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Jillian Godsil, MA, BA (hons)

Dublin, Ireland

Jillian has held senior positions with global PR companies in Sydney, Singapore, London and Dublin. She was PRO of Iona Technologies (Ireland’s first company to float on NASDAQ). She changed the law in Ireland in 2014 and is a former European Parliamentary candidate (as an independent).

She is a co founder and journalist in the She freelances for Irish Tech News, Irish Central, The Irish Independent and The Irish Times. She has her own radio shows on DublinCityFM and EastCoastFM. Her first job after graduating from Trinity College was as a systems analyst with JP Morgan.
She is advisor to a number of ICOs, has been named a Crypto Queen by In Zero Conferences as well as listed in the 50 most influential women in the global blockchain rollcall. She is named amongst the top 10 people in Blockchain in Ireland. She was voted into the top 20 global Hedera Hashgraph Ambassadors in 2018. She is a board member of EOS Dublin. She is a community leader for Algorand. She is chain agnostic while she loves blockchain.
She has been shortlisted for the Image Business Woman of Year and also shortlisted for Woman of the Year by Women in IT.
She is passionate about getting women into blockchain – democratising opportunity for all women.
She keynotes and chairs blockchain events around the world – including Kiev, Austin, Muscat, Columbo, Dubai, Capetown, Dublin and London.

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3 Article/Blogs
St Valentine’s Day Art Special By Kevin Abosch
February 14, 2018
Kevin Abosch Knows his Potatoes. Or Rather, Potato Number 345.

Potato #345 is one of three photographic prints which hit the headlines in 2016 when Irishman Kevin Abosch sold it to a European businessman for €1 million. The blurring of lines between physical art and the digital world is something that fascinates the world-renowned visual artist.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Emerging Technology

Dr Peter Boylan, former Master of Holles Street, in interview with Jillian Godsil
January 21, 2018
Tomorrow — live at 11am on @dublincityfm we have the impressive Dr Peter Boylan who delivered 6000 babies and continues to advocate for the best for women’s health in Ireland. #MakingADifference

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Tags: Social, Culture

Kleros – The Justice Protocol Explained
January 21, 2018
Every so often a blockchain project that comes along that knocks your socks off and Kleros may be just the that one. Steeped in intellectual concepts, Kleros delivers a decentralised organisation that promises fast, affordable and transparent justice for all. Given that we live in a time were justice is perceived to the preserve of the rich, this platform may very well change the world.

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Tags: Blockchain



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Jillian Godsil, MA, BA (hons)