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David Deacon

London, United Kingdom

As a Talent Management and Human Resource leader and executive I aim to contribute to the long-term health of the Companies I have served, through the practical and innovative application of professional Talent Management and HR leadership skills and by developing cultures, people and potential. I have had the good fortune throughout my career to lead some great Talent professionals and HR teams towards high achievement, creating the conditions and momentum for others to grow and achieve. Never settling for "received wisdom" I seek to be a thinker of new thoughts, a clear communicator, a thought-leader in my field, and a catalyst for development and change.

For over 30 years I have been a leader of talent management, talent development and human resources business partner teams. I have worked in global roles for many years and have lived in the UK, the US (New York) and Asia (Hong Kong). For the past 17 years I have focused on establishing and leading talent management and learning and development functions and interventions with an emphasis on developing senior leaders and managers, and on developing human capital management processes that have an impact across complex global organisations; sector experience has included finance, technology and outsourcing. Prior to this I have had multiple roles as an HR business partner, training manager, graduate recruiter and personnel manager in the banking, accounting, and natural gas industries.

Specialties: human capital management; talent management; executive development; leadership development; executive coaching; manager development; talent management; Human Resource management; engagement; leading global teams; leading talent functions; career development

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The Self Determined Manager, A Manifesto for Exceptional People Managers
Motivational Press Inc
January 29, 2019
The Self Determined Manager is a book for every manager, regardless of your level and experience. It invites you to be the best manager you can be, and stands as a manifesto for how management should be done across the world.

Managing well is tough to do and the best managers don’t simply rely on tools and processes. Instead, they are focused on creating an environment for their teams, one which encourages and allows great work to be done. The greatest managers create teams where there is regular and consistent outperformance and where people achieve more than they realized they could.

It’s a complicated job, much more difficult than people think, and every manager needs some guidance and direction. This book will help you to understand the approach you must take, the attitude you need to adopt, the things you must do to really positively impact the people who work for you. The Self Determined Manager will help you become a better, more effective manager; the manager the people who work for you want you and need you to be.

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David Deacon