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Ben Singh-Jarrold

London, United Kingdom

I lead strategic marketing, influencer relations and industry initiatives for fintech firms in transaction banking, capital markets and structured finance. Strong track record of driving product marketing, thought leadership, go-to-market positioning, global online and offline campaign strategy and execution resulting in pipeline growth and improved brand perception.

- Marketing strategy
- Product marketing and positioning
- Corporate communications and public relations
- Emerging tech: blockchain and distributed ledger technology, A.I., cloud computing
- Lead generation
- Content marketing
- Leading marketing and cross functional teams
- Transaction banking: payments, trade finance, cash management
- Commercial and syndicated lending
- Capital markets and structured finance
- Investment banking

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5 Article/Blogs
ICC's Rethinking Trade Report 2017: Digital hope while funding gap persists
July 06, 2017
The go-to 'State of the Industry' report in trade finance was published this week by the ICC, and we at Finastra (Misys at the time of publishing) were delighted to be featured so prominently. This report marks a noticeable shift from years gone by. As we move into a world where dematerialisation and the march to digitisation is a given, and where there is an increased understanding of the full range of possibilities offered by Supply Chain Finance (SCF), the future looks brighter than in the last few years.

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Tags: FinTech

Killer corporate banking: agile relationships in a digital age
March 10, 2017
While banks may be seen as less agile than emerging fintechs, the truth is that they remain corporates’ main point of reference for technology innovation and inclusion. Even leading corporations often don’t want to be pioneers of something that is not core business, keeping a wait-and-see attitude to fintech innovation and seeking advice from banks, which are seen as the experts in assimilating technology innovation into tangible business cases that can actually drive working capital efficiency.

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Tags: Innovation, Startups, FinTech

The rise of the supertreasurer: choosing the right TMS tools for 2017
February 27, 2017
I was asked by Bobsguide to put down some ideas about how corporates should select treasury platforms in 2017. This is where I see treasury technology helping the strategic treasurer confirm a place as corporate superhero in the coming 12 months. It's from a corporate treasury perspective related to in-house platforms but there are blurring lines between corporate treasury management systems and the platforms banks use to service their corporate banking clients and operations. Financial institutions also need to think about the killer applications of technology to support their clients, and their own cost, risk and growth plans. If you're more interested in how banks can position to help the corporate treasurer, then you'll find this more relevant...

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Tags: Emerging Technology, FinTech, Predictive Analytics

All-for-one and one-for-all: Lending Nirvana means a new way of thinking
March 08, 2016
Meeting credit demand from enterprises should be a compelling global opportunity for banks, regulators and the new form of financiers - both in terms of revenue and economic value creation and growth in a stuttering global economy. How can banks remain at the centre of a future financing ecosystem?

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Tags: Blockchain, FinTech, Predictive Analytics

What does commercial lending nirvana look like?
March 03, 2016
Credit demand from a growing business banking client base remains a global opportunity for lenders. At the same time volatility continues to impact debt markets and complex lending practices. In lending nirvana, things are simpler. Banks can unifiy lending across simple and complex loans - from origination through to servicing. 'Enlightened' banks are no longer meditating on this.

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Tags: Blockchain, Innovation, FinTech



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