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Jai Singh Arun

Senior Program Director at IBM

Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, United States


Driving Global Strategy, Product Management and Business Development for IBM Research Innovations in
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE / MACHINE LEARNING / DEEP LEARNING: IBM Watson/Core AI science, engineering and technology - applications for industry use cases (Financial, Healthcare, Government, Telecommunications, Retail)
BLOCKCHAIN: Trusted Digital Identity, Hyperledger Fabric, Smart Contracts, Consensus, Privacy, Trust
SECURITY: Next Generation Cyber and Cognitive Security for Cloud, IoT, Mobile, Big Data
Capabilities and Solutions for Finance, IoT, Healthcare Industries, Adversarial AI

Available For: Authoring, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Raleigh, NC, USA
Speaking Topics: Blockchain, AI, Cybersecurity, Quantum Computing

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Thought Leader Profile

Portfolio Mix

Company Information

Company Type: Company
Business Unit: Technology Solutions and Services
Theatre: Global
Media Experience: 13 years
Last Media Training: 05/01/2015
Last Media Interview: 03/15/2017

Areas of Expertise

AI 31.79
Blockchain 46.97
Cybersecurity 30.14
Emerging Technology 39.92
Innovation 31.63
Open Innovation
Quantum Computing
Digital Disruption 35.96
Digital Transformation 30.33

Industry Experience

Aerospace & Defense
Engineering & Construction
Federal & Public Sector
Financial Services & Banking
High Tech & Electronics
Higher Education & Research
Industrial Machinery & Components
Oil & Gas
Professional Services
Travel & Transportation


1 Book
Blockchain for Business
Pearson (Addison Wesley)
April 01, 2019
Blockchain enables enterprises to reinvent processes and business models and to pursue radically disruptive applications. Blockchain for Business is a concise, accessible, and pragmatic guide to both the technology and the opportunities it creates.

Authored by three experts from IBM’s Enterprise Blockchain practice, it introduces industry-specific and cross-industry use cases, and reviews best-practice approaches to planning and delivering blockchain projects. With a relentless focus on real-world business outcomes, the authors reveal what blockchain can do, what it can’t do yet, and where it’s headed.

Understand five elements that make blockchain so disruptive: transparency, immutability, security, consensus, and smart contracts
Explore key use cases: cross-border payments, food and drug safety, provenance, trade finance, clinical trials, land registries, and more
See how trusted blockchain networks are facilitating entirely new business models
Compare blockchain types: permissioned, permissionless, private, public, federated, and hybrid
Anticipate key technical, business, regulatory, and governance challenges
Build blockchain financial models, investment rubrics, and risk frameworks
Organize and manage teams to transform blockchain plans into reality

Whether you’re a senior decision maker, technical professional, customer, or investor, Blockchain for Business will help you cut through the hype and objectively assess blockchain’s potential in your business.

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Tags: Blockchain, Digital Disruption, Emerging Technology

1 Conference Publication
AI and Blockchain are driving innovation into industries
ICESI University
April 25, 2019

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Tags: AI, Blockchain, Innovation

1 Keynote
How AI and Blockchain are driving innovation into industries
ICESI University
April 25, 2019

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Tags: AI, Blockchain, Innovation

1 Media Interview
May 12, 2017

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Tags: Blockchain, Digital Transformation, Innovation

1 Panel
How Blockchain will Cross the Adoption Chasm
Know Identity
March 21, 2019
Blockchain advocates are often great at pointing out potential but struggle with actually achieving large-scale traction. Expert panelists will discuss what it will take to turn promise into reality across varying use cases, and how we can use distributed ledger technologies to practically facilitate transactions that create real value for organizations and users alike.

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Tags: Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Digital Disruption



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