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Norman Katz

President at Katzscan Inc.

Florida, United States

• Senior Business and technology leader with a history of architecting and delivering best-in-class enterprise solutions for global companies that transform and strengthen the full spectrum of financial and supply chain operations.
• Directly accelerated P&L performance via technical and process innovation. Collaborated with C-level leaders to introduce and adopt new ways of working, generating millions of dollars in top-line revenue performance.
• Widely recognized in both technical and business circles for a proven ability to bridge complex business requirements with seamless, accessible solutions. Frequent presenter at global conferences on best practices and emerging trends.
• National (US) and International speaker with over 50 dynamic and insightful presentations.
• Worldwide published book author (two books). Internationally published in journals, magazines, newspapers, trade publications.

Available For: Authoring, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Company Type: Company
Business Unit: Enterprise software, business operations, supply chain consulting.
Theatre: North America
Media Experience: 20+ years

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Analytics 81.85
Customer Experience
ERP 100
Management 36.18
Supply Chain 56.55
Retail 32.33
Business Strategy 32.38
AI 30.13
Procurement 30.27
Risk Management 32.10
Entrepreneurship 33.61

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1 Article/Blog
Brick-and-mortar retailers not looking at supply chain vendor compliance compliance as a cause of their woes.
Norman Katz
May 28, 2017

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Tags: Business Strategy, Retail, Supply Chain

2 Books
Successful Supply Chain Vendor Compliance
December 01, 2013
The first book on record on the topic of supply chain vendor compliance. This book is a model to help both customer/buyer companies understand the positive characteristics of a good vendor compliance program that reduces costs by eliminating disruptive behaviors that are barriers to implementation and create confusion and chaos to the vendor community. The book also highlights for suppliers/sellers the competitive benefits of being non-disruptive vendors and how they can be better at being good supply chain partners.

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Tags: Analytics, ERP, Supply Chain

Detecting and Reducing Supply Chain Fraud
August 01, 2012
The first book on record on how supply chain systems - ERP, EDI, Automatic Identification - and the transactions that they generate can be leveraged to proactively and analytically detect and reduce fraud in supply chain operations.

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Tags: Analytics, ERP, Supply Chain

1 Founder
Katzscan Inc.
January 01, 1996
Katzscan Inc. - Founded January 1996 - After 11 years of corporate careers I took the big step of self-employment. Staying true to my core technical specialties of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Automatic Identification (e.g. barcode applications), and data analysis, I have merged my knowledge of supply chain software with a keen understanding of internal and external end-to-end business operations to ensure that software is used as a tool to get a business task done well. From executive strategy to tactical details, I maneuver through all perspectives. I am a customer and vendor relationship champion. I believe that in a commoditized world, excellence in business execution is the competitive edge.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Management

1 Journal Publication
How Abusive Vendor Compliance Programmes Are Affecting Retail Store Success
Henry Stewart Publications
October 31, 2018
A statistics-supported write-up of how draconian vendor compliance programs are hurting retail (online and brick-and-mortar) success, and how this is a missed opportunity for executives to focus on.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Retail, Supply Chain

1 Media Interview
Abusive Compliance Practices Hurt Retailers And Their Vendors
June 18, 2019
Forbes contributor Kate Vitasek interviews me and summarizes my Henry Stewart journal article for her June 18, 2019 editorial.

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Tags: Retail, Risk Management, Supply Chain

1 Panel
Utilizing the Power of A.I. for Better Risk Management
Zycus / Jon Hansen
September 03, 2019
My article appears in an e-book titled "Procurement Pundits Predict an AI Powered Future for Procure-To-Pay" sponsored by Zycus and put together by Jon Hansen.

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Tags: AI, Procurement, Supply Chain



1 Business
Successful Supply Chain Vendor Compliance (retail is a specialty)

Location: North America and beyond, on-s    Date Available: January 01st, 2019    Fees: fees to be discussed based on

Submission Date: January 21st, 2019    Service Type: Service Offered

Foremost authority on the strategies and tactics for the implementation of a successful vendor compliance initiative. From the technical issues surrounding Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), barcode labeling for items, cartons, and pallets, and integration into Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, to the large strategies of business operations planning, human resources, supply chain management, inventory, manufacturing and distribution, data analysis, and more, I cover the entire spectrum of perspectives whether the organization is a customer/buyer or a supplier/seller in my goal to help the company be a success.

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