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Rufus Lidman

Singapore, Singapore

Lidman is one of the world's top 100 tech influencers with 40,000 followers from 110 countries. He has published 5 books, and some of the world's largest apps in its areas with over 15 million installs. As platform he holds dual degrees in mathematical statistics and business administration complemented with PhD studies – where an early integration of big data and behavioral science made him known for a unique data science for changing perspectives, during a decade successfully applied to digital strategy and half a decade to digital learning.

In these roles Lidman has been founder of IAB, for 4 years digital advisor of WFA, and a renowned speaker with 300 lectures in digital strategy and trendspotting. He’s been assigned to over 100 companies such as Samsung, IKEA, Mercedes, Electrolux , PwC, active in London, Geneva, Barcelona, New York, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh and Seoul etc.

As serial entrepreneur he's managed half a dozen ventures, with 2-3 ok exits - incl. prestigious award for growth enterprise, Scandinavia's largest health portal with 2 million users, mobile gaming apps with 10 million downloads, and the world's largest independent app in digital strategy, loved by 200.000 people in 165 countries. Going from head to heart he has founded an NGO supporting 70,000 refugees in 17 different operations from Iraq to Syria.

Currently he is on the board of the stock listed company CloudRepublic, while establishing AIAR in Asia with the world's most fun, secure and effective mobile learning. With HQ in Singapore, development in Da Nang and CM in Cebu, he is leading the introduction of a game changing mobile learning feeling more like gaming and social media than traditional education, adding hi-tech AI and blockchain for customization and security. As SEA:s 11th unicorn, the goal is to at the end of 2020 take the leading position in the world, where not only doing well for investors but also doing good for society…. daring to change the world.

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4 Article/Blogs
REDEFINING THE FUTURE OF LEARNING - How Digitization Will Spur a Totally Different Model of Learning from Totally Different Providers of Learning
September 01, 2019
In a digital dialogue with a respected college, professor Peter Lorange, former IMD President and writer of the book The Business School of the Future, the digitization of learning was discussed. With the traditional learning making mankind who we are, and with the future learning defining what mankind will become, it is not an unimportant question. In fact, I would argue that it is the most crucial question for anyone interested in what the future will bring to us in general, what it will bring for society and what it will bring for yourself, your friends, your family, your company and your country. I.e. well worth at least some minutes of reflection so to speak

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Tags: Blockchain, Digital Disruption

HOW TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL AND (!) CREATE A BETTER WORLD - The huge competitive advantage in both grasping yin and grasping yang!
August 26, 2019
What makes you a winner and what makes you a loser? Yes, some would say the same thing that makes a machine good or less good, i.e. to what extent you as a tool for yourself are good at achieving your goals or not. If we lift ourselves a little higher, then we might add the reflection on the value of these goals, and maybe not only to do wonders for yourself, but also for others?

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Tags: Leadership

August 23, 2019
During the spring 2019 AIAR has delivered on exactly all six main targets, the corporate, the innovation, the prototype, the growth hacking the financing, and the setup for the last tech development, now making us ready to kickstart the last innovation before launch :) ;-) :-D

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Tags: AI, Digital Disruption, Innovation

August 04, 2019
Today a bright friend sent me a brilliant clip from Brendon Burchard, the coach. And I reacted directly. Cause I usually don’t have that many frustrations, but what Brendon is talking about IS one of the frustrations in my life Is it also yours? And what path do you choose for transforming that frustration into something positive and, even, impact on the world and others? It is worthwhile reflecting on, cause it will mean the difference between success and failure, between happiness and sadness, impact or no impact.

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Tags: EdTech, Change Management

1 Book
How to Become a Digital Marketing Hero
Clink Street Publishing
July 01, 2018
How do you succeed with your digital efforts when the possibilities within digital marketing are endless? Are you using the right tools? The best strategies?

This digital guide will turn you into the company's digital hero. Here you will find concrete strategic guidance, valuable advice and practical cases.

The book's three focus areas are:

The digital tools. The different parts of digital marketing, including social media, display advertising, search engine marketing, site strategy and digital CRM.
The digital strategy process. A well-proven method to develop a digital strategy. The 7-step process will show you maximum probability of achieving the goal in the shortest possible time, with the least possible resources.
The digital measurement. Measurement of the effects and methods to optimize your digital strategy.
This book is written for everyone who wants to reach consumers in a way that is fast, easy and efficient in regards to goal and cost.

Rufus Lidman is one of Europe's leading Digital Strategists and sought after consultant. On his client list you can find more than 100 companies including Samsung, Mercedes and IKEA. Moreover, Lidman has founded the world association of digital marketing, IAB, and has been the digital advisor for the world's largest advertising association, WFA. Today he is the founder and CEO of AIAR, where he has developed the world's second most downloaded app within Digital Marketing. This book is the analogue version of that app, which is the most loved and searched for application among the 165 countries it exists in today.

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Tags: Marketing, Sales, Business Strategy

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