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Usman Sarwar

Australia, Australia


I am software engineer and technologist with sixteen years experience in the software industry; building technology strategy and roadmaps, leading teams, creating software architectures, designing and implementing software as well as software testing for various domains. I have expertise in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry for last ten years with primary focus on software systems, protocols and security of IoT devices, edge computing devices and cloud. I have invented 23 patents and 22 publications as well as contributing to technical standards related to IoT technologies
I am highly motivated in solving challenging technical problems and creating new technologies which drives the business in current and emerging markets. I worked on startups, with SME, Government R&D and multi-national Corporation with diverse teams while delivering the results according to the expectations of organisations. I have also worked and conducted technical business engagements in Malaysia, USA, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, Hong Kong, and Pakistan. I am invited keynote speaker and industrial panelist at various international conferences over the years.

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An open source scalable software system for consolidated IoT workloads
May 07, 2018
Recently, I came to know about the ACRN which is an open source Linux Project providing a scalable architecture for running multiple of software subsystems for IoT/Embedded market needs. It provides a way to consolidate multiple devices workloads on a single device having enough resources to run software systems either on bare-metal or/and in virtual machine settings. It is designed to run on specifically for embedded/IoT devices where resources and real-time are the key requirements as compare to existing similar technologies which are meant for data center market. It is supported on Intel Atom platform.

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Tags: AI, IoT

Understanding Strategic Thinking in ever changing world.
January 03, 2018
Strategic Thinking is one of the key skills which is expected as we climb our career ladder. It is also critical strength require for managerial to technical leadership for the success of organization during new global economy dynamics. Most of the people talk about it as a cool factor but it has been challenging for many what it takes to think 'strategically'. Furthermore, how would a strategy life-cycle be measured, implemented and move in different phases producing expected results. In this article, we will be focusing on different elements of 'informed strategy thinking'. There is a difference between innovative strategy and informed strategy but both of them are vital for solving different problems. Good example of innovative strategy would be the way Apple had created an Eco-System of App Store and connected with iPod, iPhone and other devices for creating a new market segment. Another example of innovative strategy is from Nintendo while creating Nintendo Wii to open a new market segment of casual game players. Current Intel Strategy on creating scalable computing technology for the Data Center and PC market based on trends is a good example of informed strategy.

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Tags: AI, Design Thinking

A sustainable technology strategy?
September 17, 2017
A Technology Strategy has been a core for different successful organizations and have been a word which I would say been understood in different ways. I have been doing research from different literature such as HBR for understanding effective and successful strategy methods. The core intention for me is to learn and implement in my work for getting interesting results.

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Tags: IoT, Sustainability

What are the elements of IoT technologies?
March 26, 2016
I have been working on IoT technologies since 2008 and have seen tons of standards and technologies emerging in this fast growing industrial revolution 4.0. I was invited by IET Malaysia back in October last year to present about IoT technology. I thought how to make the essential elements to explain to diverse audience of IET/IEM and came out with these information. Primarily providing high level information about IoT and then drilling down to IEEE 802.15.4 technologies.

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Tags: IoT

Experience at Embedded World 2016
March 26, 2016
I got an opportunity to present and attend Embedded World 2016 in Germany when my presentation was accepted. The conference was very exciting as hundreds of companies brought forward their interesting technologies for embedded systems and IoT. There were companies covering all the aspects of embedded computing from silicon to platforms to connectivity modules to battery technologies. It was good to understand how the industrial trend is moving. I manage to see Sigfox, LoraWAN, IEEE 802.15.4 and other cool connectivity technologies

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Tags: Analytics, IoT



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Usman Sarwar