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Isabella Allan

Director at Dr Isabella Allan Pty Ltd

Sydney, Australia

I am passionate about helping smart people inspire others to action because smart people want to

~ help others perform at their best
~ see teams work in a motivated & collaborative setting
~ improve stakeholder engagement and build trust
~ support their board & executive peers make faster decisions, that are the right decisions
~ stay ahead of the curve & learn the current, yet tested techniques, that help them achieve change

I help

~ Business/Government leaders leverage their thinking & decision making to motivate individuals, teams & the community to action.
~ NFP's make faster decisions, that are the right decisions, for their members & clients.
~ Entrepreneurs who want to connect with & build community.

Available For: Authoring, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Sydney, Australia
Speaking Topics: Global Female Leadership, Harnessing Collective Decision-Making, Influencing

Isabella Allan Points
Academic 0
Author 60
Influencer 30
Speaker 0
Entrepreneur 0
Total 90

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Company Information

Company Type: Individual
Theatre: North America, Asia Pacific, Europe
Media Experience: 10 years

Areas of Expertise

Business Strategy
Change Management 32.34
Climate Change
Digital Disruption
Diversity and Inclusion 40.22
Future of Work
Leadership 31.86

Industry Experience

Agriculture & Mining
Engineering & Construction
Federal & Public Sector
Financial Services & Banking
Higher Education & Research
Professional Services
Travel & Transportation


1 Book
Turn Talk into Action
Russell Press
January 19, 2022
Turn Talk Into Action is a deep dive into designing meetings that engage all participants in the discussion and the outcomes.
Hybrid working is now inevitable for most organisations, so we must make every meeting count. Team cohesion and belonging are essential layers of organisational culture, and that means the days of leading meetings in the same format, with the same people speaking, are gone. The future of work will rely on leaders who can create a culture of voice, not silence.
Turn Talk Into Action is packed with practical pointers and tactical scenarios to help you shift talk into action. It is a step-by-step guide to transforming your approach to meetings, whether in-person or virtually.

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Tags: Change Management, Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership



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Isabella Allan