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Anna Sabryan

Yerevan, Armenia

Social Media Optimization – improving and implementing social media strategy, managing presence in top social media platforms, bookmarking and directory sites, creating and curating content, growing opt-in audience, searching out what people are saying about the company/brand across the Internet. Brand building, engaging with key industry players, prospects, customers and partners, addressing customer concerns, replying to what people are saying while keeping up with the brand voice and maintaining a positive brand reputation.

Competitive Intelligence Analysis - conducting ongoing competitive assessments, overseeing ongoing analysis of competitive environment, tracking competitive marketing activities.

Web Analytics - delivering actionable insights through Google Analytics. Responsible for monthly/quarterly web analytics and other reporting activities using GA, configuration of metrics reports and dashboards and development of custom analysis. Using analytics and a critical/creative eye, I coordinate regular improvements to our web sites to enhance usability, drive conversions and better communicate our brand message.

Content Writing - I mostly write about customer service and social media. I blog at

I also participate in online forums, conduct relationship building efforts with industry experts, coordinate updates to product documentation and many other aspects of marketing as and when required.

Being a keen team player I have excellent people and relationship building skills and am always eager to develop my skills further.

Let's connect on Twitter: @AnnaSabryan

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5 Article/Blogs
CRM Evolution 2016 Highlights
June 20, 2016
The Oracle Service Cloud team just got back from one of the leading customer centric events of the year, CRM Evolution 2016. It was exciting to hear first hand from the impressive lineup of speakers and global industry experts including Paul Greenberg, The 56 Group, Esteban Kolsky, ThinkJar, Brian Solis, Altimeter Group, and Denis Pombriant, Beagle Research. Also glean insights from leading Forrester analysts Kate Leggett and Ian Jacobs, on delivering stellar customer service across rapidly evolving touch points.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, CRM, Marketing

All You Need to Know about Customer Loyalty
February 24, 2016
Customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, customer relationship - expressions that became very popular and valuable in every sphere. Are they really so important?

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Tags: Customer Experience, Marketing, Customer Loyalty

Let's Change Customer Service This Year!
February 01, 2016
Well, I made up my mind to put some efforts in changing today’s bad customer service and will exchange all personal bad experience with my readers this year (anyway hoping not to have many). We all are experiencing unsatisfactory customer service interactions here and there, but in most cases we keep our emotions to ourselves, thinking that nobody cares, or that it’s pointless to complain. In this way we let it slide without any punishment, make a mental note to avoid the company in the future, and that’s it.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Marketing

Recognizing Airlines Poor Customer Service
January 26, 2016
If the customer service is the new marketing, this means many airlines lack marketing at all. I thought that I’m the only complainer in my surrounding, but after reflecting my “mood” on social channels, I did understand that it’s a global problem and should be solved somehow.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Marketing

Customer Loyalty Again?
May 18, 2015
The popular topic of the century! Firstly, we gain customers and then try to make them happy as it’s the only way to boast having loyal customers. Loyalty in itself is much more than having best customers, it’s like having success in ones hands. Loyal customers will defeat your competitors in such a way that a company cannot. They will never let the product down.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Marketing, Customer Loyalty

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