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Yathish Nagavalli

Chief Enterprise Architect at Freelance



Yathish is a dynamic leader with 28+ years of experience in global product companies with track record of success in leadership, innovation, business & technology strategy, market development and building large scale distributed systems to drive organization goals and objectives. He is a results-driven & decisive leader with business acumen who is adept at driving improvements, building multi cultural & high performance teams, and fostering cross-departmental cooperation with global distributed teams. Yathish is a thought leader with strong technical, business and customer engagement experience along with good communication, negotiation, organizational and interpersonal skills. Competent and able professional who will roll up his sleeves and do whatever it takes to get the job done at both strategic and tactical level.


Digital Transformation, Enterprise Architecture, 5G Monetization, IoT, OSS/BSS, Mobile Wallet, Blockchain, CRM, Distributed systems, SaaS/PaaS, Cloud Native / Microservices Architecture, iBPM, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Operational Agility, Automation, Business & Technology Strategy, Innovation, Product Marketing, Market Insight, GTM strategies, Consulting, Pre-Sales, Thought Leadership, M&A Due Diligence, Industry Speaker


Huawei Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India
Chief Enterprise Architect Jan 2015 – July 2019
- Global role with following responsibilities:
o Devise CSPs digital transformation strategies to get there cheaper, better, faster
o Drive key initiatives such as 5G monetization, Revenue Management, IoT and Mobile Money, and influence product roadmap, marketing and solution sales
o Thought leadership, CXO evangelism, industry engagements (TM Forum, MWC, public speaking, webinars) & analyst engagements (Gartner, Ovum, IDC, AM, etc.)
o Appointed member of Business Technology Advisory Council (BTAC) in HQ to formulate global business and technology strategy for the software company
- Key achievements:
o Instrumental in initiating several strategic initiatives such as ‘Value Agenda – Purpuse driven, value led’, streamlining R&D investments to ‘core competencies’, business model innovation & key products move to SaaS / PaaS & Cloud native architecture
o Devised tools & methodologies to engage with Customers for Digital Transformation
o Development of 5G Monetization, IoT, Mobile Money & Blockchain use cases, business models and technology readiness
o Outstanding success in market development by defining and executing inbound marketing campaigns, skillfully interfacing with industry experts across major CSPs, industry forums, analysts, and SIs to drive standards and best practices (Webinars, speaking events, panel discussions, publishing white papers and articles)

Chief Architect (Chief Technology Officer) Feb 2010 to Dec 2014
- Key responsibilities:
o Build high end team of Architects to indigenously create telecom grade high performing integration and middleware technologies
o Responsible for technology readiness and to ensure the company remains relevant & competent for the foreseeable future
- Key achievements:
o Started from scratch and built the innovation center in Bangalore, India & built key underlying middleware technologies that would aid in enabling digital transformation
o Outstanding success in building consensus among executive management and all relevant stakeholders about technology charters and roadmap for success
o Indigenously built key technologies like SOA ESB, SOA Studio, intelligent BPM, distributed real time stream computing platform with pattern recognition, and big data AI components such as recommendation engine & sentiment analysis – each with advanced levels of performance, reliability & scalability to serve mission critical OSS/BSS applications and use cases.

SupportSoft Inc. / Consona Corp., Bangalore, India January 2008 to Feb 2010
Director – Software Development
- Head of the global Engineering organization (distributed across US, Europe and India) with responsibilities for the software development life cycle for all Enterprise products [R&D, Maintenance and Support].
- Consona Corporation acquired SupportSoft Enterprise business in June 2009.

CSG Systems Inc., Omaha, Nebraska, USA February 1996 to Sept 2007
Director - Architecture, Analysis and Design
- Key Responsibilities:
o Head of Architecture, Analysis and design for global organization across all products
o Support product management, sales and marketing teams to help make new sales
- Key Achievements:
o Chief Architect for multi year project to create Cloud based telecom grade highly scalable, high-throughput OSS/BSS product suite for broadband and satellite market
o Member of Technology Working Group - the leadership team, played the role of CTO
o Lead the effort to develop Customer Care and Billing solution for broadband industry including Product Catalog, CRM, Billing, real time rating and provisioning interfaces to support Voice, Video, Data, VoIP, wireless and IPTV capabilities
o Helped define and implement processes around SDLC. Successfully lead the company wide agile transformation to move from waterfall to SCRUM methodology
o Actively involved in due diligence that led to company partnerships, mergers/acquisitions (Ex: Acquisition of Kenan, Telution)

Computer Enterprises Inc., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania October 1994 to Feb 1996
Senior Consultant

Virtual Windows Pvt. Ltd., India April 1991 – October 1994
Senior Software Engineer

? Master of Business Administration, University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA [1997 – 1999]
? Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science, Bangalore University, India [1987 – 1991]

? Industry award ‘Top Chief Architects in India’ category by iCMG in 2015
? ‘FUTURE STAR Award’, numerous best contributor and best presenter awards at Huawei
? Award For Excellence, Bravo and Team Bravo awards at CSG

? Periodically published articles in several industry journals – available in public domain

CITIZENSHIP - Citizen of USA and Overseas Citizen of India


Available For: Authoring, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Bangalore, India
Speaking Topics: Blockchain, 5G, IoT, AI, Future of Works, Digital Transformation, Technology Innovation

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Last Media Training: 10/01/2013

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3 Article/Blogs
Prepare Now for the 5G Monetization Opportunity
September 11, 2018
5G has been the latest buzz word in the Telecom industry as operators are looking forward to the next growth wave. Operators and vendors are under pressure to perform and are hoping that 5G will trigger new investments that put the industry back into growth trajectory over the next few years. The recent 3GPP standards body announcement of the approval of 5G SA (Standalone) standards and several countries auctioning spectrum for 5G indicates that the industry is positioning towards 5G commercialization. Leading operators such as AT&T, Verizon, China Mobile and SK Telecom are working with infrastructure partners to deploy 5G ready equipment and smartphones by the end of 2018. While China, United States, South Korea and Japan are taking the lead in 5G readiness and early deployments, other countries in Europe and South Asia are not too far behind as they plan to start rolling out 5G by 2020 and accelerate and scale deployments over the next three to five years.

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Tags: Digital Disruption, IoT, Business Strategy, 5G

Measuring the Business Performance of Digital Transformation for Telecom Operators
September 01, 2018
The debate over the need for digital transformation is over. Everyone understands the importance of digitalization and recognize the needs to invest and go through the transformation journey. Telecom operators still need to qualitatively and quantitatively define right performance metrics in order to get the investment from the stakeholders. The digital transformation is complex, time consuming and expensive as it affects every aspect of the operator business. It entails the organization to embrace ROADS (Real time, On-demand, All-online, DIY, and Social) experience by reconstructing the ICT architecture, Network, Service and operations to make it a digital enterprise. The challenge faced by the industry is determining what transformation programs to invest in and how to measure the transformation progress to keep the confidence of the investors.

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Tags: Digital Disruption, Digital Transformation, IoT

Essential Tech #101
The Hindu
October 13, 2013
Over the last two decades, communication technology has changed our way of life. Today, people stay connected through smartphones, tablets and multiple social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Some of the technologies that are enriching people’s life, both at home and at work, are discussed below.

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Tags: Digital Disruption, Digital Transformation, Emerging Technology

1 Industry Award
Top Chief Architects in India
August 17, 2015
Top Chief Architects in India industry award by iCMG in 2015

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Tags: Design Thinking, Digital Transformation, Emerging Technology

5 Keynotes
Blockchain with AI and IoT: the Power of Technological Convergence
October 04, 2019
Blockchain with AI and IoT: the Power of Technological Convergence

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Tags: AI, Blockchain, IoT

State of the Net: Challenges and opportunities for Telcos
January 09, 2015
State of the Net: Challenges and opportunities for Telcos

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Tags: Cloud, Mobility, Social

Challenges and opportunities digitization brings to Telcos and its impact on cyber security
GES-ISSA Conference
October 12, 2014
Challenges and opportunities digitization brings to Telcos and its impact on cyber security

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation, Leadership

Enterprise on the move
Mobile India Conference
January 09, 2013
Enterprise on the move

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Leadership, Mobility

How to enable operators to take full advantage of Cloud
CSI - Computer Society of India
July 12, 2012
How to enable operators to take full advantage of Cloud

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Tags: Cloud, Digital Disruption, Digital Transformation

3 Media Interviews
Enterprise Architecture
October 27, 2017
Enterprise Architecture Summit

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Tags: Digital Disruption, Digital Transformation, Emerging Technology

August 17, 2015
Architecture industry summit

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Tags: Business Strategy, Digital Transformation, Leadership

May 31, 2015

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Tags: Emerging Technology, Mobility

3 Panels
A shared ledger for trade: How blockchain can optimise supply chain
Digital India Blockchain
May 11, 2019
A shared ledger for trade: How blockchain can optimise supply chain

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Tags: Blockchain, Emerging Technology, Supply Chain

Microservices: Look before you leap
May 30, 2017
Microservices architecture enable speed, agility and customer experience like never before. But, like most things worth doing, getting there is not going to be easy and it pays to know what you’re getting into.

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Tags: Design Thinking, Emerging Technology, Innovation

What are the key qualities of Chief Architects
July 31, 2014
Key qualities of Chief Architects

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Tags: Emerging Technology, Innovation, Leadership

2 Webinars
Emerging Market Operator Mobile Money Business Performance and Strategy - The Operator Perspective
May 28, 2018
A number of mobile operators have been able to sustain large mobile money operations for years. The ability to operate the mobile money service profitability and reliably has always been the focus for Mobile Money Management teams within operators. Even though mobile money service is expected to grow fast in the next few years, operators are still facing many large challenges that offer the service have been unable to generate substantial revenue from it.

As an industry we need to get the right way for business development and understand the real capabilities of today, the implications it has for the business and where we need to focus to prepare for long term success.

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Tags: Business Strategy, FinTech, Mobility

Enabling Digital Relationships and Service Monetization - The Future of Telecom Revenue Management
December 07, 2017
Telecom operators are looking for new ways of generating profitable revenue and increase relevance in the face of changing market dynamics and customer behaviors. The pressure will only intensify with challenges to traditional revenue streams, expectations on monetizing network investments and competition with traditional and emerging players.

Telecom Operators need to evolve their Revenue Management systems to be Monetization Platforms which provide agile service innovation and superior customer experience at new levels of cost efficiency positioning them as enablers of seamless digital commerce.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Innovation, Marketing

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