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Jeffrey Quintero

Palm Bay, United States

Philosophical Insight And Technology Foresight For Synergistic Shared-Purpose Co-Realizations

As technology visionary, I have pioneered many new firsts:
First Fast Food Video Drive-Through System For Burger King Corporation (
First Mac-Base Prepress System For Original Impressions (Largest Print Production Company is South Florida)
First Interactive Music Video Production Studio for Post Edge (Largest Video Post-Production Studio in Miami South Beach)
First Multimedia Magazine For Latin America
First Multimedia CDs and Kits Ecommerce Store For Latin America
First US-Based ISP for Brasilian Corporations
First (and still leading) Magazine and Portal for Latin America's Entertainment Industry
First Magazine and Portal for Latin Americas Wireless Communications

Lat 25 years dedicated to research and development of new value co-realization paradigm

Over the last 20+ years, I have been fully engaged in research and development efforts in philosophy, science and consciousness using and expanding Ken Wilber’s Integral Approach, the lean entrepreneurship method, and blockchain technology.

Through this research, I have identified the core existential constraints conducive to our current crisis. And, conceived a way to break through these constraints.

The breakthrough consists of new value theory and philosophical insights which reveal how human beings, use a framework of five philosophical elements, as our existential context for collectively constructing our view of "reality."

The ultimate benefit of this framework is expanding our understanding of our own humanity. Here are 10 Original Awareness Expanding Insights derived from it:
# 1. Why did we invent language?
# 2. Why we must have a common view of reality?
# 3. What meaning is?
# 4. Why do we make meaning?
# 5. What is value?
# 6. What enables us to realize value?
# 7. What gives qualitative directionality to our value co-realizing process?
# 8. How and why do we evolve our common view of reality?
#9. How have we collectively constructed our current shared view of reality?
#10. What, as the human species, are our highest values?

Over the last year, I realized that by using Digital Ledger Technology we can build such a system.

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Jeffrey Quintero