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Mike Courtney

Dallas, United States

I'm a researcher, ethnographer and futurist.

As a researcher, I've always been naturally curious about how consumers’ think and what motivates them as they interact with their environment. I'm passionate about exploring what causes behavior and what it takes to change it.

I'm the founder of Aperio Insights, a research agency with a software mindset.

We use technology to continuously tweak methods that push teams beyond linear thinking and incremental change into ideas that change the game.

Available For: Advising, Authoring, Consulting, Speaking
Travels From: Dallas, TX
Speaking Topics: Foresight, Futures, Marketing Research

Speaking Fee $5,000

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5G 37.81
Analytics 31.69
Autonomous Vehicles
Business Strategy
Customer Experience 31.19
Design Thinking 30.31
Digital Disruption 32.86
Emerging Technology 33.95
Future of Work 30.68
Innovation 30.58
Leadership 30.31
Marketing 31.89
Open Innovation
Predictive Analytics
Quantum Computing
Smart Cities

Industry Experience

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1 Book
Wireless Internet Crash Course
November 14, 2001
This text provides a crash course in the wireless Internet. WAP, SMS, i-mode, and Bluetooth are all compared and contrasted for their respective strengths and weaknesses, along with the existing and potential wireless markets. Other topics are mobile applications development languages and interoperability issues.

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Tags: Digital Disruption, Emerging Technology, 5G

1 Executive
Generate Ventures LLC
March 01, 2012
Generate Ventures is an emerging technology investor and commercialization partner with domain knowledge and operating experience in the technology, media and communications sectors with an emphasis on wireless, software, internet and digital media industries.

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Tags: Innovation, Leadership, Future of Work

1 Founder
Aperio Insights
January 01, 2002
We are marketing research professionals who have a passion for helping companies understand their customers’ motivation and preferences at a deeper level. We help uncover what they like, don’t like and how much they are willing to pay for it. Aperio in Latin means “to reveal, uncover and make clear”. Insights -- what we all strive for – an understanding of the motivational forces behind one's actions, thoughts, or behaviors. Aperio Insights sole purpose is to provide clients a level of understanding and clarity that guides and ultimately results in better decisions.

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Tags: Analytics, Customer Experience, Marketing

1 Speaking Engagement
Designing for Timeless Needs
24 hours of UX Conference
June 06, 2020
'24 Hours of UX' is a grassroots, non-profit initiative bringing authentic, local content to the global UX, design & business communities. Our first 24-hour event was held on June 11th 2020, as a cooperation of 20 local UX communities and 8 keynotes speakers from around the world, and attracted over 7300 participants.

Hour #20 featured 'Dallas User Experience Group' in Dallas, USA. Instead of going into the small details of UX, the speakers explored the small details of user's minds, and the concept they call 'Timeless Needs'.

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Tags: Design Thinking, Emerging Technology, Innovation




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