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Steven Schwartz

VP, Strategy & Insurance Practice at Cytegic

New York, United States

teven Schwartz is a Managing Director at CEO Quest and on the Board of Advisors at Cytegic, an automated cyber risk management platform solving the highly challenging task of quantifying cyber financial risk at any degree of scalability, where he is leading the insurance practice.

A noted thought leader on the topic of risk management of cyber related assets like personal data, he is recognized globally as a Top 50 "InsurTech Influencer" and is often sought out to speak at the world’s largest Insurance Conferences with unique insights and expertise as it relates to InsurTech.

Steven has a passion for company building, which led him to his current role as CEO Quest Managing Director -- where he coaches tech company CEOs towards accelerated company growth. As an innovation leader in the fields of risk management, cybersecurity and personal data, he is a Co-Founder of The Data Union.

Recently named "New York City's 2017 33 Under 33," Steven has consulted, managed and negotiated the risk management & insurance programs for worldwide, publicly-traded entities paying in excess of $2B in Annual Premium across 40 countries. Steven began his career as the 20th employee in the 1st year of operations at healthcare analytics startup, TreoSolutions, through to its nine-figure exit five years later as a Senior Data Analyst.

Available For: Authoring, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: New York, NY
Speaking Topics: Insurance, InsurTech, Cyber Security, Cyber Risk Management, Personal Data, Regulation, RegTech, blockchain

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Business Unit: Exec
Theatre: North America
Media Experience: 10 years
Last Media Training: 02/01/2019
Last Media Interview: 05/29/2019

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Cybersecurity 33.83
Digital Transformation
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Innovation 30.33
InsurTech 62.50
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Financial Services & Banking
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1 Adjunct Professor
Rutgers University - Board of Advisors
Rutgers University
January 01, 2018
I'm on the Board of Advisors for Rutgers University Cybersecurity Program and often give guest lectures, participate in panel discussions and actually teach different subjects with respects to my domain expertise.

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Tags: Cybersecurity, InsurTech, Risk Management

3 Article/Blogs
Accelerating the Cyber Insurance Revenue Engine
March 13, 2019
In the arms race for cyber insurance market share, we’re seeing carriers offer more coverage while reducing premiums and the amount of data collected from their insureds

With more than 170 US Carriers now offering cyber insurance, it’s easy to see that market participation is accelerating at an alarming pace. What’s concerning, however, is that the market’s understanding of cyber risk and its financial impact has struggled to keep up with premium growth.

The limited history and lack of quantified, verified and contextual data about this emerging exposure is constraining the industry’s ability to grow. If we can’t effectively measure the financial impact of our insureds’ cyber risk and thus insurer capital requirements, how can we expect to cede more capacity to reinsurers and ultimately the capital markets through ILS in an ecosystem operating without transparency.

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Tags: Cybersecurity, InsurTech, Risk Management

What is GDPR and How Will it Affect Us?
May 30, 2018

Through the regulation, the EU has outlined protections for every individual citizen’s personal data. The new legislation has huge implications for companies around the world that have any kind of market in the EU. Especially businesses that rely on consumer data.

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Privacy, Risk Management

The New Cyber Insurance Paradigm
Insurance Thought Leadership
May 16, 2018
Two big problems: There is absolutely no standardization in the data that cyber insurers collect, and it quickly becomes outdated.

Across industries, many mature organizations have become acutely aware that their industrial-based business models, which strive for control, efficiency and scale, are not designed for speed, innovation or individualized customer experiences. Corporate leaders have no option but to consider using cloud-based platforms, but that introduces new vulnerabilities.

Finding an appropriate balance between cybersecurity and privacy strategy while allowing for innovation is of fundamental importance.

As all businesses will become “data companies” in the digital networked world, the cyber insurance industry needs to adapt to effectively underwrite and manage the most dynamic risk in the world.

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Tags: Cybersecurity, InsurTech, Risk Management

2 Influencer Awards
#50 InsurTech Influence List
InsurTech News
June 01, 2019
Have been regarded as a global top 50 InsurTech Influencer for over a year

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Risk Management, InsurTech

2017 New York City's "33 Under 33"
Ascent ? Insperity / StrtUp Boost / Cheddar / Rapid Square / MSCO / WISS
July 01, 2017
Invitation only award dinner among 100 of the most influential Founders and Professionals from the NYC Startup Ecosystem. Nominations are open to all those in the Greater NYC Entrepreneurial Ecosystem across 11 categories. Voting will be conducted via the RapidSquare app only. Votes can only be cast for 1 of the 6 Nominees in each Category.

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Tags: Entrepreneurship, InsurTech, Startups

1 Keynote
Scaling the cyber insurance revenue engine – building trust and revenue beyond the policy
InsurTech Insights
October 07, 2019

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Risk Management, InsurTech

2 Panels
Autonomous Vehicles and The Future of Insurance
InsurTech Insights
March 19, 2019

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Tags: Autonomous Vehicles, Cybersecurity, InsurTech

How to Effectively Underwrite and Manage Cyber Insurance in the Digital World
Digital Insurance 2018 Conference
May 15, 2018
Cyber risk is not only new and difficult to understand and quantify for directors, but it also remains difficult to understand from insurance underwriters, which ultimately confines the total amount of limits and coverage that insurers are willing to offer. Insurer's need to shift towards continuous, standardized cyber risk insights via a digital platform that streamlines the underwriting process, yet offers more comprehensive data than a standalone application and also has the data immediately available for analysis and continuously analyzing an insured's risk throughout the policy period.

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Tags: Cybersecurity, InsurTech, Risk Management

1 Webinar
How Finance Companies Use Big Data To Personalize The Customer Experience
March 02, 2017

In early March, Global Cyber Consultants' President, Steven Schwartz, joined the CFO of Bitly, Peter Nesbit to discuss how finance companies can use big data to personalize the customer experience with advice surrounding data privacy and cyber security concerns.

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Tags: Big Data, Fintech, Innovation



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