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Thinkers360 - Vishwas Anand - Content Marketing Strategy & Operations Excellence Leader – Global Marketing at Schneider Electric
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Vishwas Anand

Content Marketing Strategy & Operations Excellence Leader – Global Marketing at Schneider Electric

Bangalore, India

Vishwas Anand is an award-winning B2B marketing thought leader who believes in the value of unique frameworks, models and solutions to amplify organizational goals.

Vishwas is working as Content Marketing and Communications Lead at the Infosys Knowledge Institute as India's first external member. He holds an MBA from IIM Kozhikode and is a distinguished honoree: Top 25 Innovators across the Asia Pacific (Class of 2019) in Marketing and Communications by The Holmes Report among luminaries like New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern, JAPAC's Top 13 Content Moguls by CMS Asia 2019, "The Greatest Marketing Influencers" by ET Now and The World Federation of Marketing Professionals, "Most Influential Content Marketing Professionals" by the World Marketing Congress, Brand Leadership recipient by CMO Asia, and an awardee of LinkedIn Content 50, Oracle FAST 100, Adobe Content 100 among others.

Vishwas is a jury member for the DMA Asia ECHO and Asia Pacific Stevie Awards. He was felicitated on TV as a Keynote Speaker for a conclave among top bureaucrats. He's a speaker at the CXO Roundtable, DMA Asia Annual Conference, World Marketing Congress, TOUG, BrightTALK, and academic institutions like IIMs. Vishwas is an IDG Influencer and has published white papers and articles for leading publications: Tech Republic, Tech in Asia, Finextra, Banking Frontiers, Retailer Magazine, Thrive Global among others.

Vishwas has been interviewed as: the Voice of Content Marketing for the Digital Dexterity Report 2019, a Thought Leader for the Red Book of Content Marketing 2018 and Digital Vidya, a Brand Master by the Hindustan Times, an Influencer by WittyPen, and his 3A Content Model has been featured by a Forbes columnist. He was also interviewed as "one of the top-notch content marketing people on the planet" by C-suite Radio.

Top Honours:

* Top 25 Innovators across the Asia Pacific - The Holmes Report 2019
* Top 13 Content Moguls across JAPAC, including Japan, Australia and New Zealand - CMS Asia 2019
* Among "The Greatest Marketing Influencers"- The World Federation of Marketing Professionals (2018)
* "Most Influential Content Marketing Professional"- CMO Asia (2017 & 2018)

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Predictive Analytics 30.05
Supply Chain 30.11
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Open Innovation 30.79
Marketing 30.08
Digital Disruption 30.19
Emerging Technology 30.20
Digital Transformation 30.09
InsurTech 30.26
Agile 30.11
Cloud 30.16

Industry Experience


7 Article/Blogs
5 Traits of Situational Leadership from the Horse's Mouth
Thrive Global
November 06, 2019
For organizations to excel in this dynamic age of disruptive technologies and shifting workplace attitudes, the maturity of sound leadership takes some Horse Quotient and "horse sense".

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Tags: Culture, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

Prioritizing Disruption for the 2025 Millennial Banking Revolution
Banking Frontiers
January 15, 2019
Whether you call them “entitled” or “skeptical”, when the world is going to be filled with Millennials, what would essentially matter is their attitude towards technology disruptions. What was untapped potential as a marketing opportunity would now drive the change they wish to see in the world. Disruptions are going to be shaped by all things Millennial. Banking is at the highest risk of disruption. We need to brace ourselves for a first-of-its-kind Millennial Banking Revolution!

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Tags: Customer Experience, FinTech, Open Innovation

Sustainable Brands Must Build True Content Power
CMO Asia: Sustainable Brands Book 3rd Edition
September 01, 2018
Why sustainable brands need to build true content power in today's post-truth digital era.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Management, Marketing

Why Sustainable Brands Must Build True Content Power
Joe Escobedo
May 21, 2018
This blog speaks about the 3 A Model for Content Score Evaluation and how brand sustainability is built around it.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Management, Marketing

Celebrating the Millennial Banking Takeover
January 01, 2018
The stereotypes that people have about Millennials couldn’t be more wrong today than ever before! With Millennials ready to take over the Banking space, the question is: Are the banks ready? We need to celebrate this Millennial Banking Wave, now more than ever!

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Tags: Customer Experience, Digital Disruption, FinTech

Meaningful conversations with chatbots?
Tech in Asia
April 07, 2017
As companies are taking to the bot era, have they fully understood if today's bots are making or breaking conversations? Can they stitch a meaningful conversational thread in an age of digital interactions?

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Tags: Customer Experience, Emerging Technology, Predictive Analytics

Insuring your Connected Experiences with DXM
Aspire Systems
July 01, 2016
For a Digital Insurer, their connected experience is only as strong as their weakest link. I've introduced a PVC model of Potential, Value and Convenience through which Digital Insurers can build and personalize a robust DXM solution targeted to high-low value segments.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, InsurTech

9 Whitepapers
Amazon: How The World’s Largest Digital Retailer Is Harmonizing Physical Retail
Infosys Limited
January 02, 2020
Amazon dominates online retail; but this only represents about 10% of the total retail market. To capture the rest, the company is starting to move into physical retail. How can Amazon’s harmonization of digital and physical retail shape up to help conquer this new territory?

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Tags: Business Strategy, Customer Experience, Retail

Walmart: How the World's Largest Physical Retailer is Harmonizing Digital Retai
Infosys Limited
December 02, 2019
The world's largest physical retailer towers over the retail landscape but faces tough competition from the emerging dominance of e-commerce. How is Walmart harmonizing digital retail amid this changing landscape? There's a lot at stake for Walmart to embrace its digital counterpart.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Customer Experience, Retail

Four Steps to Build a Cognitive Supply Chain
Infosys Limited
August 02, 2019
Consumer packaged goods supply chains are being stretched to breaking point in a fast-moving market. Creating a Live Enterprise based on artificial intelligence and automation could be a solution. The key lies in automating data analysis and decision-making.

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Tags: AI, Supply Chain, Predictive Analytics

6 Online Innovations for Physical Store Adoption
Infosys Limited
July 02, 2019
Online shopping has rapidly grabbed the attention and wallets of consumers. To survive, physical stores are experimenting with new designs and propositions to compete with digital retail. But what if physical retailers could replicate the best of the digital experience in store?

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Tags: Innovation, Mobility, Retail

Resurrecting the Physical Store Through Harmonized Retail
Infosys Limited
June 03, 2019
Today’s customers are omnichannel omnivores, adapting to any retail location, whether physical or digital. An obsession with one over the other is a customer’s choice, not a retailer’s prerogative. We believe physical stores that are harmonized with the strategy of their digital counterparts can capture new revenue. But how can physical stores better complement digital retail?

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Tags: Customer Experience, Management, Retail

Banking as a Platform: A New-Age Transformation
Infosys Limited
May 03, 2019
The financial services market operates under tighter regulatory frameworks than ever before, and unique regulations call for equally unique disruptions. In the age of Amazon Prime, how can a bank rebuild balance sheets while offering value and convenience to new age customers? Incumbent banks need to reconstruct their ecosystems through a platform-based model, aggregating as a service delivery center to integrate seamlessly into the customer’s lifestyle and deliver trusted services with a positive experience.

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Tags: Customer Experience, FinTech, Open Innovation

Digital transformation and the Olympics Technology Squad
Aspire Systems
August 01, 2016
As the Rio 2016 Olympics kicked off for the first time in South America, digital technologies were also breaking new records in their quest to make it to the Olympic squad. I've explored two aspects in this whitepaper:
* How can Digital Transformation turn the Games into a more connected global experience?
* How would every stakeholder be empowered to achieve a state of Digital Alchemy-synthesizing the best of technologies for digital excellence?

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Emerging Technology, Innovation

Digital Discovery Journey to Digital Alchemy
Aspire Systems
April 04, 2016
Are you a Digital Alchemist? It’s in the journey of Digital Discovery, one step at a time that gives rise to a state of Digital Alchemy- one that is nurtured through an optimal enthalpy of technological excellence for business growth and individualized customer experience.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Digital Disruption, Digital Transformation

Next-Gen Digital Architectures: Growing Bigger and Smaller with Microservices
Aspire Systems
April 01, 2016
Applications are gaining autonomy with the three building blocks: Containers, APIs and Flexible Cloud
Infrastructure. I've explored the transformation of digital architectures in context of the dynamic business needs that are to be addressed:
• How do we build modern software
architectural frameworks for improved agility?
• How do we operate and scale services for
global customer reach sans local deployment?
• How would greater resource utilization be
brought about for reduced costs?

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Tags: Agile, Cloud, Open Innovation

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