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Lourdes Coss

Principal/Owner LLC at M. L. Coss and Associates, LLC

Greater Chicago Area, United States

Lourdes Coss is a transformational leader, executive coach, professional speaker, trainer, author, and Founder/Owner of M. L. Coss and Associates, LLC. She helps organizations develop high-performing teams and coaches individuals to become better leaders.

She's an Independent Executive Director of the John Maxwell Team and a DISC Personality Assessment Trainer & Consultant. Lourdes is also an instructor for NIGP and the American Management Association and a senior consultant for NIGP Consulting.

As a well-respected former Chief Procurement Officer, Lourdes invested most of her 27-year career successfully leading procurement transformations at some of the US's largest agencies such as the City of Houston, Cook County, University of Illinois, the Public Building Commission of Chicago, and the City of Chicago. Her book: "Procurement Methods: Effective Techniques" has helped many procurement professionals enhance their procurement skills. She continues to add value to the procurement profession through her educational blog "Procurement Transformation" and as the host of the "Transforming Procurement with Lourdes Coss" podcast.

Lourdes is a University of Puerto Rico manga cum laude graduate with an MPA from Florida State University. The recipient of the 2016 Spirit of NIGP Award and the 2018 NIGP Integrity Award who has served on several boards, including the NIGP Board. She is the Vice-Chair of the NIGP Talent Council Leadership Committee and a member of the John Maxwell Team President's Advisory Council.

Available For: Advising, Authoring, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Chicago, IL
Speaking Topics: Transformation, Procurement, Leadership, Communication

Speaking Fee $3,000

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Academic 10
Author 185
Influencer 41
Speaker 0
Entrepreneur 20
Total 256

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Company Type: Individual
Business Unit: Procurement and Leadership

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Change Management 30.16
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Leadership 31.15
Management 30.51
Mental Health
Procurement 44.74
Supply Chain 30.11

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1 Academic Certification
ExecutiveCoach/Teacher/Professional Speaker/Trainer
The John Maxwell Team
August 01, 2016

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Tags: Procurement, Management, Leadership

2 Article/Blogs
Enhance your Leadership: 3 Steps to Improve your Relationships
May 21, 2022
This blog post provides three ways to improve your relationships from the emotional intelligence perspective.

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Tags: Change Management, Leadership, Procurement

Update on paperback release date!
April 11, 2016
Hello, there is an update on the book release date. The eBook is already available. The paperback is now scheduled for release May 5th. You may pre-purchase your copy from The site has been updated.

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Tags: Procurement

3 Books
Procurement Methods: Effective Techniques
May 05, 2016
Procurement Methods: Effective Techniques – a resource for all procurement professionals and those seeking to understand government procurement. Whether you need a reference to support your procurement method selection and process or a resource to help train staff to consistently apply procurement method requirements, you’ll enjoy having this concise and easy read desk reference. Available from all major online platforms in paperback and electronic book.

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Tags: Procurement

Procurement Book Now Available!
April 07, 2016
Reference book for procurement professionals. The eBook is now available at Amazon, iBookstore, and BookBaby. You may pre-purchase the paperback, but it will be released on 4/25/16. Here are the links:

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Tags: Procurement

Procurement Methods: Effective Techniques
March 25, 2016
The book offers managers a tool to train new professionals on the correct use of the basic procurement methods. The material was tested in different organizations. It offers practical examples and lessons learned. It focuses on the three basic competitive methods and addresses the appropriate use of each method explaining the rationale for the inclusion of key components in the solicitation document, elaborating on how these components work together to make the process effective. It illustrates the difference between evaluation criteria and submittal requirements; and provides guidance for their development. A final high-level guide depicting the use and evaluation milestones.

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Tags: Procurement

1 Founder
Lourdes Coss
March 01, 2016
Every day, I'm training government procurement teams and teach them the values I leave by. I know they work because I use them all the time. Success in this role is measured in my client's wins - whether that be transforming their lives or their organizations. I help them find clarity, create consistency, and see the potential in taking the next big step. This work is so special because these are people's lives, not just government budgets and financial quarters.

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Tags: Procurement, Leadership

1 Media Interview
84. Procurement cost savings strategies
BICARA Supply Chain
December 29, 2020
Lourdes is an author, executive coach, professional speaker, consultant and trainer who specializes in procurement, personal development, leadership, and transformation. She is the principal owner at M.L. Coss and Associates, LLC. Before running her own business, she held Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) and executive level positions in some of the largest government organizations in the US. She dedicated most of her career to successfully leading procurement transformations resulting in multi-million financial and operational efficiencies. Visit her website on:​

In this episode we discuss:

How does procurement reduce cost
What are the basic steps in the procurement cost savings
How to develop the strategy in procurement to be inline with a cost savings target
What’re other considerations for procurement savings ? And any specific areas we should focus on ?

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Tags: Supply Chain, Procurement, Leadership

1 Podcast
Transforming Procurement with Lourdes Coss
May 23, 2022
Episodes are filled with tips and lessons learned regarding procurement, leadership, mindset, communication, and topics of interest to procurement professionals.

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Tags: Change Management, Leadership, Procurement




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