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Graeme Payne

President & CEO at Cybersecurity4Executives

Atlanta, United States

Graeme Payne is a consultant, speaker, and coach. He works with boards and senior executives to help them understand and manage cybersecurity and IT risks. He has over 30 years of experience in consulting and IT management in financial services, insurance, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and utility industries. During the Equifax 2017 Data Breach (which exposed the sensitive information on 146 million US consumers), he was Senior Vice President and CIO of Global Corporate Platforms. He was fired the day before the former Chairman and CEO of Equifax testified to Congress that the root cause of the data breach was a human error and technological failure. Graeme would later be identified as “the human error”.

Prior to joining Equifax in 2011, Graeme was a Principal at Ernst & Young and Global Leader of Governance, Risk & Compliance at Wipro Consulting. Over his 30 year career, he has consulted with hundreds of companies on cybersecurity and IT risk programs. Graeme started his career as an accountant and holds many security and IT risk certifications. He grew up and worked in New Zealand before moving to the United States in 1995.

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4 Article/Blogs
Who in their right mind would want to be a CISO?
February 21, 2019
The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is one of the most challenging roles in companies today. Just look at what we ask a CISO to do:

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Tags: Cybersecurity

“The disconnect between policy development and execution was especially pronounced with respect to Equifax’s Patch Management Policy”
February 18, 2019
This is my last article in my patch management series. In previous articles I have described many of the challenges of patch management. In this article, I am wrapping up this series discussing the role of security policies and the importance of implementing robust patch management processes.

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Tags: Cybersecurity

“[Equifax’s] lack of knowledge about the software used within its legacy IT environment was a key factor leading to the 2017 data breach”
February 14, 2019
In my previous articles I have discussed the importance of patch management and how this is a complex challenge in the modern enterprise. This article will focus on another challenge - knowing what you have in your IT environment. As a friend once told me “you can’t patch, what you don’t know you have”.

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Tags: Cybersecurity

“Equifax’s...process failed to establish clear lines of accountability for developing IT security policies and executing these policies”
February 11, 2019
In my previous article I talked about the complexity of patch management and some steps companies can take to make patch management work. So who is responsible for ensuring that patches are identified, tested, and installed? The reality is that many different groups will have operational responsibility for different parts of the patch management process.

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Tags: Cybersecurity

1 Book
The New Era of Cybersecurity Breaches: A Case Study and Lessons Learned
Cybersecurity Executive Advisors LLC
August 09, 2019
Over the last decade, as companies have continued to march forward on the digitization of everything, the cybersecurity risk profile has continued to change. Since 2005, there have been over 9,000 publicly disclosed data breaches. In the last five years, the financial losses due to cyber-attacks have risen by over 62%. Identifying, mitigating and managing cybersecurity risks in today’s environment is a challenging task.

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Leadership, Culture

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