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Andrey Golub

co-founde, CEO & CTO at ELSE Corp, a Virtual Retail company

Milan, Italy


Co-founder, CEO & CTO of ELSE Corp, a Virtual Retail and 3D Commerce company.

I am a Business Transformation and Technology Innovation professional, in the past a R&D manager, contract professor, and a strategy consultant, specialized in the development and launch of innovative DeepTech products and services, mainly Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence.
As of technology entrepreneur since 2010, my best expertise lays in the field of Fashion/Luxury Retail and Manufacturing.

Since 2014 I am the co-founder and CEO of ELSE Corp, a startup that is developing a "Real-Time Fashion" approach called "Virtual Couture Fashion", which is a new business model and a set of technologies, including those for AI-Assisted Design and AI Driven Customer Experience, for an end-to-end Digital Transformation of the supply chains in the fashion sector. ELSE's mission is to enable MASS CUSTOMIZED design and retailing for fashion brands, process which then leads to the HYBRID (ON DEMAND) manufacturing model, at the end driving the industry towards a true SUSTAINABLE fashion model, which is REAL-TIME and DIGITAL.

- Member of the European AI Alliance @ European Commission
- 3D Footwear expert @ 3D Body Processing Working Group (3DBP), IEEE-SA
- Expert @ Fashion Tech cluster, The Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC)
- Advisor @ Fashion Technology Accelerator (FTA Milan)
- Chairman @inTAIL 2018, AI Driven & Intelligent Retail
- IEEE Member since 2004

Available For: Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Milan
Speaking Topics: Artificial Intelligence for Fashion, Digital Transformation for Fashion, Technology Innovation for Fashion

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Company Type: Company
Business Unit: R&D
Theatre: South Europe
Media Experience: 10+ years
Last Media Interview: 07/24/2019

Areas of Expertise

AI 47.82
Cloud 30.16
Customer Experience 45.17
Digital Disruption 48.18
Digital Transformation 36.21
Emerging Technology 35.80
Innovation 30.11
Open Innovation
Retail 43.75
Startups 30.49
Supply Chain 45.40
Sustainability 47.18
Predictive Analytics 30.30
Design Thinking 34.84
Privacy 30.15
Big Data
Marketing 30.13

Industry Experience

Consumer Products
Textiles Production


1 Advisory Board Membership
Expert @ Fashion Tech cluster, The Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC)
July 01, 2019
Expert member of the RAEC Fashion Tech cluster, the Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC):

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Tags: Digital Disruption, Digital Transformation, Supply Chain

17 Article/Blogs
China market expectation for mass customization, product personalization and made to order
Else Corp
September 10, 2019
The customization trend of the 2000s is having a global comeback, and fashionistas have embraced it, proving to naysayers that the days of conspicuous consumption in China are ending. Goyard, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Burberry, Longchamp, Loewe, and now even Dior (with the Dior Oblique personalization program) all currently have a variety of customized accessories, and through their personalization programs, these brands are empowering high-value customers by transforming them into the architects of their exclusive products.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Marketing, Retail

TEXTILE MAKERSPACE: Una nuova piattaforma online come connettore tra innovazioni nel settore tessile
Else Corp
September 09, 2019
KARL MAYER si occupa di collegare sinergeticamente il settore tessile con il settore delle nuove tecnologie, per questo ha lanciato una nuova piattaforma online che si chiama Textile Makerspace.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Supply Chain

Supply chain disruptors shaking up the fashion industry
Else Corp
August 25, 2019
On-demand apparel assembly, local-for-local production, manufacturer-matching and transparency mapping are among the innovative new concepts starting to shape next-generation fashion supply chains. And investors appear tuned in to their potential too, with millions of dollars in funding set to scale them up.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Startups, Supply Chain

WhichPLM: Fashion Trends are Reciprocal, but is the Fashion Supply Chain?
Else Corp
August 24, 2019
Here WhichPLM’s fit expert, Mark Charlton, shares his views on the changing ways apparel is manufactured in fashion, and what the future could look like.

I have a passion for great fitting apparel and, for over 20 years, I have been helping brands fit apparel, understand sizing constructs and globalize fit offerings.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, Retail

IBM Watson GM Beth Smith on the Ethics of AI
Else Corp
August 14, 2019
Beth Smith, IBM Watson Data & AI general manager, discusses the ethics of artificial intelligence with Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde on “Bloomberg Markets: The Close.” (Source: Bloomberg)

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Tags: AI

The future of space exploration is here- FEDOR (Skybot F-850)
Else Corp
August 12, 2019
FEDOR or Feodor (Russian: Фёдор) (a Russian given male name and an acronym of “final experimental demonstration object research”) is a Russian humanoid that replicates movements of a remote operator as well as performs a limited set of actions autonomously.[1] Originally it was called Avatar and was funded by Ministry of Emergency Situations for rescue operations but later its intended use was expanded to space operations. Source: wikipedia

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Tags: AI, Digital Transformation

Re:store Heralds the Future of Shopping: The new San Francisco shopping destination on Maiden Lane
Else Corp
August 11, 2019
Instagram is great for scrolling, but when it comes to shopping, IRL is still worth a stroll. That’s why creative entrepreneur Selene Cruz is launching Re:store, a San Francisco based retail space and collaboration hub that turns discovering Insta-famous products into a tangible and immersive experience. By bringing niche brands closer to their customers, and fostering community-based innovation, the Sequoia-backed startup changes not just how we shop, but how we engage with brands, ideas, and the people inspiring them.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Innovation

AI is the Only Way to Win Chinese Millennials and Gen Zers
Else Corp
August 10, 2019
On a recent flight from Shanghai’s Pudong airport to Hong Kong, I noticed that almost all the younger travelers around me were dressed in Gucci, Balenciaga, Off-White, or Burberry, all showcasing the logos prominently. I spotted several Dior and Hermès handbags and several gold watches by Audemars Piguet and Patek Phillippe. And all of it was worn by people that looked to be under the age of 40.

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Tags: AI

A Manager’s Guide to Starting a Computer Vision Program
Else Corp
August 05, 2019
With every passing day, deep learning and computer vision are taking the world by storm. But what does this mean for your typical data science team? How do you know if you should be using computer vision in your work, and how do you get started?

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Tags: AI, Cloud, Customer Experience

China’s AI Governance Principles for the New Generation Artificial Intelligence
Else Corp
August 05, 2019
The global development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has reached a new stage, with features such as cross-disciplinary integration, human-machine coordination, open and collective intelligence, and etc., which are profoundly changing our daily lives and the future of humanity. In order to promote the healthy development of the new generation of AI, better balance between development and governance, ensure the safety, reliability and controllability of AI, support the economic, social, and environmental pillars of the UN sustainable development goals, and to jointly build a human community with a shared future, all stakeholders concerned with AI development should observe the following principles:

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Tags: AI, Digital Transformation, Privacy

Organizations must address ethics in AI to gain public’s trust and loyalty- Capgemini Research Institute
Else Corp
August 05, 2019
Consumers, employees and citizens will reward organizations that proactively show their AI systems are ethical, fair and transparent
The ethical use of AI is becoming fundamental to winning people’s trust, a new study from the Capgemini Research Institute has found. As organizations progress to harness the benefits of AI, consumers, employees and citizens are watching closely and are ready to reward or punish behavior. Those surveyed said that they would be more loyal to, purchase more from, or be an advocate for organizations whose AI interactions are deemed ethical.

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Tags: AI

Kevin Scott: Microsoft CTO- Artificial Intelligence (AI) Podcast
Import from wordpress feed
August 01, 2019
Kevin Scott is the CTO of Microsoft. Before that, he was the Senior Vice President of Engineering and Operations at LinkedIn.

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Tags: AI

How Brands Are Using 3D Shoe Designs for Game-Changing Consumer Insights- FDRA Kicks Over Coffee
Import from wordpress feed
July 31, 2019
via FDRA Kicks Over Coffee on Youtube Chris Hillyer, Innovation Director at Deckers Brands, joins us to discuss how brands are using 3D shoes (and what software is used) to get consumer insights, increase the speed of sample reviews and ensure factories fully understand what you are asking them to p

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Predictive Analytics

3 ways retailers must adapt to changing customer needs- Customer Stories, DropBox Business
Else Corp
July 26, 2019
On the Dropbox Business Blog we’ve explored the ways great customer experience can increase footfall, revenue and sales. But look away from Net Promoter Scores and you’ll find there is an urgency for retailers to take customer service one step further: to stand out from the crowd. The question is, how do you do that?

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Tags: AI, Customer Experience, Supply Chain, Retail

ELSE Corp is one of "8 Top Data Analytics Startups In Manufacturing"​ by StartUs Insights
July 16, 2019
8 Top Data Analytics Startups Out Of 279 In Manufacturing
We analyzed 279 data analytics startups in manufacturing. Check out our 8 picks to watch out for & learn more about the global distribution of these 8 and 271 more startups!

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Tags: Emerging Technology, Startups, Retail

A new definition of Style for Artificial Intelligence and 3D Visual Search
Import from
December 14, 2018
note: provided below is a simplified “public ready” description of the activity, managed by ELSE Corp and its child company ELSE Tech, on the research direction defined internally as of 3D VISUAL SEARCH, part of framework.Else Corp’s Visual Product Recommendation system works based on

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Why Small Data is Important for Advancing AI
Import from
August 25, 2018
This article on Why Small Data is Important for Advancing AI is a joint collaboration with Margaretta Colangelo and Danko Nikolic, PhD.Information about any individual in a crowd is small data. The same information, collected for all of those people, is big data.Small data refers to data that huma

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1 Book
"Artificial Intelligence for Fashion" (original title in RUSSIAN: "Искусственный интеллект для моды"
May 12, 2019
Искусственный интеллект - уже реальность нашей жизни. Нет такой сферы, где бы сейчас не применялись цифровые технологии. И мода не исключение. Умные зеркала, виртуальные примерочные, боди-сканеры, 3D-принтеры - вот лишь малая часть технологий, которые вовсю внедряют модные бренды и ритейлеры. А завтра может оказаться, что самую успешную коллекцию создал вовсе не человек, что компьютер разбирается в модных трендах лучше бьюти-блогеров и что одежду не шьют, а "печатают".

Андрей Голуб - основатель и генеральный директор инновационной компании ELSE Corp. В 2017 году Forbes включил ее в десятку стартапов, изменивших модную индустрию Италии.
Андрей родился в Казахстане, вырос в Беларуси, окончил факультет робототехники Белорусского национального технического университета по специальности "прикладная математика", затем аспирантуру в области системного анализа и проектирования инновационных технологий. В 2004 году переехал в Италию по приглашению НИИ искусственного интеллекта FBK. С 2009 года в качестве независимого консультанта сотрудничает со многими высокотехнологичными компаниями и международными стартапами.

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Tags: AI, Digital Disruption, Retail

4 Patents
November 10, 2018
Patent description The present invention relates to item configuration systems based on Artificial Intelligence and on recommendation techniques. Particularly, the present invention refers to the configuration of items belonging to the fashion design, fashion retail and fashion manufacturing industry.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Design Thinking, Digital Transformation

Shoe-last modification method and system based on application of additive patches
August 11, 2018
Patent description The present invention provides a method (200) of modifying a shoe-last, comprising: acquiring (201) current digital data representing a foot shape; providing (202) reference digital data representing a shoe-last shape to be modified; comparing (203) the current digital data with the reference digital data to design patch shapes and patch positions; providing a shoe-last corresponding to the reference digital data; producing (204) patch elements corresponding the patch shapes: and applying (204) the patch elements on the shoe-last in accordance with the patch positions obtaining a modified shoe-last. The production and the application of the patch elements on the shoe-last are performed by employing an additive manufacturing technique.

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Tags: Digital Disruption, Supply Chain, Sustainability

A 3D visual search and AI-based recommendation system
August 03, 2018
Patent description The present invention relates to visual search systems based on Artificial Intelligence. Particularly, the present invention refers to visual searches involving 3D visualization and 3D rendering, applicable to the fields of fashion design, fashion retail, fashion on-line shopping, and it could be extended to any customer product category, where visual search and recommendations make sense.

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Tags: AI, Digital Disruption, Emerging Technology

A shoe last selection method, based on virtual fitting simulation and customer feedback
January 01, 1970
Patent description It is described a shoe-last selection method, comprising: providing a first set of digital data (SLS) representing a first shoe-last of a first shoe associated with a foot of a customer; trying-on a shoe by the customer and sending to a processing module a customer feedback information (OV-ALL; CONF-ZNE) defining a customer perception on the fitting quality of said shoe; processing the first digital data (SLS) on the basis of said customer feedback information (OV-ALL; CONF-ZNE) to alternatively generate: a second set of digital data (SLT) representing a second shoe-last better fitting said foot than the first shoe-last and a confirmation that said first shoe-last fits said foot.

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Tags: AI, Customer Experience, Digital Disruption

2 Whitepapers
Personalized Digital Last (a Women’s Example)—The Tool Required to Enable Mass Customization
IEEE-IC, IEEE Industry Connections
August 04, 2019
This white paper examines the development of a personalized digital last and the impact on the role of footwear technicians. As the personalized digital last becomes the basis of future footwear production, the role of footwear technicians may expand to include a broader definition of fit, maintaining libraries of different lasts, and maintaining quality safeguards for mass customized of footwear. Though this paper focuses on women’s footwear, the issue of fit is universal for men, women, and children. The techniques described in this paper, can be utilized for most footwear segments.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, Supply Chain

IEEE Industry Connections (IEEE-IC)3D Body Processing (3DBP) Initiative
August 01, 2019
The background, goals, and status for the IEEE 3D body processing (3DBP) initiative are introduced in this white paper. This initiative was launched in the first quarter of 2016 with an initial focus on exploring technology standardization opportunities for hardware and software technologies across the “3D body processing” pipeline; i.e., from scanning of people and creating body model data to simulating, modeling, analytics, and visualization. A Virtual Fit use case and relevant 3DBP attributes are examined as an example of a 3D body processing use case. File formats, metadata, and communication protocols are discussed and initial guidance is proposed for evaluating and selecting among existing formats and protocols. While the white paper utilizes examples from an apparel/retail context, it is important to note that the direction taken by the 3DBP initiative is applicable to use cases in other industries such as health, wellness, fitness and athletics as well as complementary to adjacent technology ecosystems such as IOT, 5G, AI, fog, and cloud computing.

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Tags: Digital Disruption, Digital Transformation, Emerging Technology



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