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firoz ahmed

Ahmedabad, India

I am a global leadership professional with 11+ years of experience ranging in 15 different countries(in USA,Europe,Asia) in the digital transformation ,cloud and analytics driven IOT ,Smartphone, wearable and communication technology based products and services . My business functional focus has been particularly on end-to-end Product and business development, Product and program management, Technology consultancy, commercialization, project execution , and product acceptance in cross functional & joint-working environments.

I have track record of evangelizing teams for changing technology ,organizational culture and business goals.

I enjoy being amicable people leader, have deep insight in Quantitative reasoning & multi source data interpretation and have special interest in data driven business insights.

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Measure it correctly
July 16, 2017
Most companies may find the solution to their performance related problems in their own backyard. Many studies show that in the business world, social and political skills have become the real key to getting ahead in organisations, skills that successful managers use to their advantage.

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Tags: IoT

Unified Product Life cycle Management System-How it affects you.
January 07, 2017
If you have worked in different software product development organisations and felt that in one delivery process is hard and laborious and in the other it is easy while the later maintaining better quality in the delivered product then here is a piece for you.

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Tags: IoT, Management

Labor rates by Labor cost
December 03, 2016
Many managers are influenced by dangerous myths about pay that lead to counterproductive decisions about how their companies compensate employees. One such myth is that labor rates, the rate per hour paid to workers, are identical with labor costs, the money spent on labor in relation to the productivity of the labor force. This myth leads to the assumption that a company can simply lower its labor costs by cutting wages.

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Tags: IoT, Management

reducing manpower in farms : reality behind
June 04, 2016
Firms traditionally claim that they downsize (i.e., make permanent personnel cuts) for economic reasons,laying off supposedly unnecessary staff in an attempt to become more efficient and competitive. Organization theory would explain this reasoning as an example of the “economic rationality” that it assumes underlies all organizational activities. There is evidence that firms believe they are behaving rationally whenever they downsize; yet recent research has shown that the actual economic effects of downsizing are often negative for firms. Thus, organization theory cannot adequately explain downsizing; non-economic factors must also be considered.

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Tags: Analytics, Management

Social,cultural and economic factors that define a Mobile product.
August 13, 2015

For 8 years ,I have been working with a mobile product development company.When I see media portraying Smartphone market as rats’ race of technology ,I feel how shallow their analysis of the so called “race” and of its “winner” is.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Marketing



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