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Sachin Kumar Sinha

Manager at Capgemini UK Plc

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom


I’m avid and experienced IT professional who enjoys software testing and always looking for an innovative & efficient way to test and automate the complex system in evolving world of Agile, Robotics, DevOps, Big Data, IoT, AI & Machine Learning.
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My 18+ years of experience in IT include working for Fortune 100 client. I have worked on multiple domains such as Banking, Insurance, Capital Market, Retail, E-Commerce, Big Data, Entertainment and Healthcare. I am providing Test Consulting in Process Automation and its overall Optimization for better RoI.
Currently, I am working as a Consultant with Capgemini UK and helping our customer through:
Agile Testing & Smart Automation
Guiding our client in Robotic Process Automation using the latest robotic tools
Developing Automated Test Solution for DevOps using "fit-for-purpose" tool stack
Implementing AI wherever feasible in Automation
Suggesting improvement areas during Retrospective
Suggesting tools for Continuous Integration and Deployment
Publishing Automation Guidelines and Best Practices
Training and Coaching the Team Members

Test Management
Designing Test Strategy and Master Plan
Managing Testing Budget and Resource
Managing Risk

Sales Support

Writing winning Testing Solution
Providing supporting data for industry and organization standard
Presenting the test solution to the prospective customer
Leading the transformation assignment

My Blog, Book and seminars help fellow community members gain testing knowledge and help their customer and organization.

Specialities: Software Testing, Program/Project Management, Machine Learning, Motivational Speaker & Writer

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1 Academic Whitepaper
Bromine 3 RC2- Open Source Test Management Tool for Automation Using Selenium
QA Silicon India
February 19, 2011
Bromine is an open source test management tool which helps one in managing the Automated Test Cases/Script generated using Selenium. Selenium is an open source automation tool which helps in automating any web application. There are many advantages of Bromine. Few of them are managing the traceability between requirement and test cases are done through tool; all your
automated test cases are managed at a single location. One can execute these test cases on different OS/Browser combination using Bromine. This is the one of the best automation test management tool in open source arena. This white paper highlights the installation, feature and usage of this tool. One can easily learn the usage of Bromine by going through this white paper. This white paper also highlights some of the best practices while using Bromine with Selenium.

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Tags: Open Innovation

5 Article/Blogs
What will be the future of #Software #Development and #Testing?
February 12, 2019
In this article, I would like to share my thoughts on a new way of developing and testing software. Before I go into the detail of my thoughts, let see old and current model of developing and testing software.

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Tags: AI, Agile

Idea 13 - How to ensure #safety of our #children when they are online?
January 28, 2019
I wish my reader and followers, a very Happy and Healthy New Year 2019. I am happy to share my idea number thirteen. This idea is related to safety of kids, when they go online. Today, most of the children are using smart phones, laptops, tablet and other devices and like other parents I am also concerned regarding their online safety. Hence, I started thinking and researching on this idea.

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Tags: AI, Health and Safety

Reflection 2018 - #Social, #Mental, #Physical and #Spiritual
December 30, 2018
In this last post, I would like to share my experience of 2018. At the start of 2018, I had set goals and in this post I would like to reflect upon those goals. My goals were set on four areas - social, mental, physical and spiritual level.

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Tags: AI, IoT, Social

Idea 12 – MEDROID – Improving #health by minimizing #medicines side effects
December 28, 2018
I want to end 2018 with MEDROID - an idea which will prevent us from the side effects of medicine and increase our life expectancy. MEDROID will inform you about the side effect of your prescribed medicine. It will also help you, in reducing the side effects of those medicine. It will help you in asking valid questions to your doctor with respect to the medication.

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Tags: AI, Healthtech

Idea 11- What is the #rating of my #policestation (RateYourPoliceStation)
December 11, 2018
The idea to rate your cop came to my mind while I was researching on my previous idea number 10 (How you can prevent yourself from Crime). I came up with a very old article which describe the things which you must know before meeting a cop or dealing with a designated cop. I further researched to find Cop Rating System. This is what I found during my research:

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Tags: AI, IoT, Health and Safety

1 Speaking Engagement
Automation Using Open Source Tool Selenium
QA Silicon India
April 20, 2011
Selenium is one of the very powerful open source automation tool for doing web site automation. In this series I will talk mainly about:
• Selenium Overview
• Installation of Selenium IDE
• Selenium IDE Features - File Menu

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Tags: Open Innovation



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