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Kate Goldfinch

Associate editor at The Fintech Times

London, United Kingdom

I am associate editor at The Fintech Times and fintech visionary

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Travels From: UA, UK
Speaking Topics: Future of global payments

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3 Article/Blogs
Payments Systems of the Future
July 23, 2018
On 1st June, card giant Visa crashed and sparked payment chaos across the UK and Europe. Visa’s statement said “the issue was the result of a hardware failure”, but experts believed a hardware failure could not cause an outage for a company with modern ITinfrastructure. The case once again raised the question of how to build more resilient payment networks, which are sufficiently fault tolerant and possibly decentralised, as existing centralised networks come laden with huge risks.

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Tags: FinTech

‘Financial inclusion is key to every country’s economic growth’
July 12, 2018
I caught up with Ian Taylor, VP of Business Development for Europe, Government and Public Sector at Mastercard, within the Finclusion UA Forum by Mastercard in Ukraine, and spoke about the role Mastercard is taking in realising global financial inclusion and how he sees the future of the payment industry.

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Tags: Analytics, Innovation, FinTech, Diversity and Inclusion

SEE YOU AT THE CROSSROAD: Luxembourg is on the rise
July 12, 2018
2018 was the second year that The Fintech Times supported the leading annual tech and fintech event in Luxembourg, ICT Spring, as a media partner. Analysing the various exhibitors’ profiles and the intensity of networking this year, we can say that Lux has significantly strengthened its role as the European tech and fintech hub and, not surprisingly, won over some global fintech brands. Among the newcomers was the first Bitcoin exchange, bitFlyer, which has chosen Lux as its third jurisdiction globally, and the first in Europe.

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Tags: Blockchain, FinTech



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