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Thinkers360 - William McCabe - Owner/ Founder at SoftNet Search Partners LLC/ Internet of Things Recruting
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William McCabe

Owner/ Founder at SoftNet Search Partners LLC/ Internet of Things Recruting

Denver, United States

Senior Executive Recruiting professional with a track record providing World Class – Sales/Account Management at all Levels in the Internet of Things and Professional Services in the US & worldwide.

I have built and designed recruitment plans for high value IT & IOT talent in Sales, Marketing & Consulting. I have placed national teams for Global powerhouses:

?? IBM, Deloitte, Accenture, Cap Gemini, Oracle, & JD Edwards

??Proven screening & talent vetting process ensuring an optimal fit for the company & candidate
??I retain relationships with past placement successes
??Placements provide a wealth of referral business for my team, and each placement multiplies my reach in sourcing professionals

Research That Works for Your Search

Fortune 500 CEOs, founders, Board Members, & division leaders come to our organization because we spend thousands of hours researching specific & measurable results companies need to staff for the IOT. Each position requires specific expertise that we find in our placements. Digital disruption leadership requires knowledge in Security/IOT/Consultative business approaches.

We find your IT Professionals – we’re communicating with them every day

Our ongoing digital programs are on the channels & platforms your audience frequents. We're efficient and productive with recruitment dollars.

We Serve Leaders looking for IT & IOT professionals

?? Hiring IT executives, managers for Fortune 100/500 companies
?? Our Candidates work at high levels of the IT or IOT space. They want to be placed with cutting-edge businesses.

SoftNet builds long-term relationships with our candidates & placement executives.

We Deliver

?? Placements occur within three months - 95% of the time
?? Specialty skills in placing the IOT, Sales, Consulting
?? Current positions in the Security, IOT, Consulting

See my client endorsements, which represent thousands saved in candidate searches.

LinkedIn builds great relationships. Reach out to bill@softnetsearch.com

Available For: Authoring, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Denver CO

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Author 114
Influencer 3
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Entrepreneur 0
Total 118

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Company Information

Company Type: Service Provider
Business Unit: Executive Search
Theatre: North America
Minimum Project Size: Undisclosed
Average Hourly Rate: Undisclosed
Number of Employees: Undisclosed
Company Founded Date: Undisclosed
Media Experience: 15 years
Last Media Interview: 04/09/2018

Areas of Expertise

AI 30.46
Big Data 30.10
Blockchain 30.42
Cloud 30.05
Cybersecurity 30.24
Digital Transformation 30.25
IoT 35.21
Customer Experience 30.11
Analytics 30.07
Autonomous Vehicles 30.19
Future of Work 30.03
Digital Disruption 30.10
CRM 30.14
Innovation 30.09
RPA 30.80
COVID19 31.74
Smart Cities 32.77
Digital Twins 37.33
Social 30.36
5G 30.17
Security 30.17
Metaverse 30.26
HealthTech 30.11
SportsTech 30.22

Industry Experience

Consumer Products
Financial Services & Banking
High Tech & Electronics
Professional Services


102 Article/Blogs
Digital Twins are Not Just for Buildings
August 19, 2021
Wouldn't it be funny if a tech company did a keynote event and you later found out that the keynote was a digital CEO. In April of this year that is precisely what happened. Nvidia had a GTC event where CEO Jensen Huang was represented by a digital twin. The digital twin had been created by Nvidia’s own Omniverse technology.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Digital Twins, Metaverse

Where is AI Heading in the Second Half of 2021?
July 07, 2021
It’s no secret to anyone who doesn’t live in a cave that the global pandemic has changed everything. It’s caused an upheaval and changes in just about every industry around the world.

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Tags: AI, RPA, Digital Twins

A Skeptical Approach to Digital Transformation Hiring
June 14, 2021
When you read in an article from Harvard Business Review how “Estimates of digital transformation failures range from 66% to 84%,” what is your reaction? Do you just gloss over it, thinking it surely won’t apply to your company’s DT initiatives? I can only assume this is what happens for many and is part of what keeps the DT failure rate so high. What it ought to do is strike fear deep into the hearts of every company, especially when it comes to recruitment and hiring for digital transformation. In this article I’ll explain why I think you’re better off taking a skeptical approach to digital transformation hiring.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Digital Twins

Doing Digital Transformation Right
June 01, 2021
Buckle up, folks, because I’m going to take you on a wild ride into digital transformation, and there will be some bumps along the way. Those bumps will be intentional because they are meant to jolt you into realizing much of what you’ve heard or read about digital transformation might be quite different from what I’m going to share with you in this article.

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Tags: Digital Transformation

Robotics Heightens Inequality
April 13, 2021
A WEF --(World Economic Forum) report, has predicted that more than half of all work jobs will be done by robotics in 2025 and that this will continue to contribute to an even worsening equality in the world.

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Tags: AI, Digital Transformation, RPA

More Security Woes for the IoT
March 24, 2021
Palo Alto Networks is reporting that they have discovered another variant of Marai that is now targeting IoT vulnerabilities including,,

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Tags: Cybersecurity, IoT, Security

What COVID Taught Us About Digital Transformation
March 17, 2021
All through 2020 and well into 2021, remote working has changed the way that we do business. It has changed what we are doing now and what we will be doing years from now.

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Tags: AI, Digital Transformation, COVID19

COVID Made Us Do It
March 02, 2021
The ultimate in sales pitches, COVID 19 seems to be creating the need for IoT and the means with which to sell it.Companies today are not at all upset about telling you that COVID is the major reason that you need their product and based upon the many things that COVID has done, a lot of other companies and the people behind them are buying the reasoning.

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Tags: AI, IoT, COVID19

Digital Transformation and Covid
February 03, 2021
Even before the COVID outbreak, many companies were well on the way to a digital transformation. The transformations created massive change in the efficiency of the workforce, as well as helped to boost safety, increases customer satisfaction and engagement and even helps to maintain a healthier workforce.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, COVID19

Voice Search and Interaction on the Rise
February 01, 2021
Most of us think about voice as "hey Google" or.. "Alexa, get me" and we use that for things like smart houses and cities etc. Now, voice searching is becoming an accepted way of doing things well behond smart speakers. DSP, which is a company that makes modules that are used to add voice search and voice interaction to many other items.

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Tags: AI, IoT

Is Working for the Man Really All that Bad?
January 18, 2021
You've all heard the saying, "working for the man.". The simple truth is that you may not be working for the man much longer. Soon you're going to be working for the machine.Automation and AI are going to replace a lot of jobs. According to the experts, in fact they are going to replace about twenty five per cent of the jobs in the US. The jobs that are simple, manual, repetitive things that don't require a lot of learning are going to see the people involved be replaced by the machines and even those of us who don't lose our job to a machine are going to see a vast amount of changes taking place.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, IoT

AI Creating Jobs ?
October 30, 2019
Innovation in technology is a boon to everyone. It’s amazing to see all the new things coming in and of course we want to use them to make our lives better.

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Tags: AI, Future of Work

3 Myths that People Still Believe About IoT
October 18, 2019
For years now the trumpets have been sounding about IoT and all that it can offer.

Despite all of the things that we do know about IoT--its promise to bring billions of new devices into the cloud and connect them in the next 5 years and all that IoT is already doing there is still a lot we don't know about it and a few myths that even the experienced IoT person is believing..

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Tags: AI, IoT

4 IOT Trends to Watch
October 07, 2019
For about a decade IoT or the Internet of Things has been a trend to watch. It involves the transfer of data to and from sensors that are connected to the internet. It also uses softawre that enables companies to analyze the data and find out more about the project as well as to project for future uses.

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Tags: IoT, CRM

The Vast Impact of Digital Twins
October 01, 2019
One of the biggest developments in technology in the past decade has been digital twinning. Digital twins are digital replicas of physical systems or physical products. Basically what happens is that a digital twin gives you a real time view of how your manufacturing or your software or some other physical component is actually doing in the real world.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, IoT, Digital Twins

Smart Manufacturing - Why Now ?
September 23, 2019
Smart buyers are getting a lot more familiar with IoT devices. Consumers are loading up lately on smart TVs, smart appliances and are finding ways to get a lot more out of their buys.

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Tags: IoT

Turn an Old House Into a Smart House
September 09, 2019
There are millions of people who are familiar with Google Home, Google Home Mini or Amazons little devices, these are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

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Tags: AI, IoT

Top 8 IoT Uses in 2019
September 02, 2019
IoT is the fastest rising technology in the world today. No one disputes that it is an up and coming technology even for it’s rather lengthy history. Most people, however, are not really aware of all of the things that we are using IoT for today and why everyone, from the individual to the industry, needs to be embracing the Internet of Things.

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Tags: AI, IoT

IBM Ireland Innovates New Digital Twin Methods
August 16, 2019
Digital Twins, also called Dynamic Digital representations are changing the way that the world works. They help all of us to build and operate both products and processes. In fact, according to Gartner predictions, “by the year 2021, more than half of all industrial groups will be using digital twins. They will gain a ten percent improvement in effectiveness due to that use.

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Tags: Innovation, IoT, Digital Twins

IoT and Digital Twins-How Digital Twins Really Work.
August 06, 2019
The Digital Twin concept isn't new by any stretch. It's been around since 2002 or earlier. The problem with that technology is that it wasn't always cost effective.

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Tags: AI, IoT, Digital Twins

What is a Digital Twin and How is it Changing AI and IoT?
August 01, 2019
To Answer the Question—

To make a long story short, a digital twin is a virtual copy of a physical device. They are created so that IT professionals and Data Scientists are able to use them for simulations before they build and deploy the actual device that is in production. These digital twins are changing the way that we create and optimize technology in AI and IoT. Digital twins are software programs that take real world information or data about physical items and from those create predications or simulations of about the system or the object is going to perform.

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Tags: AI, IoT, Digital Twins

More Companies Open to Adopting IOT
July 09, 2019
According to the survey conducted by Zebra Technologies Corporation, many companies are more open to adopting IoT and investing in it as well. Out of the 918 IT decision makers that the company was able to interview for their second yearly Intelligent Enterprise Index, 86% expect their spending on IoT will increase significantly in the one to two years. Half of the percentage anticipate that their spending will rise to 20%. Based on the survey, there is an average of 4% annual spending. Because employees are becoming more open to brand new technologies, the resistance of various companies to IoT advancements dropped from 75% (2017) to 64% (present year).

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Tags: IoT

Anticipating More Years In The Internet Of Animals
June 28, 2019
At this very moment, connected things via the internet outnumber the planet’s population. Every known industry is already enveloped by IoT and IOA ( the Internet of Animals) is now a growing addition to the IoT armada.

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Tags: AI, IoT

Smart Cities and Your Safety
June 25, 2019
As people become more attuned to IoT technologies, cities become more connected. Increased access to all sorts of databases makes people and cities more vulnerable to hacking and various cyber attacks. That’s why smart people and smart cities need extensive protection. Safety and security despite the smartness of these individuals and people are or paramount importance every single day.

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Tags: AI, IoT, Smart Cities

Fleet Management and IOT
June 21, 2019
IoT technology helps fleet management significantly. Applications in this industry continue to increase at a rapid rate. There are a number of reasons for this significant occurrence:

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Tags: AI, IoT

1 Media Interview
Tamara Dull / SAS and Bill McCabe discuss the IOT Industry
April 09, 2018
Bill McCabe and Tamara Dull discuss the IOT Industry at SAS Global Forum 2018 in Denver

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Tags: Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, IoT, Digital Twins

1 Panel
Finding Trust in a Data Driven World
June 05, 2018
Bill chats with Neil McGovern about "Findind Trust in a Data Driven World" at #SAPPHIRENOW - in Orlando Fl on June 5, 2018

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Tags: Analytics, Big Data, Cloud, Digital Twins

4 Podcasts
IOT Recruiting Podcast - #5 Dr. Marcell Vollmer - SAP Ariba Chief Digital Officer
IoT Recruiting
March 24, 2018
Marcell Vollmer is responsible for defining and driving digital transformation for SAP Ariba customers globally. He is a thought leader in procurement, supply chain, finance, and shared services, Marcell’s expertise lies in defining digital transformation strategy. He makes Run Simple a reality for customers around the world by helping them achieve significant cost reductions in procurement.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, IoT, Supply Chain

IOT Recruiting Podcast - #3 David Oro - Editor IOT Central
IoT Recruiting
February 28, 2018
Bill sits down with David Oro - Editor IOT Central and gives his views on "Smart Cities"

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Tags: IoT, Smart Cities

IOT Recruiting Podcast - #2 Evan Kirstel - WW IOT/Social Media Influencer
IoT Recruiting
February 22, 2018
Bill sits down with Evan Kirstel - #1 WW Social Media Influencer .

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Tags: IoT, Social, 5G

IOT Recruiting Podcast - #1 Matt Vasey
IoT Recruiting
February 14, 2018
Bill sits down with Matt Vasey - Microsoft Senior Director of Business Development for AI and Blockchain.

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Tags: AI, Blockchain, IoT

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