'nice-to-have' to a necessity for operational continuity.

In this episode, based on a recent AOP Live session, Mu Wagh, Chief Operating Officer at Procure Analytics, and Matt Reddington, their Vice President of Operations, discuss how a strong corporate culture can help companies navigate challenging economic times as they transition to centralized control in procurement.

Mu and Matt provide valuable advice on how to strike a balance in the transition to centralized control without adding friction into the procurement process or doing harm to the organizational culture.

-Strategies to increase compliance without disrupting procurement teams
-Tracking savings and spend analysis as a measure of purchasing efficiency and procurement success
-Establishing feedback mechanisms from different user groups to ensure procurement delivers what they need

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Tags: Procurement

613: Halfway to 2024: An Art of Procurement Mid-Year Check In w/ Philip Ideson and Kelly Barner
Philip Ideson
July 31, 2023
Believe it or not, 2023 if officially halfway over. It seems like just yesterday (or 10 years ago) that we were sharing our first podcast episode of the new year.

In this week’s episode, Philip Ideson and Kelly Barner sit down to talk about the half of the year gone by as well as what they think the second half of 2023 has in store.

They talk about:

-The three key messages Philip laid out in his annual message and whether they have stood the test of time
-Major trends that have dominated news headlines this year and how they have (or have not) affected procurement
-New developments from AOP’s team, online presence, and content programs

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Tags: Procurement

611: Procurement’s Role in Value-based Healthcare w/ Heba Farouk
Philip Ideson
July 24, 2023
Few industries faced the same level of challenge that healthcare did during the pandemic. Everyone from doctors, to support staff, to procurement was pushed to do their best on behalf of patients. As they cooperated to overcome these difficulties, each stakeholder group was changing a little bit - sometimes in ways that would alter their perspective on the experience forever.

In this episode, Philip Ideson interviews Heba Farouk, Chief Supply Chain Officer for Saudi German Health and one of the first practitioner executives Art of Procurement has featured from the Middle East. She shares her firsthand experience with the operational and perception-based evolution of procurement and supply chain in the healthcare industry.

During the conversation, they discussed:

-Heba’s experience as a supply chain leader in a hospital system during the COVID-19 pandemic
-Subsequent changes to the role of procurement and supply chain within the patient care experience
-How the definition of value has changed forever for doctors, patients, and procurement

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Tags: Procurement

609: Bridging the Confidence Gap to Achieve the Best Business Outcomes w/ Baber Farooq
Philip Ideson
July 17, 2023
The global procurement landscape is rapidly evolving to better align with the strategic vision and mission of the organization. Business leaders value the impact that procurement teams can have in their organizations, and they’re especially pleased with procurement’s ability to tackle external risk. However, confidence wanes when they consider procurement’s ability to collaborate internally.

At SAP Sapphire 2023, Philip Ideson had the opportunity to speak with Baber Farooq, Senior Vice President and Head of Market Strategy for SAP Procurement Solutions. They discussed the findings of a new research study by Economist Impact: Decoding Confidence in the Procurement Function. The study surveyed 500 executives, including CFOs, COOs, CPOs, CSCOs, and CHROs in early 2023 and the resulting report explores how these executives perceive procurement’s performance today and how it needs to evolve for the future.

During the conversation they discussed:

-Key priorities and challenges facing the procurement function today and tomorrow, and what is needed to optimize results
-How senior leaders view procurement’s role in the enterprise
-Ways procurement can prepare to meet challenges and trends such as supply chain disruption, rising costs, growing macroeconomic uncertainty, and increasing ESG expectations

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Tags: Procurement

607: The Peculiarities of Construction Procurement w/ Neha Kumar
Philip Ideson
July 10, 2023
There are few categories of spend as large and operationally complex as construction. From different sourcing models, to right timelines, to a whole host of contractors and subcontractors to coordinate, procurement has to walk a fine line between being a roadblock and advocating for active spend management.

Neha Kumar has experience working for companies like Barclays, Bloomberg, Deutsche Bank and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation across the corporate services, facilities, and real estate categories. Most recently her focus has been on construction.

In this episode, Neha takes Philip Ideson on a journey through the peculiarities of construction procurement - the first time we have covered this category on the podcast!

-Understanding and deciding between the common models for construction sourcing
-Why scheduling is just as important as price
-How construction RFPs differ from other RFPs and the role they play in the sourcing and project management process

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Tags: Procurement

603: From C-Suite Priority to Procurement Strategy: Managing Risk at Scale w/ Gordon Donovan and Matt Montgomery
Philip Ideson
June 26, 2023
According to 2022 research conducted by Economist Impact and commissioned by SAP, risk reduction is a top priority for corporate leadership.

38 percent of C-suite executives view risk reduction as a way to deliver increased value through procurement. Do the other 62 percent recognize the role procurement plays in risk management?

In this episode based on an AOP Live session, Philip Ideson and Kelly Barner are joined by Gordon Donovan, Global Market Research Director, Procurement and External Workforce at SAP, and Matthew Montgomery, Solution Management Director, Supplier Lifecycle & Third Party Risk Management at SAP.

They answered live audience questions about:

-How C-suite executives view procurement’s role in managing risk
-Why procurement talent and skills shortages may be part of the risk management challenge
-How companies are leveraging supplier management technologies to address these challenges

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Tags: Procurement

601: Investing in Next Generation Digital Literacy for Procurement w/ Andrew Daley
Philip Ideson
June 19, 2023
The procurement talent space has been on a rollercoaster over the last couple of years.

First the pandemic disrupted everything, then companies started making a grab for procurement talent - in many cases hiring people before meeting them. Demand and salaries shot up in parallel. Then, at the end of last year, economic headwinds led to a correction and hiring slowed. There have even been layoffs in some sectors.

Where does all of that leave the procurement talent market today?

In this episode, Philip Ideson is joined by Andrew Daley, Managing Director of Digital Procurement and Supply Chain at Edbury Daley and a returning guest. Edbury Daley is a specialist recruitment consultancy formed in 2005, and Andrew is one of the most well-connected procurement professionals in the UK.

Andrew shares his up-to-the-moment perspective on:

-What he has heard at recent conferences season about digital literacy for procurement professionals
-Outlook and advice for provider-side procurement professionals who may recently have been impacted by company layoffs
-Why CPOs continue to consider procurement talent such a struggle, and why they are allowing training budgets to go unused in some cases

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Tags: Procurement

599: Building Future Profitability with Mid-market Business Ecosystems w/ Claus Gruenewald and Conor Mullaney
Philip Ideson
June 12, 2023
The concept of a ‘business ecosystem’ has changed over time. In the early days, a business ecosystem would bring together enterprise technology and implementation partners, easing the transition and accelerating value realization.

Today, however, business ecosystems are far more expansive. They include both software and service partners that are able to support a company on its digital maturity journey.

At SAP Sapphire 2023, Philip Ideson had the opportunity to sit down with Claus Gruenewald, Global Head Partner Business SAP Intelligent Spend Solutions, and Conor Mullaney, Co-Founder and Brand Ambassador at excelerateds2p.

In particular, they focused on the importance and accessibility of business ecosystems for mid-market companies:

-The ability to accommodate the unique localized nature of a business that is geographically or functionally dispersed
-Unique challenges and opportunities for procurement organizations in mid-market companies
-How the business ecosystem makes it possible for companies to combine an enterprise solution that addresses 90 percent of their needs with partners who handle the rest

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Tags: Procurement

597: Bridging the Decision Abyss with Decision Intelligence w/ Keith Hartley and Lance Younger
Philip Ideson
June 05, 2023
Supply chain and procurement professionals are used to supporting informed decision making, but the last few years have been far from ordinary. Decisions are being made more frequently with less time to prepare, and each one has a far greater impact on business continuity and supplier relationships.

This is even more true for direct materials. Sophisticated supply chain models and mature procurement strategy have been put to the test - each time the team must cross the ‘decision abyss’ could make the difference between competitive advantage and operational disruption.

Keith Hartley is the CEO of LevaData and Lance Younger is the CEO of ProcureTech. They spoke at a live event co-created by Art of Procurement and LevaData earlier this year: Navigating the Decision Abyss: Managing Direct Spend in Chaotic Times.

In this session, moderated by Philip Ideson, they address:

-What the decision abyss is and what it means to procurement, supply chain professionals, and category managers in today’s uncertain economic conditions
-The level of urgency being experienced by today’s corporate leaders, and how each decision making team is converting that urgency into action
-How LevaData is investigating the decision abyss to learn more about its causes and effects

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Tags: Procurement

595: Exploring the Potential for Applying AI in Procurement w/ Florin Tufan
Philip Ideson
May 29, 2023
“The reason you need AI is because you never know what you don't know. Procurement has to be able to protect themselves against that.”

There will always be things procurement does not know. Even if all of the data in the world were magically made available, there would be quality issues and analytics challenges to overcome. Data has to be validated - at scale - before the business can be confident making decisions based upon it.

In this episode, Philip Ideson is joined by Florin Tufan, Co-Founder and CEO of Veridion. Florin was recognized by the 2020 Romania Forbes 30 under 30 program for his willingness to take on the entrepreneurial risk associated with tackling the problem of firmographic data on an enterprise scale.

During this conversation, Philip and Florin discuss:

-Why a company’s age impacts the data quality challenges they are likely to face through layers of legacy systems
-What firmographics are and why procurement should be investing in them
-The role that AI needs to play for robust firmographics data to be made actionable quickly and at scale

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Tags: Procurement

593: Getting to Know Should-Cost Analysis w/ Yushiro Kato
Philip Ideson
May 22, 2023
“Should-cost analysis is just a tool. Even if you have a clear breakdown, if you do not have a good relationship with the suppliers, it doesn’t make any sense for any result. Should-cost analysis is a starting point for the conversation.”

According to research conducted by CADDi, 28.1 percent of procurement professionals know what should-cost analysis is, but only 4.6 percent use it. Given the critical importance of efficient direct material sourcing to manufacturing companies, these numbers justify further investigation.

In this episode, Kelly Barner is joined by Yushiro Kato, Co-Founder and CEO of CADDi. He is an advocate for should-cost analysis based on his first hand experience leveraging it as an effective cost reduction strategy and also for its potential to serve as a catalyst for collaboration with key suppliers.

Yushiro and Kelly take this opportunity to discuss:

-Why there is an understanding gap around should-cost analysis
-How accurate should-cost analysis needs to be in order to be actionable
-What it looks like to conduct a collaborative should-cost analysis exercise with suppliers, and what results such an effort can deliver

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Tags: Procurement

591: Rethink, Reflect, Reexamine: Strengthening Global Procurement Operating Models w/ Jake Taylor
Philip Ideson
May 15, 2023
“Organizations are asking, ‘For the next crisis – another pandemic, another supply disruption – can our organization be more resilient, and can we be better prepared? Not just from a policy or process or technology perspective but in terms of our operating model. Can we put more resources in the countries where we are doing our purchasing?”

Years of supply chain disruptions have caused global organizations to rethink the role of procurement - and procurement teams are doing some reflecting of their own. This is the time for procurement leaders to reexamine their operating model in preparation for the next potential crisis.

In this episode, based on an AOP Live session, Art of Procurement’s Philip Ideson and Kelly Barner are joined by Jake Taylor, Senior Director of Advisory at ProcureAbility. He provides his view on how leading procurement organizations are realigning themselves with the business and reinforcing that alignment with their operating model.

Jake answers questions on topics such as:

-The pros and cons of various procurement operating models
-Change management considerations that will put operating model adjustments into context
-Actionable insights that will help you make purposeful changes to your procurement operating model

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Tags: Procurement

589: Making the Pivot to High-Impact Procurement with Chris Riley
Philip Ideson
May 08, 2023
Procurement teams are tasked with moving the ball on so many ‘important’ projects in parallel that it can be hard to put them in priority order. In fact, procurement could ask five executives which effort - cost savings, risk mitigation, or ESG - is the most important to the company and get five different answers. Clearly, building a mechanism to decide is the right place to start.

In this episode, Philip Ideson is joined by Chris Riley, a Principal in Supply Chain and Procurement at Deloitte Consulting based in Perth, Australia. Chris has experience in a variety of procurement roles in the UK, Singapore, and Australia, with companies such as Ford, Cap Gemini, Lloyds Banking Group, and Rio Tinto.

During the conversation, Chris and Phil have the opportunity to discuss:
-Where procurement should go next, after the elevated role they have taken on over the last couple of years in response to supply and cost pressures
-How portfolio management and leadership strategies based on operational excellence can drive significant short and long-term improvements in procurement performance
-The role procurement can take on to support the corporate desire to spend with a social conscience

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Tags: Procurement

587: An AOP Rebrand 8 Years in the Making w/ Philip Ideson and Kelly Barner
Philip Ideson
May 02, 2023
Effective today, Art of Procurement has a new brand: an uploaded logo, look, and feel that align with our vision for procurement and the expanded content and events that are available to the AOP community.

This rebrand comes after eight years of gradual shifts. Starting with the launch of the podcast in 2015, Art of Procurement has grown to become the leading source of trusted, actionable insights for forward-thinking procurement leaders.

In this bonus episode, Partners Philip Ideson and Kelly Barner explain the intent and process behind this change:
-How our rebrand goes beyond just sporting a ‘new look’
-The need for procurement advocacy across the executive suite
-How this brand update aligns with our larger mission to 10X the impact of procurement

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586: Benchmarking Supplier Diversity to Drive Performance w/ Aylin Basom and Lois Eichacker
Philip Ideson
May 01, 2023 recently analyzed $1.4 trillion in spend looking for supplier diversity benchmarks that can be used to identify top performers and aid the advance of these programs regardless of maturity, size, or industry.

In this episode, drawn from an AOP Live session, Philip Ideson and Kelly Barner are joined by Aylin Basom, CEO of, and Lois Eichacker, their Vice President of Customer Success. They share the findings of the 2023 Supplier Diversity Benchmarking Report and discuss the importance of having an accurate, reliable, and consistent way to measure supplier diversity program results.

Listen to this interview to discover:
-Why actionable data and benchmarks are critical to advancing the mission of the supplier diversity movement
-What the data reveals when small supplier spend and diverse supplier spend are studied separately
-The role industry plays in determining relevant supplier diversity benchmarks
Opportunities for companies to outperform their peers based on proven best practices

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584: Enlisting Procurement in the Fight to Eradicate Modern Day Slavery w/ Tim Nelson
Philip IDeson
April 24, 2023
Despite the efforts that have been made to eradicate slavery, the practice has adapted. People all over the world are being held against their will and forced to provide labor, endure inhuman treatment, and are even subject to forcible organ harvesting.

Tim Nelson is the CEO of the charities Hope for Justice and Slave Free Alliance. He was working in the banking industry when he met a ‘slave hunter’ through a friend - a chance encounter that started his mission to expose and address the slavery and human trafficking that exist within today’s supply chains. Today he is fighting both worldwide through an ever-expanding network of team members and partners.

In this episode, Tim shares his knowledge and and advice with Philip Ideson about:
-Some of the products, services, and supply chains that are at high risk of involving modern slavery
-Internal and external drivers of change that are starting to move the needle on modern-day slavery
-The role that procurement professionals can - and must - play in working to protect human rights and protect companies from reputational risk

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582: Business Resilience for Short Term Agility and Long Term Growth w/ Yatin Anand and MVK
Philip Ideson
April 17, 2023
The combined challenges of the global economy and digital competition are very real for most executive leadership teams. While many of the decisions they must make are focused on short term agility and operational resilience, they can’t allow themselves to lose sight of the investments required to fuel longer term growth.

In this episode, based on an AOP Live session, Kelly Barner and Philip Ideson are joined by Yatin Anand, Principal and Procurement Leader at KPMG, and Michael van Keulen (“MVK”), Chief Procurement Officer at Coupa. They address how procurement can increase overall business resilience for the sake of short term agility and long term growth.

Yatin and MVK answer questions about:
-How CEOs and leadership teams are approaching the challenges and opportunities they face today and the steps they are taking to prepare for the future
-Ways to enable companies to make better decisions across a range of strategic objectives by achieving better control over their spend
-Where ESG targets fit into supply chain programs that are constantly being forced to emphasize risk and cost

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Tags: Procurement

580: Capturing the ROI of Upstream Relationships w/ Brian Peters
Philip Ideson
April 10, 2023
The sooner procurement is engaged in a business need, sourcing project, or contract process, the better the outcome will be for the business. This principle is widely accepted within procurement as truth, but has it ever been proven? If procurement could provide data to support earlier engagement and stronger upstream relationships with the business, the entire value equation would change.

Brian Peters is the Senior Director of Global Procurement Services & Delivery at Gilead Sciences, and he has a theory. He believes that if procurement has better upstream relationships, he will be able to measure the benefits in terms of:
-Higher savings
-Improved business outcomes
-Increased stakeholder satisfaction
-Shorter cycle times
-Improved supplier experience

In this conversation with host Philip Ideson, Brian talks about his theory regarding the ROI of procurement’s upstream relationships and the process he and his team are going through to prove it is true.

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Tags: Procurement

578: Architecting and Enabling Amazing Procurement Teams w/ Fadi El Mouallem
Philip Ideson
April 03, 2023
Many leading procurement professionals started out in completely different fields. And while they manage spend and suppliers today, those past practices, skills, and perspectives are still available to them. That diversity of perspective is part of what makes procurement teams so creative and resilient.

In this episode, Philip Ideson is joined by Fadi El Mouallem, a global procurement executive and digital transformation advocate. Fadi has experience working at companies like Salesforce and Apple, but his original field was architecture… something that has come in particularly helpful in a field that is constantly balancing art and science.

When it comes to building and enabling amazing teams, Fadi has plenty of advice to share:
-The importance of being able to step back and take in the big picture while also keeping an eye on the details
-Purposefully pursuing a broad range of talent and backgrounds when introducing someone new the team
-The many forms that organizational influence can take, and why it always starts with human connection

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576: Special Series | Part 4: Facilitating Differentiated Decision Making: Crossing the Data to Action Gap w/ Sammeli Sammalkorpi
Philip Ideson
March 30, 2023
In this four-part special series, host Philip Ideson speaks with members of the Sievo team. In each episode, we discover a unique way that differentiated decision making can help procurement 10X their impact: procurement as an information hub, ESG analytics, investments in talent, and crossing the data to action gap.

In the fourth and final episode in this series, he is joined by Sammeli Sammalkorpi, CEO and Co-Founder of Sievo, to bring the whole series together by looking at how procurement can cross the data to action gap.

They take this opportunity to discuss:
-What the next frontier in procurement analytics may look like
-Whether automated decision making will replace procurement professionals
-How procurement decision makers should think about procurement data assets

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Tags: Procurement

575: Special Series | Part 3: Facilitating Differentiated Decision Making: Talent & Human Decision Making w/ Deep Singh
Philip Ideson
March 29, 2023
In this four-part special series, host Philip Ideson speaks with members of the Sievo team. In each episode, we discover a unique way that differentiated decision making can help procurement 10X their impact: procurement as an information hub, ESG analytics, investments in talent, and crossing the data to action gap.

In the third episode, he is joined by Deep Singh, a Presales Manager at Sievo, to talk about the current state of human decision making and the tools available to drive decisions into actions.

They take this opportunity to discuss:
-How procurement can connect global sources of spend data with existing decision making processes
-What the decision making process looks like today with regards to managing risk
-Whether companies spend sufficient time cleaning and interpreting their data so they can improve their decisions

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Tags: Procurement

574: Special Series | Part 2: Facilitating Differentiated Decision Making: ESG Analytics w/ Heta Pirttijärvi
Philip Ideson
March 28, 2023
In this four-part special series, host Philip Ideson speaks with members of the Sievo team. In each episode, we discover a unique way that differentiated decision making can help procurement 10X their impact: procurement as an information hub, ESG analytics, investments in talent, and crossing the data to action gap.

In the second episode, he is joined by Heta Pirttijärvi, a Product Manager at Sievo, to talk about ESG analytics.

They take this opportunity to discuss:
-Why ESG topics are becoming more important and receiving more attention
-The main obstacles companies struggle with as they try to translate their ESG vision into an actionable strategy
-Procurement’s likely future role in ESG initiatives

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1 Video
Achieving Your Objectives W/ Jan Griffiths
Art of Procurement
January 04, 2021
Despite the fact that Jan Griffiths has had a successful career as a tier-1 CPO and entrepreneur, she still wasn’t prepared for the personal and professional impact of the pandemic. After indulging in a full day of Netflix, she decided to push herself out of her comfort zone and into a non-judgemental accountability project with a pop-up group of peers.

What started as a ‘therapeutic’ accountability clinic evolved over time to become the accountability lab: a group of people that connect daily for 30 minutes at 6:30 a.m. to make commitments to themselves in the supportive presence of others. The learnings from this experiment have changed the way she feels about her own situation and will no doubt impact her leadership seminars going forward. As Jan tells Host Philip Ideson, “I love, love, love leadership.”

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Tags: Procurement, Leadership, Mental Health

9 Webinars
AOP Live: Placing Procurement at the Intersection of Corporate Culture and Employee Experience
Philip Ideson
February 10, 2022
Over the last few years, procurement has moved leaps and bounds away from being tactical and cost-driven to approaching our work with a big picture, value-oriented perspective. At the same time, there is still work to be done winning the ‘hearts and minds’ of distributed buyers and colleagues from other functions.

This places procurement’s current outreach efforts squarely at the intersection of corporate culture and employee experience, objectives that can either accelerate or stall our progress towards alignment with the business as a whole.

On February 10th, we will be joined by Joe Frederick, Senior Director of Procurement at Strategic Sourcing at Snowflake, and Colin Glazier, Vice President of Solutions at Zip Intake-to-Procure.

They will answer live audience questions about:
-What defines a world class procurement experience
-The most common friction points that exist in procurement processes (and how to fix them)
-A new take on the classic ‘make v. buy’ decision when culture and experience are paramount

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Tags: Supply Chain, Procurement

AOP Live: How to utilize a data-driven mindset to supercharge your procurement organization
Philip Ideson
January 25, 2022
The common legacy of procurement software is one of overpriced technology that no one uses (if they can avoid it). Procurement technology is perceived as a tool intended for process enforcement rather than enabling insight or competitive advantage.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

And yet… for all of procurement’s talk about wanting to change, it still seems as though the desire for a new way of doing things is stronger outside of procurement than within. Before procurement can actively drive change for ourselves, through technology and analytics, we have to embrace a whole new mindset - one that creates a culture of insight by providing open access to actionable data.

In this AOP Live session, Heta Ruikka, Vice President of Product Management at Sievo, will take on the challenge of discussing ways for procurement technology to be user friendly - even in the midst of data heavy activities.

-Why collaborating with the business to leverage the power of data is where the magic happens
-The ‘people challenges’ that have to be resolved before any technical challenges can be addressed or deliver ROI
-What Sievo has learned from their clients about the power of self-service dashboards

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Tags: Procurement

AOP Live: Making the Case for Diversity in Public Procurement
Philip Ideson
November 09, 2021
The facts are clear - diverse and inclusive procurement programs are more competitive, able to unlock innovation faster, provide access to new markets, and deliver localized socioeconomic impact. Despite all of these benefits to a government entity and its constituents, most have yet to make a persuasive and actionable case for diversity in the public sector.

There are many challenges preventing governments from fully realizing the innovation and cost savings associated with supplier diversity. A preference for known suppliers and the complexity of onboarding suppliers into the government market are just two common barriers that limit the potential of the supplier pool.

As unprecedented federal funding flows to all levels of government, it is more important than ever that these resources are used to support diverse suppliers and build communities in alignment with federal and state stipulations. However, without modernized procurement processes it is nearly impossible for governments to track where every dollar is being spent and report back with certainty.

On November 9th at 11 am ET, join Ivalua and Art of Procurement for an AOP Live session featuring Sean Correll, the Head of Ivalua’s Public Sector team. He will answer live questions about:
-Making public sector supplier diversity discovery, onboarding, and management easier through fit-for-purpose digital procurement technologies
-The need for effective contract administration in response to new and changing regulations and legislation
-The advantage associated with making specific diversity spend commitments to incentivize municipalities and agencies to work with new suppliers and therefore drive innovation

Now is the time for all governments to implement technologies that will lower supplier barriers to entry into the government market, simplify onboarding processes, drive collaboration, and - most importantly - track and report on every dollar spent. Register today and submit your questions to our guest.

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AOP Live: Partnership as a Service: Driving Change & Delivering Unconventional Returns at UMass
Philip Ideson
November 02, 2021
Each change journey is unique - and yet - can benefit from embracing the proven best practices that have been formalized by specialists with equally unique expertise. The benefits of taking such a journey are becoming clear at the University of Massachusetts, as they bring their print, marketing, and branded merchandise spend under management, through partnership with SupplyLogic.

David Cho is the Chief Procurement Officer and Managing Director at the University of Massachusetts. His team began their change journey with an investment in their partnerships (both internal and external), technology, and data that helped them achieve a deeper understanding of their marketing and print services spend. They worked at the category level to inform strategies and decisions that would have a lasting impact and deliver multiple forms of ROI for the university.

In an AOP Live session on November 2nd at 1pm ET, David will be joined by Phil Schoonmaker, CEO of SupplyLogic, to provide insight into the University of Massachusetts’ journey and answer live audience questions about what he and his team learned along the way:

-The importance of centralizing procurement so that there can be one ‘attack plan’ for managing large numbers of suppliers and transactions and one approach to influencing stakeholders
-When and why to leverage experts outside of the organization to advance the partnerships being built internally
-Insights and intelligence that can be used to advance corporate social responsibility in the form of local, diversity-owned, and environmentally friendly supplier partnerships

Attendees will learn how to modernize the process of buying by helping the sourcing process become more proactive, ultimately leading to engagements that deliver unconventional returns and allowing procurement to reposition themselves as agents of change.

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Tags: Change Management, Procurement

Mastermind Fall 2021 Event: Reinventing the Procurement Experience
Philip Ideson
October 26, 2021
Gone are the days of gathering up low-hanging fruit, speeding up misinformed buying decisions, pushing suppliers away, and measuring our impact in terms of compliance. The future trajectory of procurement is dependent upon the experience we are able to create for stakeholders and suppliers.

If that seems like a lofty goal, you’re not alone. Join us at Mastermind LIVE Fall 2021 from 10am - 1pm ET on October 26 and 27 as we hear from a range of experts from companies like Deloitte, BT, The Hackett Group, Qualtrics, and more who can provide the insight needed to build the experience we’ve always wanted to deliver.

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AOP Live: Learning to Succeed Despite Uncertain Market Dynamics
Philip Ideson
October 19, 2021
Companies in all industries and all over the world have accepted the reality that market conditions will remain uncertain for the foreseeable future. In fact, 62% of the companies in the S&P 1500 index did not provide an annual forecast this year - some even stating that there is just too much uncertainty to be accurate (WSJ, 9/22/21).

But while CFOs can decline the option to provide external annual guidance, procurement teams have to find a way to succeed - no matter what. In this AOP Live session, presented in cooperation with the team at ProcureAbility, we will provide insight into current and (likely) future market dynamics and then help you understand which mitigation strategies will be the most effective.

Join Sherri Barnes, ProcureAbility’s Director of Market Intelligence Services, and Kristen Rellihan, one of their Senior Advisory Managers, as they answer your live questions about:
-What is happening with inflation, which industries and categories are already being affected, and which ones are next?
-What signals should procurement watch for when deciding which market conditions they need to pay the most attention to?
-How to use mitigation strategies such as index-based pricing, deconstructed pricing, should-cost modeling, TCO, and more.

After attending this session, you will be able to pair market conditions that are beyond procurement’s control with strategies and tactics that at least re-establish effective management of the company’s supply chain - no matter what.

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Tags: Procurement

AOP Live: Roadmap to Savings: Partnering with the Business to Drive Progress w/ Dave Quillin (Alliant Credit Union) and Joe Payne (Corcentric)
Philip Ideson
October 05, 2021
There are multiple ways for procurement to achieve savings - and some are more collaborative than others. The more planful they can be about the overall process, the more opportunities they can create to work arm-in-arm with the business in pursuit of those savings.

Many companies are currently going through the budgeting process for 2022, which means that conversations about where to find savings have already started or will begin very soon. Questions like ‘Where will the savings come from?’ and ‘What will we have to give up to get them?’ abound, but there is one question that rises above all the rest: ‘What will happen to the savings - will they be clawed back from our budget or we will get to reinvest them in strategic efforts?’ The answer to that particular question can make or break savings potential.

In this AOP Live session, Joe Payne, SVP of Source-to-Pay at Corcentric will be joined by Dave Quillin, Senior Manager of Procurement at Alliant Credit Union (ACU), who will share his company’s unique and productive approach to delivering savings. ACU recently appointed a new CEO - someone who happens to have a background in sourcing. As Dave explains, ‘He gets it.’

Joe and Dave will share their lessons learned in pursuit of savings and answer your live questions about:
-How procurement can work with leadership to not only incentivize savings, but to minimize compliance problems as well
-Ways that procurement can increase their category-specific credibility with the business
-The critical step of defining - or redefining - addressable spend
-How to build and execute a sourcing roadmap to ensure annual savings targets are met
-Resources available to help meet savings goals

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Tags: Business Strategy, Procurement

AOP Live: Creating Tail Spend ROI Through an Improved Buyer Experience w/ Jean-Baptiste Anne (Amazon Business) and Vishal Patel (Ivalua)
Philip Ideson
September 28, 2021
One of the reasons that tail spend continues to plague procurement is its complexity. The high number of low-cost transactions is just the beginning of the challenge. This spend often finds its way into the tail through multiple ‘wrong turns,’ each of which requires a different approach by procurement and a correspondingly different resolution. There is no one ‘cause’ of tail spend and therefore there is no one solution.

Companies that have mature tail spend programs leverage automation wherever possible and then dedicate a formal lead or tail spend manager to the effort. This person can ensure that each type or category of tail spend is addressed or reduced - ultimately generating an ROI that includes both savings and risk mitigation.

On September 28th, we will be joined for an AOP Live session featuring Jean-Baptiste Anne, Head of Enterprise Sales and Professional Services Teams for Amazon Business, and Vishal Patel, VP of Product Marketing at Ivalua. They will answer your live questions about

-The differences between a dedicated tail spend solution and integrating that same capability into a platform
-How to know that you are making the right investment to deliver a tail spend ROI for your company
-The criticality of understanding what is in your tail spend to being able to direct it through self-guided buying options such as Amazon Business, new procurement-led sourcing projects, or incorporation into existing contracts

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Tags: Procurement

AOP Live: Supplier Diversity: Advancing Together at Ahold Delhaize w/ Nancy Nicoll (Retail Business Services) and Carl Freeman (Ahold Delhaize)
Philip Ideson
September 22, 2021
Supplier diversity is one of the most pressing topics in executive boardrooms from all industries, but ensuring that those conversations turn into meaningful action requires planning, ownership, and guiding objectives.

In this webinar, Nancy Nicoll, VP of the Indirect Sourcing Center of Excellence at Retail Business Services, and Carl Freeman, VP and Campus Leader at ADUSA Distribution, will engage in a candid conversation about their journey toward enhanced supplier diversity, the significance of supplier diversity to retailers and service providers, and its impact on the rapidly evolving world of indirect sourcing and supply chain. This live event will answer audience questions and provide guidance on how diverse-owned suppliers can partner with the brands and entities of Ahold Delhaize USA.

Nancy and Carl will use this opportunity to share their experience with the following:

-Why now is the time to place an increased emphasis on increasing supplier diversity
-How Ahold Delhaize is investing in education, operating procedures, and tools to make a measurable difference in their supplier diversity
-All of the facets that should be included when measuring and celebrating supplier diversity

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Tags: Procurement, Supply Chain

1 Webinar
Assessing Supply Chain Risk: Building a Program to Identify High Risk Sources of Supply
Institute for Supply Management
May 11, 2020
While supply chain risk is more important today than ever before, no organization can manage all risks, all the time. In this webinar, Art of Procurement Managing Director Philip Ideson will share how to programmatically identify the products and services that you buy that should be subject to proactive supply chain risk identification, monitoring mitigation activities, and which you can leave for another day.

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Tags: Procurement, Risk Management, Supply Chain

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PAT Chat: Art of Procurement’s Phil Ideson on Elevating the Role of Procurement
February 09, 2020
I recently had the opportunity to participate in an episode of ‘Pat Chat’ the video interview series hosted by Patrick McCarthy, Global Senior Vice President and General Manager of SAP Ariba and SAP Fieldglass. He gave me the opportunity to talk about the Art of Procurement podcast and my own perspective on our field as a whole… What part of my job do I enjoy the most… What I enjoy most is the work that is hard. These challenges present the best opportunity for procurement to impact the enterprise really showcase our capabilities. There's more value to be had in complex categories because they allow us to solve business problems as opposed to just rolling out a one-size fits all process. How can we build sustainable procurement organizations… There’s such a ‘boom and bust’ cycle in procurement. First, we’re just going after the low hanging fruit, saving money at all costs. Then we return our focus to transformation, because the successes of the savings cycle have allowed procurement to build a good story. Of course, some of the strategies or the tactics we've used to save money in the past may not be ones that endear us to the rest of the organization – especially when it comes to business partnering. That’s a sustainability issue we need to focus on more. What does procurement’s real opportunity look like… Procurement is at a bit of a crossroads today, but I think we have a tremendous opportunity to focus on spend that is material to the organization. We get involved in all kinds of spend because we want people to engage with us. We want to have an opportunity to make an impact. When we get to the point that we are focusing on the most strategic 20% of enterprise spend, we’re not thinking about purchasing decisions anymore; we’re driving total commercial value. That work is incredibly exciting. I don't think we should aspire to have 100% of spend under management. We should focus on how to enable the business to transact as efficiently and as easily as possible. We have to focus on the stuff that matters. Click here to view the full video interview:

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