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Sally Eaves

London | Oxford | New York, United Kingdom


Recognised as a thought leader in emergent technology (Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, VR/AR), intrapreneurship, online media and navigating digital disruption and by working with authenticity, purpose and drive, I deliver sustainable business success, educational development and social impact outcomes.

I hold a number of directorships, undertake bespoke consultancy projects and engage in innovative research and educational activity. I am also an international events speaker, an established author and have cultivated a highly engaged and cross-sector network both in person and across all leading social media channels.

Specialties: Business Consulting, Technology Consulting, FinTech, Online Media Strategy, Individual, Team and Executive Coaching and Mentoring, Leadership Development, Intrapreneurship, Attitude, Behaviour and Cultural Change, Employee Engagement, Business, Technology and Education Research

Key Skills & Qualifications: MSc IT & Management, FHEA, PGCert HE, MIET, PRINCE2, ITIL

I believe strongly in the value of building mutually supporting professional relationships and a genuine business community, connecting people to one another to help make a difference. I live the ethos of paying it forward and additionally am committed to leading and promoting initiatives working with underrepresented groups to enhance employability, access to education and IT careers in order to build empowerment, create new life chances and foster a legacy of technology for good.

I would love the opportunity to start a conversation with you or your company to introduce myself personally and my wider trusted team who share these values, and to explore the possibilities of helping you to achieve your goals and optimise performance.

Email | Call +44 07973492361 | Follow @sallyeaves

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RPA 30.27
Leadership 30.03
Startups 30.17
Edtech 30.17
Privacy 30.15

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25 Article/Blogs
Building Back Stronger – Security as the Foundation for the UK’s Digital Transformation
June 03, 2021
We have been experiencing ‘a perfect storm’ when it comes to accelerated change and accelerated cybersecurity risks. In the opening plenary to CYBERUK 2021, the National Cyber Security Centre’s flagship annual event, John Lambert, General Manager at the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Centre commented that ‘resilience is created by being tested, and this last year it was tested!’ – a reflection and experience I think we can all relate to. This set the stage for a deep dive webinar session on how Cyber Security is the foundation for the UK’s Digital Transformation.

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Tags: AI, Cybersecurity, Privacy

The Era of the Data Paradox and Ascending the Apex of Change
May 26, 2021
We are living in the age of the Data Paradox - and an Intention or Assumption and Reality Gap. In 2020, simulation research found that the natural assumption that increases in data would make it more likely that data mining would discover valuable new and previously unknown relationships was flawed – in reality, the patterns and associations identified were found to be more spurious. Briefly, this came down to a lack of human-machine partnership, with more people involvement necessitated within AI/ML model specifications to enhance results, and move beyond data volume, to actionable data insights at scale (Smith 2020).

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Tags: Analytics, Big Data, Digital Transformation, Future of Work

Driving Trust, Agility and Security With Glen Robinson, National Technology Officer at Microsoft UK
May 13, 2021
As an ‘adventurer and explorer, in both the physical and digital worlds’, Glen Robinson is perhaps uniquely prepared to navigate the acceleration in hybrid working, learning and living that we have all experienced over the last year. And as National Technology Officer (NTO) at Microsoft UK, he is also uniquely placed at the intersection of technology, policy, impact, education and regulation to make a difference. Helping navigate the challenges, and enabling the opportunities hybridity brings, so that customers, partners and community alike can all achieve more. With so many takeaways from our recent discussion, here are some of my highlights, providing insights into the many different aspects impacting security, the tangible steps you can take today, and both the technology and education support available and accessible - from SME right through to Enterprise.

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Tags: Cloud, Cybersecurity

Powering an Inclusive Future for All
May 07, 2021
When we feel we belong then we are living, working and socializing in an empowered space where views, beliefs and values are integrated and consequently, personal growth and collective innovation thrives. To advance inclusion in 2021 and beyond, I believe focusing on belonging must now take center stage which can only be achieved by enabling inclusion to its fullest spectrum. This recognises that diversity comes in many forms, across gender, age, ethnicity and disability right through to place, finances, social mobility and skills – truly a diversity of experience. Inclusion for all must therefore both enable both a democratization of opportunities to access, and a democratization of opportunities to develop too.

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Tags: Innovation, Edtech, Future of Work, Diversity and Inclusion

Pioneering Startup, to Pioneering Leadership in Enterprise Cloud & HCI: Meet Nutanix
March 17, 2021
From Datacentre to DevOps to Desktop, our technology needs have changed and organisations today are increasingly seeking ways to achieve new economic and business value advantages enabled by IT. This can range from increased efficiency and cost savings, to the enhanced automation and real-time AI enabled insights to identify new innovation and accelerated time-to-market opportunities. Today, Nutanix stands as a pioneering leader in the enterprise cloud software and hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) space that addresses these very needs - bringing together compute, storage, networking and virtualisation, in one invisible stack. HCI enables lower TCO, increased performance, and greater productivity within IT teams. But what was the journey to get here and what were the key milestones along the way? Who are the people and the underpinning culture behind the technology? And what areas of differentiation are helping Nutanix stand out to become ‘the techie platform of choice’?

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Tags: Cloud, Digital Transformation, Startups

Scaling New Heights! How To Get Leadership Talking About Cloud
March 04, 2021
IT and Business strategic alignment has always been critical. But I believe never more so with the acceleration in digital transformation actualised in the last 12 months, meeting needs for remote/hybrid work capabilities, secure connectivity and advanced analytics to unlock real time and actionable insights from data. But achieving this alignment has also always been a challenging area, underpinned by recent research by IDG establishing that CIOs and CEOs are not ‘talking to each other enough’ about IT, and specifically about cloud. What are the key issues, and why does this matter so much?

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Tags: Cloud, Emerging Technology, Leadership

How to ‘Conquer Every Cloud’ The 4 C’s of Cost, Cyber, Cloud, Compliance + Culture
February 25, 2021
The alignment of people, technology, processes, culture and skills are core catalysts for agile and scalable digital transformation that lasts - and the recent ‘Conquer Every Cloud’ virtual conference by Veritas Technologies afforded exactly that critical combination in focus. This was a conference designed to support businesses in overcoming challenges, notably managing and protecting data in the cloud, and optimising the opportunities, especially as we transition beyond the pandemic. As I recently discussed on a panel exploring the future of digital events, it was fantastic to see such strong attention to detail in the curation of the day – right across design, content and audience engagement. And all sessions are now available On-Demand Until March 31st. Some highlights below!

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Tags: Big Data, Cloud, Digital Transformation, Innovation

Driving Innovation and Digital Transformation The Key Imperatives For Change
January 28, 2021
At a time of accelerating change impacting across all sectors, how can we better develop the capacity to meet these needs with speed, resilience and confidence too? This was the focus of our recent session ‘Key imperatives to help drive innovation and digital transformation’ at the Cloud and AI Forum bringing together expertise from across IBM and RedHat, now available on demand.

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Tags: Big Data, Cloud, Digital Transformation, Innovation

Empowering Digital Transformation from SME to Enterprise - From Data Storage to Data Driven
January 14, 2021
We create over 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data every single day - set to reach some 175 zettabytes a year by 2025, according to IDC. Indeed, the total amount of data in the world is doubling every 1-2 years and organisations must store it for longer to meet business, regulatory and compliance requirements, which often vary by geographical location. Additionally, not all data is made equal and so demands will vary regards from data sensitivity and protection, opportunity for reuse and speed of accessibility too.

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Tags: Big Data, Cloud, Digital Transformation

Innovation Actualised for Business and Society: SAP Innovation Awards 2021
January 12, 2021
Inspirational innovation successes delivering sustainable impact and solving challenges across business and society - as we enter the final weeks for submissions to the SAP Innovation Awards 2021, the time really is now to make your entries before the deadline of February 1st! The categories for 2021 are Social Catalyst, Industry Leader, Partner Paragon, Business Innovator, Transformation Champion, Cloud Genius and Adoption Superhero – aiming to recognise and celebrate future-thinking companies and individuals that are actively harnessing the capabilities of SAP product solutions and advanced technologies to drive innovation creating positive economic, environmental, and social impact at scale.

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Tags: Cloud, Innovation, Sustainability

A Zettabyte World: The Data-Education Partnership Opportunity
January 05, 2021
Our digital world is encapsulated by the three V’s of Data – Volume, Veracity, Velocity and in the context of a 4th V – Volatility. It is now entering a new phase where humans and machines will generate, at minimum, 175 Zettabytes of data over the next five years alone. Putting this into context, if you were to store 175 zettabytes onto DVDs, the stack would be long enough to circle the Earth 222 times (IDC 2018). This rate of acceleration will only increase with 5G becoming mainstream and the number of IoT devices set to double by 2025. While the impact is cross sectoral, as described in the new Dell Technologies “The Zettabyte World” eBook. this piece is focused on education.

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Tags: AI, Big Data, Future of Work

A New Technology Diplomacy: Our Imperative for Global Progress From 5G and Security, to Tech as a Force for Good
December 29, 2020
I believe the time for advocating and accelerating a global Tech Diplomacy is now, especially as we pause to reflect, reframe and reimagine the future into 2021. The advance and increasing intersection of emerging technologies affords significant promise for the global good, with the pandemic bringing tech to the fore as the vital conduit that goes beyond connectivity, to the very nature of connection itself. In addition, we see the critical enabling role of technology for digital transformation for business and society across a range of sectors, from early disease detection and treatment development, to negating climate change impacts and addressing digital equity gaps by democratizing accessibility. Collaborative action has proved key, a case in point being the development of the High Performance Computing (HPC) Consortium bringing together academia/research and tech vendors in a spirit of collaboration not competition to combat a common goal, in this example the fight against COVID-19.

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Tags: Cloud, Future of Work, Climate Change, 5G

The Machine Learning Imperative: Empowering Business to Innovate Faster - Giving Builders the Freedom to (Re)Invent
December 22, 2020
Machine Learning took centre stage at AWS reInvent from being a key focus in the opening keynote by CEO Andy Jassy, to the entire focus of the inaugural ML keynote by Swami Sivasubramanian, VP of Amazon Machine Learning – very fitting given AWS being such an early adopter of ML at the core of their business. In combination, this resulted in an inspiring plethora of transformational announcements covering Instances; Data, Search and Analytics; Amazon SageMaker; Development and Application Performance; Devices; Amazon Connect; Industrial/Manufacturing/Commercial; Conversation and Text. These aim to benefit all user types and with tools tailorable to different environments - from novices to field experts, from SMBs to large scale enterprises, and across a diversity of industry sectors.

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Tags: AI, Big Data, Cloud, Digital Transformation

The IoT Security Challenge: A Digital Assurance Imperative
December 21, 2020
We are racing to digitalize everything. Seeking to take advantage of the combination of big data insights, improved connectivity and emergent technology integration, from improving business efficiencies, performance and resiliency, to enabling education and training, as catalysed by the hybridisation impact of COVID-19. As a result, we are living in an increasingly interconnected, always on, always sensing and intelligent world and this pace, scale and hybridity of innovation and digital transformation is only set to accelerate. It is estimated that by 2025 the number of IoT connections will more than double to some 75 Billion connected devices creating significant new value. As an example the revenue in the IoT value chain generated from cellular and LPWA connections is estimated to reach some $211 billion by 2028, primarily from applications and hardware (Analysys Mason). And in respect to IIoT, this is estimated to reach over $922 Billion by 2025.

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Tags: Cloud, Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation, IoT

Power Partnerships and Tech For Good IBM Power Systems & SAP HANA
December 17, 2020
In this year probably more than any other, the power of partnership has come to the fore, proving to be a core catalyst for accelerating innovation, and at scale. And as the year draws to close, and with the power of words able to affect our reality, perhaps now is the time to reframe the narrative of the pandemic towards one of a contagion of positive change. One with integrative emergent technology, collaborative ecosystems and trusted partnership at its heart. A very tangible example of this is the long established relationship between IBM Power Systems and SAP HANA creating shared value for business and wider society too. Let’s explore some examples of this positive power partnership in action!

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Tags: Big Data, Cloud, Digital Transformation, Sustainability

Technology as Empowerment 5G for Good
December 16, 2020
Why is it that innovation always seems more possible during a crisis? Reflecting on 2020 and all that has been achieved, technology as empowerment has deservedly become centre stage. Indeed, this is a global imperative embedded in the must-have achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030. From the NHS in the UK building a 4,000-bed hospital in just 4 days, to the global HPC Consortium advancing vaccine development by years through AI/ML technology and researcher collaboration - the acceleration of innovation has seen digital transformation programs exceed all expectations.

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Tags: Big Data, Innovation, 5G, Ecosystems

Data As Insight - Powered by Hybrid Multi Cloud Storage
December 14, 2020
Data as insight - with its value leveraged to accomplish business, technology and broader societal objectives - this is the vision of the data driven enterprise fit for purpose for Industry 4.0. Data is the ‘currency’ of our time with the rate and impact of change creating an array of opportunities to enable nuanced informed decision-making, improved cost management, enhanced employee and customer engagement/experiences and strategic competitive edge. But it raises challenges and vulnerabilities too, especially in respect to security, privacy, integration and compliance – and underpinning this, having the requisite skills, agility, trust and architecture. Managing the ‘data deluge’ is critical too with data volumes, velocity, veracity and volatility only set to increase - and so the agility with which organizations can organize, maximize and apply their data is becoming an imperative for sustainable success.

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Tags: AI, Big Data, Cloud, Future of Work

SAP Innovation Awards 2021 Inspirational Stories of Success
December 11, 2020
In a global environment of rapid change and uncertainty, inspiring change and developing innovation capacity in organizations has probably never mattered more - and from SME’s to large enterprises alike. This can be the critical catalyst to retain or build sustainable competitive advantage for business, and a driving factor for social impact change. Sharing inspirational stories across incremental and rapid innovation, from process and products, to people and storytelling is increasingly important.

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Tags: Big Data, Digital Transformation, Innovation

Shaping the Future of IT: AI and AIOps
December 10, 2020
AI and AIOps are transforming the future of work and IT Operations respectively and this pace is only set to accelerate given the pace of digital transformation and the catalyst of COVID-19. So it was a pleasure to take a part in a recent panel hosted by IBM UK and BEE Executive Events on this critical subject area, with this session available now on demand. Here are my takeaways and reflections on shaping the future of IT, covering the adoption of AIOps, AI and automation fears; reducing downtime and improving productivity, collaboration and experience; and achieving workforce balancing across technology, culture and skills. How can companies more easily plan, adopt, and ultimately deploy AIOps more efficiently and what are the primary benefits this will bring? Hint – this is people and tech in partnership.

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Tags: AI, Big Data, Cloud, RPA

Democratizing Access to Connectivity and Digital Literacy: Enabling Every Young Person with Information, Skills, Opportunity and Choice
November 19, 2020
In this year of reflection, reset and reimagination, November 20th 2020 is World Children’s Day celebrating the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. This year is especially poignant marking its 30th anniversary, and the 10 year milestone for achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for which education is vital – enabling upward socioeconomic mobility and the conduit to freedom from poverty.

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Tags: AI, Sustainability, 5G

Sally Eaves: Forecasting a decade where smart tech becomes the norm
January 08, 2020
Ahead of CIT’s Beyond IoT event later this month, Sally Eaves looks to the changes incoming for our everyday lives.

In 1950, 746m people lived in cities, but just 100 years later in 2050, this is anticipated to surpass 6bn — some 66% of the world’s population.

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Tags: AI, Emerging Technology, Mobility

The Future of DevOps: Purpose and the Integration of People Process, Practices and Products
June 27, 2019
Despite a perennially evolving definition, ‘DevOps’ is all about integration. It brings together processes, people, practices and products to deliver new application value faster, more stably and with enhanced quality through a continuous delivery pipeline to better meet the dynamic needs of consumers. A DevOps approach aims to break down the potential for silo-ed development and operations activity – but offers far more than this to enable a tangible improvement on earlier methodologies such as waterfall, prototyping, spiral, rapid application, joint application and most recently agile. Fostering a culture of collaboration, tighter feedback loops and an ethos of constant refinement and discovery is an integral part of this end to end process, bringing people together to work towards a shared vision and goals, versioning, automation, measurement and improvement. According to the latest World Quality Report - 99% of respondents are now using DevOps practices in their organisation.

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Tags: AI, Blockchain, Digital Transformation

Industrial Companies are Ready for 5G, says Capgemini
June 06, 2019
5G has been one of the most ‘hyped’ technologies over the last 12 months – with continual media headlines covering everything from the advent of 5G phones and the need for speed, concerns around cybersecurity, and above all, whether it will deliver on ever rising expectations. 5G was undoubtedly the overarching theme from attending this year’s Mobile World Congress which I have written about previously.

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Tags: AI, AR/VR, Digital Transformation, 5G

From 5G, AI and Devices, to Trust and Digital Inclusion – MWC19 with Huawei
March 15, 2019
A fusion of technology, media and telecoms encapsulates Mobile World Congress Barcelona (MWC19) and this year, beyond typical headline attracting announcements around 5G, AI and device innovation, there were two interlinked themes integral across sessions – that of Digital Trust and Digital Inclusion.

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Tags: AI, Digital Transformation, Diversity and Inclusion, 5G

Shifting Gears – From AI to Machine Learning: Tech Takeaways Transforming the Tour De France and Beyond
August 15, 2017
Over three pulsating weeks from Düsseldorf to the Champs-Elysées, fans of the 104th edition of the Tour De France have been treated to an immersive, real-time and increasingly co-created viewing experience, powered by the Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Data Analytics. In terms of key numbers, this equates to 198 riders in 22 teams generating over 150 million geospatial and environmental data readings along the 3,540km (2,200 mile) route.

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Tags: Analytics, AI, IoT

1 Book
The Edge of Disruption
August 13, 2020
A wave of technological disruption is coming: The Edge of Disruption gives you the power to ride this wave. The book is filled with fascinating insights into critical innovations including blockchain, FinTech, the internet of things, sensors, the smart society, artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, augmented reality, driverless vehicles, drones and autonomous robotics. These are fully explained and illustrated through global case studies, hands-on exercises, charts and visuals, giving you everything you need to develop a practical, real-world understanding of technology to make yourself future proof.

Exclusive interviews give you insights from innovative companies including the Tour de France, Huawei, MIT, IBM Watson, Waymo, 9Spokes, Farillio and Humaniq. The Edge of Disruption asks provocative questions surrounding privacy, data ownership and security and the increasing convergence between human and machine. Look past the hype and the fear mongering to develop a true understanding of these technologies and work out how to stay ahead.

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Tags: Blockchain, Digital Transformation, IoT, Fintech

2 Founders
Project Shivom
November 01, 2017
Shivom is spearheading The Next Era of Genomics and powering the transition to value-based precision healthcare. Our focus is on the transformational convergence of OMICS technologies with blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cryptography to enable secure and personalised medicine with global scalability.

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Tags: AI, Blockchain, Emerging Technology, Healthtech

Sally Eaves Consultancy
May 01, 2016
Personalised consultancy specialising in optimising the opportunities of disruptive technologies and innovative approaches to change, to accelerate and sustain business growth.

An experienced CTO and international keynote speaker, author and researcher, Sally offers a depth and breadth of insight that powerfully bridge contemporary business practice, cutting-edge research and foresight strategy to help you get and stay ahead.

Number 11 Globally - The Most Influential People in #blockchain

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Tags: AI, Blockchain, Emerging Technology, Fintech



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