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David Wegerle

CEO/CIO at Clearfusion Holdings

Cape Town, South Africa

Digital transformation leader. We take your Business strategy and we accelerate digital transformation.

Available For: Authoring, Consulting, Influencing
Travels From: Cape Town

David Wegerle Points
Academic 5
Author 1
Influencer 0
Speaker 0
Entrepreneur 40
Total 46

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Company Information

Company Type: Company
Business Unit: Digital Transformation
Theatre: International
Minimum Project Size: Undisclosed
Average Hourly Rate: Undisclosed
Number of Employees: Undisclosed
Company Founded Date: Undisclosed
Media Experience: 13 years

Areas of Expertise

Analytics 33.26
Big Data
Culture 30.81
Customer Experience
Design Thinking
Digital Disruption
Digital Transformation 30.59
Emerging Technology
Lean Startup
Predictive Analytics 30.06
Supply Chain
Mobility 30.19

Industry Experience

Consumer Products
Engineering & Construction
Federal & Public Sector
Forest Products & Paper
High Tech & Electronics
Higher Education & Research
Professional Services
Wholesale Distribution


1 Academic Whitepaper
Total facilitied management- Digital Transformation
Tender Submission
March 08, 2018
People, place, platform, process digital transformation strategy for the South African Department of Public Works. 150000 facilities, financial management, supply chain management. Roadmap from current reactive state to proactive state where people are aligned and digital transformation has occurred. A platform that instructs and audits, and a data machine that uses relevant data to prove predictions for decision making.

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Tags: Analytics, Digital Transformation, Predictive Analytics

1 Article/Blog
Digital Transformation in the FMCG Sector in SA
Self based on a proven case study
July 06, 2018
Aligning the Real time data with the merchandisers, distributors and brand managers real time. Streamliner app developed for roving field agents that directs them, allows for auditing and pulls real time data by exception by SKU for the agent to resolve.

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Tags: Analytics, Digital Transformation, Mobility

1 Patent
BuildingSpace Performance
April 02, 2018
Decision making tool, data integrator, automated supply chain and workforce application. Total facilities management, automating process with people through the platform.

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Tags: Analytics, Digital Transformation, Culture

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1 Business
Business transformation consulting in the digital age.

Location: Cape Town    Date Available: July 09th, 2018     Fees: Tbc

Submission Date: July 05th, 2018     Service Type: Service Offered

Digital Vision Data analytics

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1 Technical
Rapid development

Location: Cape Town    Date Required: July 09th, 2018     Payment: Tbc

Submission Date: July 05th, 2018     Service Type: Service Needed

I need a tech collaborate partner. To build the platforms required to deliver POC during the transformation process.

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David Wegerle

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