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Bob Ehlinger

Philadelphia, United States

A strategic and highly resourceful senior information technology executive with multi-industry experience, specializing in strategic planning, ERP implementation, SaaS/Cloud architecture, licensing and procurement, and computer system validation. Works across both global and national enterprises to include manufacturing, life sciences, and professional services sectors. Excels at leveraging technology and process innovation to create value and mitigate risks while improving services and end user satisfaction. Fosters team development and learning to create a culture of inclusion and engagement. Proven success in partnering within business functions to drive improved functional workflows with high-performing team collaboration while reducing costs, errors, and cycle times.

• M&A Integration
• Strategic Outsourcing
• Team Mentorship
• Governance and Compliance
• RPA, AI, and ML Solutions
• Process Improvement

Recent Key Accomplishments:
? Implemented an automated invoice processing solution leveraging AI and ML and allowing for streamlined receiving, processing, and posting of invoices while increasing the AP’s team productivity
? Initiated robotic process automation solution for verifying costs associated with product returns, providing first-year savings of approximately $4M
? Transitioned from legacy serialization platform to fully integrated solution simplifying application landscape and ensuring DSCSA compliance while significantly reducing transaction response time for warehouse team
? Spearheaded all technical integration activities associated with two acquisitions; transitioned acquired organizations to single application and infrastructure architecture and SAP platform

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1 Media Interview
Leading with Grace and Humility
May 04, 2022
As tech leaders focus on digital transformation, they must realize that it involves more than just technology. It involves engaging with both the tech and business stakeholders to develop synergy to ensure a smooth transformation. Tech leaders will agree that it’s not the easiest thing to accomplish because it requires building relationships. As David Torgerson states in the article, Digital transformation: 3 IT culture traps that can hold you back, it also requires having tough and open conversations about business issues and how IT can solve them. In this latest installment of my article series titled, “How Smart Leaders Lead their Organizations During Uncertain Times,” find out how Bob Ehlinger, former CIO at Lannett Company, Inc., a leading manufacturer of over 100 unique pharmaceutical product families that save and enhance people’s lives, engages with his team and business stakeholders to develop synergy, achieve the digital transformation goals, and deliver value to the end user and to the organization.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Leadership



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Bob Ehlinger