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Dr Michael Heng PBM

Singapore, Singapore

Founder Partner, The Towkays Group LLP

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6 Article/Blogs
Mid-Autumn - A Time for Hope and Realism
September 21, 2021
The Mid-Autumn Festival celebrates a melancholic, often heart-breaking, review of life’s capriciousness, and the unpredictable fortunes of mankind. Tonight, the moon is said to be at her brightest and roundest, reflecting the glorious cosmos and foretells the wondrous infinity of hope.

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Tags: Management, Leadership, CSR

10 Leadership Lessons from Afghanistan
September 03, 2021
In President Biden’s address to the American people after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, he devoted much of his speech to the reasons for ending the Afghanistan War, which was initiated by his predecessor Donald Trump. This was never the issue since nearly 70% of Americans no longer supported remaining. The withdrawal decision was not the problem.

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Tags: Leadership, Culture, CSR

Modern Tibet at 70 - Only The Future Matters
August 24, 2021
Tibet has progressed "from darkness to light, from backwardness to progress, from poverty to prosperity, from autocracy to democracy, from closure to opening up", said the People's Daily newspaper. On 19 August 2021, Tibet celebrated its 70th anniversary of peaceful liberation from slavery and serfdom by China, and its newfound prosperity and social progress over the recent decades.

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Tags: Management, Leadership, Culture

On This Last Day of My Life
July 27, 2021
Tomorrow is promised to no one;

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Tags: Leadership, Culture, CSR

Passage Through The Dark of My Soul
June 29, 2021
On a new cycle of my life

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Tags: Leadership, Culture, CSR

Employee Engagement - The Search for Clarity
January 31, 2021
Employee engagement is responsible for corporate success from within the organisation when transforming it to align with the digital age in the modern world. It is the new competitive advantage manifested as the definitive value proposition of a customer-centric, people-centric and stakeholders-centric organisation.

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Tags: Management, Leadership, Change Management

1 Founder
Blue Leadership Institute
September 18, 2021
The Blue Leadership Institute is dedicated to the Research, Study and Cultivation of Blue Leaders, Blue Strategy and Blue Leadership to effectively engage this era of uncertainty and permanent turbulent change. We empower learners, partners and stakeholders with a revolutionary mindware transformation through an innovative Learning journey of self-mastery, capacity building in the practical skills of The Way (Tao) of Blue Leadership to be deployed for the impact execution of Blue Strategy. In our learning hubs, we blend the knowledge domains of leadership, strategy, social responsibility, people and business excellence for flexible combinations of conducive adaptive solutions to achieve the Goal of an exceptional and formless Blue Strategy. A quick understanding of Blue Leadership is provided here:

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Tags: Management, Leadership, Culture, CSR




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