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Jon Ingham

Executive Consultant at Strategic Dynamics Consultancy Services

Reading, United Kingdom


A consultant, trainer, speaker and writer focusing on strategic and innovative management and organisation of people.

I often help businesses gain competitive advantage through the creation of human and social capital supported by effective leadership, organisation design, HR and management practices, organisation development interventions, the use of digital and social media tools, and strategic approaches to workforce analytics etc.

I also help business leaders and HR teams develop their own strategic capabilities.

My experience includes 30 years in engineering, IT, change management and HR (including as an HR / OD Director).

I am based in the UK but work globally and I spend a lot of time in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and elsewhere. I increasingly support organisations virtually too.

Specialties: A strategic perspective across the breadth of HR.

Contact me at info [at] joningham [dot] com, +44 1344 420512, @joningham.

Available For: Authoring, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Berkshire, UK

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5 Article/Blogs
Human and social capital
December 20, 2018
In my last 12 years of blogging I don’t think I’ve ever provided a list of predictions for the next year, as despite the increasing rate of change, I don’t think things change that much / that quickly, and prefer to focus on the bigger, more strategic issues which are relatively stable over decades (still) rather than the more superficial opportunities, usually resulting from new technology, that perhaps do shift more rapidly.

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Tags: HR, Future of Work

Enterprise Social Networks in The Social Organization
September 27, 2018
I'm getting ready for a Twitter chat on Enterprise Social Networks in a few minutes ( and came across this article on social media and social capital I wrote for the CIPD a few years ago and which I think still covers a few of the themes I hope to be chatting about.

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Tags: Social, HR, Future of Work

Warmth, competence, psychological safety - it depends
August 07, 2018
I’m supposed to be reviewing some of the elements in my organisational prioritisation model that I use to describe an organisation’s architecture (outlined in The Social Organization). However I’m going to skip ahead and discuss some key features of the organisational society - the people and their relationships that exist and develop within the organisation.

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Tags: HR, Future of Work

Evolution of Organization Models
July 23, 2018
The core idea behind part 1 of The Social Organization is that connections and relationships between people working in an organization are now so important that they need to be included in our organization models, along with the people who have these relationships. I therefore present the Organization Prioritization Model, or OPM, as a basis for better and more modern organization design.

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Tags: HR, Future of Work

Organisation Design for the Digital Workplace Experience #DWX18
July 02, 2018
I presented at Digital Workplace Experience (DWX18) in Chicago a couple of week's back, whilst also attempting to follow everyone who was at SHRM.

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Tags: HR, Future of Work

1 Book
The Social Organization
Kogan Page
March 12, 2019

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Tags: Culture, Future of Work, Social



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