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Michael Gurau

Partner at Altman Solon

ROCKVILLE, United States

A growth strategy consultant serving Fortune 50 Technology leadership

Experienced professional with a demonstrated track record in growth/scale roles in management consulting, private equity, and early-/development-stage firms. Thought leader in tech industry, including hardware, software, and cloud/telecom/professional services

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6 Article/Blogs
Integrate Security And Privacy To Unleash Business Value
June 06, 2022
Many of today's CEOs and their boards are scrambling to stay ahead of security and privacy risks.

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Privacy, Risk Management

A Multiverse Of Metaverses
March 22, 2022
The metaverse is coming and for some sectors is already here. Virtual, augmented and mixed reality experiences stand ready to change the way consumers interact with applications, environments, and virtual assets, and companies are vying for their share of the virtual economy. Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Meta and Apple (GAMMA) have each engaged some level of metaverse-focus in their current offerings, but it’s early and there are opportunities for single solution players with unique assets to compete for a share of the market.

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Tags: Blockchain, Innovation, Metaverse

Forces For Change And Competitive Intensity In Semiconductors
January 06, 2022
Important financial and market forces are creating unprecedented growth and dynamism in the semiconductor industry. The present dynamics include:

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Business Strategy

How Three Of The Biggest Tech Companies Blend Business Models To Create Nonordinary Competition
July 13, 2020
Amazon, Google and Microsoft (AGM) are unique in their origin, impact on the market and competitive capabilities, both generally and vis-à-vis each other. In April 2020, I analyzed the evolution of each company's core business starting point (Amazon in e-commerce, Microsoft in client-server software, Google in search) toward new capabilities developed organically and inorganically.

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Tags: Cloud, Innovation, IoT

How Three Of The Biggest Tech Companies Moved Out Of Their Conventional Lanes
April 20, 2020
While these companies continue to drive significant revenue out of their original solutions, business models and customers, they have evolved and diversified.

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Tags: Cloud, Emerging Technology, Innovation

Coming Soon: The Data Annual Report
March 30, 2020
If data is an asset, a liability, an expense and a source of revenue, might we see a day when public companies will release an annual report of data?

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Tags: Big Data, Cloud, Innovation

3 Miscellaneouss
Cybersecurity Deconstructed podcast
Altman Solon
January 06, 2022
A podcast about the business of cybersecurity

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Privacy, Business Strategy

13 impacts 5G has already had on business and consumer life
July 08, 2021
Comment on 5G impact

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Tags: 5G, Business Strategy, Digital Transformation

Silicon Deconstructed podcast
Altman Solon
December 15, 2020
A podcast about the semiconductor and compute industry

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Tags: Business Strategy, Cybersecurity, Privacy

1 Webinar
Cybersecurity Risks & Opportunities Webinar
June 09, 2021
6/9/21 Cybersecurity webinar with Ben Matthews and Michael Gurau from Altman Solon, and Matthew Rosenquist, advisor and cybersecurity expert and thought leader.

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Risk Management

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How GAMMA - Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Meta, and Apple - use blended solutions and business models to create non-ordinary competitive advantage
January 04, 2022

Analyzing GAMMA's solutions, business models, and customer types, this infographic illustrates how each has diversified its offering from point-of-origin enabling "non-ordinary" competitive advantage in markets outside its core?.  By contrast, ordinary competitors - e.g. Ford and GM in automotive, HP and Lenovo in PCs - have similar ecosystems, value chains, and business models.

Each GAMMA company entered the market, for which each is the market share leader, with a unique competency:

  • Google: Business and consumer information monetized by ads
  • Amazon: eCommerce monetized by one-time transaction gross margins
  • Microsoft: Software development monetized by annual license fees
  • Meta (Facebook):  Consumer information monetized by ads
  • Apple: Consumer and business electronics monetized by one-time transaction gross margins

Today, each today plays in various markets, now including digital entertainment production and distribution, business marketplaces, and cloud platform services.  With assets across the hardware, software, and web services spectrum, these platform players can create market-unique offerings and so differentiated competitive advantage.

So how should competitors respond? In the face of this extraordinary non-ordinary competition, best-of-breed point solution vendors should organically and organically augment their offering - in-house and with partners - to provide like-for-like comparability with platform players (if desirable) and/or to assemble their own unique blended solutions.  For GAMMA vs GAMMA, blending unique combinations of solutions and business models will enable each to carve out offerings that will be difficult to replicate by other platform players.

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Tags: Cloud, Marketing, Business Strategy


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