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Erik Hanson

Woodinville, Washington, United States

Analyst / Data Scientist combining mathematics and software engineering with business skills and experience leading analytics teams and managing engineering projects. Expert at working with big data to find insights and relationships that inform business and product decisions. Former software engineer with Master’s degrees in Computer Sciences, Math, and Business. Inventor of the Engagement Mapping conversion attribution model, the first widely used Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) model that distributes credit for advertising results across multiple touch points.

I like to find innovative ways to use data to solve problems, especially in complex areas with large scale data involving user behavior and preferences where the results can help make things better for people. I’m excited about the new ways that Machine Learning is being used to solve big data problems and change the world.

Much of my work has been about helping marketers use their data to understand their customers and optimize their marketing activities. Specifically, I've done a lot of work with cross-channel marketing attribution, including cross-device attribution and attributing online activity to offline sales by matching user IDs across data sets.

I've also done work to improve display advertising products, often by investigating issues and finding actionable insights hidden in hundreds of terabytes of raw log data. I’ve worked in many areas of display advertising, including online auctions, Behavioral Targeting, user understanding, impression valuation, reach prediction, forecasting, campaign optimization, metrics, and experimentation. I like the problems in display advertising because we need to consider the needs of three stakeholders, the publisher, advertiser, and user.

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Erik Hanson