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Axel Meierhoefer


San Diego area, United States

As a consultant, speaker, facilitator and adviser my passion is to be a catalyst who is helping others help themselves become successful. In that role I am aiming to be the best for the world, rather than the best in the world. Translated to my engagements that means I am delivering experiential learning to have a visceral and emotional impact on the participant in such a way that they really want to take what they learned and what they felt and integrate it into their daily life as leaders, managers and individuals in their communities. As a consultant who works in the role of a catalyst I need a complementary element or group to really achieve the best results. It is my goal to serve as many individuals and members of organizations like you, as I can. For 2018 I wish to serve even more people and companies all over the world.

Once I had a client organization that was struggling to get their business to the next level. The big issue the owners, Jenny and Frank, were facing revolved around finding ways to generate new leads and clients, then engage them, and turn them into long term customers. I developed a strategy roadmap and provided them a ton of learning materials that they could go through on their own time. Frank and Jenny are still clients and they doubled their leads & conversions and have increased their revenues by at least 10% each year since we are working together.

The foundation we use to serve our clients was learned by learning from the big guys. My team and I were blessed to have worked with thousands of people like Jenny and Frank at big organizations like Bayer, General Electric, State Farm, Boeing, Verizon, and Merck helping them through experiential training,coaching, mentoring, Innovation Mapping and workshops. That experience and knowledge is what we now apply for Jenny, Frank and you at my company.

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The shift moment - when the future begins
Lambert Publishing
June 30, 2016
The future begins when we have convinced ourselves that a change or series of changes is needed and we are willing to take action. IN many cases we know that things are not the way they should be or the way we want them to be. Still we have no idea how to change the situation. This book describes how the shift moment can be found with the help of a coach. When we reach that moment, the present touches the future and a spark ignites a world of opportunity.

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Tags: HR, Leadership, Management

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