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Sally Eaves

London | Bristol | Birmingham, United Kingdom


Recognised as a thought leader in emergent technology (Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, VR/AR), intrapreneurship, online media and navigating digital disruption and by working with authenticity, purpose and drive, I deliver sustainable business success, educational development and social impact outcomes.

I hold a number of directorships, undertake bespoke consultancy projects and engage in innovative research and educational activity. I am also an international events speaker, an established author and have cultivated a highly engaged and cross-sector network both in person and across all leading social media channels.

Specialties: Business Consulting, Technology Consulting, FinTech, Online Media Strategy, Individual, Team and Executive Coaching and Mentoring, Leadership Development, Intrapreneurship, Attitude, Behaviour and Cultural Change, Employee Engagement, Business, Technology and Education Research

Key Skills & Qualifications: MSc IT & Management, FHEA, PGCert HE, MIET, PRINCE2, ITIL

I believe strongly in the value of building mutually supporting professional relationships and a genuine business community, connecting people to one another to help make a difference. I live the ethos of paying it forward and additionally am committed to leading and promoting initiatives working with underrepresented groups to enhance employability, access to education and IT careers in order to build empowerment, create new life chances and foster a legacy of technology for good.

I would love the opportunity to start a conversation with you or your company to introduce myself personally and my wider trusted team who share these values, and to explore the possibilities of helping you to achieve your goals and optimise performance.

Email | Call +44 07973492361 | Follow @sallyeaves

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AI 30.64
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Blockchain 30.26
Digital Transformation 30.27
AR/VR 30.22
Diversity and Inclusion 31.23
Emerging Technology 30.13
Mobility 30.13

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5 Article/Blogs
Sally Eaves: Forecasting a decade where smart tech becomes the norm
January 08, 2020
Ahead of CIT’s Beyond IoT event later this month, Sally Eaves looks to the changes incoming for our everyday lives.

In 1950, 746m people lived in cities, but just 100 years later in 2050, this is anticipated to surpass 6bn — some 66% of the world’s population.

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Tags: AI, Emerging Technology, Mobility

The Future of DevOps: Purpose and the Integration of People Process, Practices and Products
June 27, 2019
Despite a perennially evolving definition, ‘DevOps’ is all about integration. It brings together processes, people, practices and products to deliver new application value faster, more stably and with enhanced quality through a continuous delivery pipeline to better meet the dynamic needs of consumers. A DevOps approach aims to break down the potential for silo-ed development and operations activity – but offers far more than this to enable a tangible improvement on earlier methodologies such as waterfall, prototyping, spiral, rapid application, joint application and most recently agile. Fostering a culture of collaboration, tighter feedback loops and an ethos of constant refinement and discovery is an integral part of this end to end process, bringing people together to work towards a shared vision and goals, versioning, automation, measurement and improvement. According to the latest World Quality Report - 99% of respondents are now using DevOps practices in their organisation.

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Tags: AI, Blockchain, Digital Transformation

Industrial Companies are Ready for 5G, says Capgemini
June 06, 2019
5G has been one of the most ‘hyped’ technologies over the last 12 months – with continual media headlines covering everything from the advent of 5G phones and the need for speed, concerns around cybersecurity, and above all, whether it will deliver on ever rising expectations. 5G was undoubtedly the overarching theme from attending this year’s Mobile World Congress which I have written about previously.

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Tags: AI, AR/VR, Digital Transformation

From 5G, AI and Devices, to Trust and Digital Inclusion – MWC19 with Huawei
March 15, 2019
A fusion of technology, media and telecoms encapsulates Mobile World Congress Barcelona (MWC19) and this year, beyond typical headline attracting announcements around 5G, AI and device innovation, there were two interlinked themes integral across sessions – that of Digital Trust and Digital Inclusion.

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Tags: AI, Digital Transformation, Diversity and Inclusion

Shifting Gears – From AI to Machine Learning: Tech Takeaways Transforming the Tour De France and Beyond
August 15, 2017
Over three pulsating weeks from Düsseldorf to the Champs-Elysées, fans of the 104th edition of the Tour De France have been treated to an immersive, real-time and increasingly co-created viewing experience, powered by the Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Data Analytics. In terms of key numbers, this equates to 198 riders in 22 teams generating over 150 million geospatial and environmental data readings along the 3,540km (2,200 mile) route.

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Tags: Analytics, AI, IoT



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