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Jane Frankland

CEO at Cyber Security Capital

London, United Kingdom


Jane Frankland is an award-winning cybersecurity entrepreneur, international keynote speaker, MC and best-selling author. She focuses on business strategy and is a world authority on attracting and retaining women in this field. She has been named as the third most influential person in cybersecurity in the UK and a top twenty global influencer.

Jane has over 21-years of experience in cybersecurity, has built and sold her own global hacking firm and served in executive positions at leading cybersecurity consultancies. In addition to managing her own company and parenting three children, she is an awards judge and board advisor. She authors many articles, is regularly featured in the media, and is sought after as a keynote speaker.

Jane is driven to build a more secure world and is obsessive about developing female talent in the industry. She believes “a more gender balanced workforce will enable greater security, innovations and all-round happiness.” It’s why she authored IN Security and created the IN Security Movement.

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8 Article/Blogs
Who else wants to undervalue women?
August 05, 2021
There's a message women need to hear now and it's this: meritocracy is a myth. The faster women understand this the better. Unfortunately, many people in the workplace genuinely believe it’s a reality, especially men in tech companies. Ironically, big data proves its disfunction – that believing in meritocracy makes people more selfish, less self-critical and more prone to introducing bias and behaving in a discriminatory way. The same goes for organisations which present themselves as meritocratic. There, managers favour men over equally qualified women.

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Tags: Cybersecurity

3 Things Leaders Often Miss When Trying to Get More Women in Tech
January 22, 2021
Most people know that technology creates more jobs than any other industry and that digital is the golden thread that runs across all industries. So, why are women still missing from it?

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Diversity and Inclusion

7 Trends I Spotted When Reviewing 2020 & The Cybersecurity Skills Gap (including diversity)
January 13, 2021
It’s been a challenging year with the global Covid-19 pandemic bringing both good and bad outcomes in business. Along with working from home, redundancies, furloughed workers, reduced hours, uncertainties around future employment, technology replacing jobs and business closures, we’ve seen much needed resets and innovations. And, as each new government rule has been put in place to keep us safe, physically isolated from one another and in lockdown, it’s moved more of us online – shopping, working and learning – so we can economically function, socially interact, and maintain a sense of normality.

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Diversity and Inclusion

Six valuable lessons I won't forget from 2020, the progress I made, & me bearing my soul...
January 03, 2021
Every year, around this time, I start to reflect. Chances are, you do too. Most people are starting to think about what they want for the coming year. They’re setting goals, getting clear on what they want to resolve, and embracing fresh starts and new ways of being.

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Leadership

Are women still being hindered from entering & succeeding in tech?
December 17, 2020
I’m not actually sure how I stumbled across Jemima Khan interviewing Hollywood actress and star of Desperate House Wives, Eva Longoria at the world's largest tech conference, Web Summit six years ago. All I remember is how their discussion, “Supporting Businesswomen and Facing the 'isms.’ left me feeling.


Unaware of Eva’s activism and how much philanthropic work she did outside of acting and directing, I was interested to hear her speak about her philanthropy work, her take on the impact tech makes, and what brought her to a web summit in Dublin.

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion

How to get over your fear of building a cybersecurity personal brand
May 13, 2019
During a chat to a client recently, she voiced a concern that many of us have but few of us admit, let alone share. She told me she understood why having a public persona (a personal brand) was necessary, but she knew something was holding her back from building it. It turned out she was deeply afraid of…

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Tags: Cybersecurity

Why visible female role models in cybersecurity are so important
May 09, 2019
As you know, I’ve been studying how the sisterhood works in cybersecurity for quite a few years now—that’s why I’m working to better the world by training and educating businesses in cybersecurity, specifically by focusing on gender inclusion in science through the IN Security Movement. You see, I founded it following years of research that I ploughed into my best-selling book, IN Security, which is built on the premise of…

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Leadership

7 Things everyone knows about voice in cybersecurity that you don't
April 23, 2019
Have you ever had a question that you wanted to know the answer to, but you just didn’t ask it? Maybe you thought, “I’ll figure this out later.”

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Leadership, Privacy

1 Book
IN Security
October 20, 2018
Women are fundamentally different to men and, when it comes to cybersecurity, one thing is certain. . .IF YOU'RE SHORT ON WOMEN YOU'RE LESS SAFE. Women matter in cybersecurity because of the way they view and deal with risk. Typically, women are more risk averse, compliant with rules, and embracing of organisational controls and technology than men. They're also extremely intuitive and score highly when it comes to emotional and social intelligence, which enables them to remain calm during times of turbulence – a trait that's required when major security breaches and incidents occur. As cybercrime, terrorism and warfare is increasing, and the number of women in cybersecurity is declining, now is the time to take action. By combining stories, interviews and data with practical advice, the golden rules and checklists, IN Security provides the means to turn things around. When you read this book you'll understand why the numbers of women have fallen, along with strategies for attracting, identifying, and retaining more women in cybersecurity. This book is essential reading for anyone in cybersecurity or looking to get into it.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Cybersecurity, Leadership

2 Founders
IN Security Movement
IN Security Movement
November 01, 2016
The IN Security Movement is an exclusive network of cybersecurity professionals who believe that a failure to attract and retain women in cybersecurity is making us less safe. The Movement stands behind a mission to champion women in cybersecurity and enables all who believe in this to contribute. The IN Security Movement incorporates a tribe where you can learn from like-minded professionals, help others out by sharing insight, advice and information, discuss ideas, raise questions, network, and build meaningful relationships. We welcome those who are just starting out in the industry, those who've taken a break and are returning to the workplace, and those who are at the top of their game. We have three objectives for our community members to fulfill:

1.) To inspire, empower and support women in cybersecurity.
2) To act as campaigners for change and perform work (research, pledges, codes of conduct etc.) so women in cybersecurity become standard (at every level) not exception.
3) To network, connect and build meaningful relationships with those in cybersecurity who share our aligned vision.

The IN Security Movement was founded following the release of my best-selling book, IN Security. We meet regularly and I use my leadership and influencer skills to set up activism events, campaigns, research and women's scholarships. Good examples of this are the IN Security Pledge, Code of Conduct, Black Hat Women's Scholarship. To date, I've been able to award over 126 women with IN Security & Black Hat scholarships, a value of £214,000

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Leadership, Security

Jane Frankland
June 01, 2011
KnewStart is developing female role models and leaders. We believe that a failure to attract and retain women in male dominated industries is making us all less safe and that only by having a more gender diverse workforce will we have greater security, innovations and all round happiness. That's why we advise, train and develop solutions for career women and leaders in male dominated industries who want to excel.

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Innovation, Leadership



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