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Hyderabad, India

• Teaching Chemistry for the Students of 10+2 level, been a coach for IIT JEE & Premedical aspirants offline for the past 20 years and guided them to achieve their goals apart from serving Government job . A person suffering from chronic epilepsy, IDDM (Diabetes), Hypertension, Retinopathy & Osteoarthritis administering 4 injections & 7 medications per day for 2 decades. Bore the brunt by my sheer will power, determination that enabled me to overcome such severe and life-threatening ailments, which surprised doctors. Maintaining good diet, playing shuttle badminton for 20 years, passion for chemistry teaching, helping students to reach goals, aspiration to contribute to education sector via audiovisual development had helped me to maintain right balance between personal and professional life
• While teaching I had noticed that many students lacking in understanding chemistry fundamentals, causing hurdle to clear exams. This student’s lacuna instilled me to develop a World class Audiovisuals Chemistry Course “Audiovisual representation of Chemistry, AVC” – A copyright registered product from Government of India in 2018
• Had authored & developed 900 Audio Visuals in Chemistry, each comprising about 3 – 6 minute duration after 10 years of Dedicated Research in Teaching Methodologies basically meant for Intermediate/K12 /10+2 level, IIT-JEE /NEET aspirants of India & for Pre-University courses of US/UK.
• Main objective of audio-visual course is to explain core concepts in a simple way using real life examples. Audio visuals in Chemistry covered topics from basics to advanced level and every attempt was made to explain complex topics in lucid manner, so that chemistry discipline is easily understood even by layman. The video courses are incorporated with adequate animations, Pictorial illustrations, and introductions, Analogies etc. to make students learning process easier, sharper and faster.
• The Audiovisual Course, which is the result of 10 years of dedicated research in teaching methodologies, comprises numerous Introductory Videos, Animations, Pictorial representations, Illustrations, Analogies of daily life experiences and application oriented videos
• YouTube channel of Desam “Chemistry by Sudhakar AVC “comprises 160+ videos sharing chemistry knowledge, about famous scientists. Science popularized channel has 1300+ subscribers,
Chemistry by Sudhakar AVC
• Contributed to Quora by answering 335 students questions shared Chemistry knowledge, having 535K viewership.
During Covid pandemic my posts helped Students. Quora is incorporated with pictorial representations, handwritten notes, videos etc.
• Students were helped and received recommendations letters from eminent academicians, Vice-Chancellors, Policy members, and Innovators by using social networking sites such as LinkedIn to laud scientists by promoting their Nobel laureates’ inventions
• Articles: Contributed to Education and Environment by publishing different articles
• Contributed to education sector and environment by publishing various articles, received “Best Innovative Learning Tools” award at International Education awards IEA 2020, Excellent Scholar Award. (22 MIN)
• At global stage was adjusted challenges winner in DigiEduHack 2020 – A digital solution post Covid-19 challenge challenge
• Desam Sudhakar Reddy received global recognition, featured in 28Credentials of Entrepreneur alongside eminent Entrepreneurs & Professionals, recognizing his professional work and contribution to Education sector

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Healing Touch to Endangered species – Great Indian Bustard
January 04, 2001
published in TIGER PAPER, FAO, UNDP and United Nations (Page 28). The main objective was conservation of the endangered bird Great Indian Bustard

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