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Matyas Zaborszky

CEO, Chief Advisor at 6SLambo

Miami, Florida, United States

Matyas Zaborszky, Author of the 6 Proven Steps to Attract ICO Investors (, ICO / STO Marketing & PR Strategic adviser, ICO Global Communication, STO Global Communication, mentor, investor, entrepreneur, university lecturer.
Has been reading self-developing materials and business-related books since the age of 16. Dedicated to self-improvement and creating value. Through his own experiences he interprets human mechanisms and way of thinking, which is the central scope of his interests and activities.
He was engaged in some work already during his studies to build his business ambitions. Besides Hungary he has been working in the USA. Has worked for an investment bank in the US, has been part of a successful startup in San Francisco, where his shares have been purchased. In terms of setting up a business he aims at creating an innovative business structure which is simple, automated, and the attitude of its workers fits the customer’s needs. Thereby aiming the maximum profit and creating value. He implements his own ideas to which he gets his inspiration throughout the world.
Has his own academic compendium in the field of holistic entrepreneurship.
He deeply involved into different ICO / STO Marketing & PR Campaings as a strategic adviser.
The scope of his work is creating and publishing inspirational study materials.
Has been engaged in writing meditations and positive affirmations since 2007. The latest edition of Money magnet meditation and the Abundance meditation came out in 2015 in English and Hungarian. He has acquired the necessary knowledge to this topic from Dr. László Domján, founder of Silva Mind control technique in Hungary.

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5 Article/Blogs
The algorithm of life
September 18, 2018
Who wrote the algorithm that wrote the algorithm that wrote the algorithm? It's a puzzle which is now very real because the algorithms which make the rules by which we live are often no longer under human control. As AI becomes ever more powerful it becomes more autonomous, and we now hand over responsibility for huge areas of our lives to automatically generated lines of code.

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Tags: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

Something fishy
September 11, 2018
There has been a market here on this site in Billingsgate, London, since the 14th century. And in the time of Queen Victoria it was the largest market in the world for fish. Yes, fish!

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Tags: Blockchain, FinTech, Marketing

Games without frontiers
September 04, 2018
It seems a little ironic that the decentralized crypto world we work in has to be rooted to geographic territories – some that prohibit and bar cryptocurrencies, others that positively encourage them. The world map of crypto use ranges from absolute bans, through ‘not sure’ legislation, to countries who are actively trying to leverage being crypto-friendly. These include some of the smaller European nations, such as Cyprus, Malta and – particularly – Switzerland. That the Swiss have long punched above their weight when it comes to financial transactions is well known, but now they’re carving out the crypto niche too.

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Tags: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

The great bitcoin robbery
August 28, 2018
The Hungarian inventor, László József Bíró, gave his name to the ballpoint pen he invented, which became so common across the world that even today it is known in many countries as a ‘biro’ rather than as a pen. The same is true of the vacuum cleaner called a ‘hoover’, and were you aware that Jacuzzi is also a brand name, rather than a generic product?

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Tags: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

Taking steps
August 21, 2018
My team and I have been involved in some large ICOs in recent months, as well as other forms of tokenized offerings, and I feel it’s worth mentioning that however big and complex these are, the basics must not be forgotten. There are some incredibly talented people creating new enterprises and tokenized offerings, many of which are well thought through. And you know what? – There are also many people who believe that they can get by, ‘On a wing and a prayer.’ In other words they are so excited by their product or service that they imagine everyone else will immediately ‘get it’, especially the bigtime investors they’re hoping to attract. Well here’s the news folks: however fantastic and exciting the big story is, it still has to be backed by solid groundwork.

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Tags: Cryptocurrency, FinTech, Marketing

1 Book
6 Proven Steps to Attract ICO investors
AZ Organization LLC
March 01, 2018
It's the #1 step-by-step manual, the proven strategy and guide to creating a successful ICO/STO marketing and PR campaign that will result in a multimillion token sale

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Tags: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Marketing

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