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Wes Kussmaul

CEO at The Authenticity Institute, Inc.

Weston, Massachusetts, United States

Founder of Delphi Internet Services Corp., creator of the Authenticity Infrastructure

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Company Type: Company
Business Unit: Accountability-based security; Identity
Theatre: English & French speaking countries
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Last Media Training: 07/02/2022
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1 Book
Quiet Enjoyment, Second Edition
PKI Press
April 13, 2014
Quiet Enjoyment is a real estate term, summing up in two words all that the occupant of a building can and should legally expect from a builder or a landlord.

The internet used to be called the Information Highway, i.e. an outdoor public transportation system. In the physical world we typically use highways to take us from building to building, that is, secure bounded indoor spaces; that is spaces defined the accountability they define for occupants.

So: in our digital world, where are the buildings? Where are our accountability spaces?

It turns out that a robust and stable construction material for digital buildings was invented in the mid-1970s. When combined with reliable identity enrollment methods, buildings made from this construction material will eliminate most of our security problems: phishing, ransomware, breaches, malware, etc., etc.

The second edition of Quiet Enjoyment shows you how we can have accountable InDoor spaces, that is digital buildings.

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Tags: Privacy, Security, Metaverse

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Wes Kussmaul