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John Martin

Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Plutus Consulting Group Limited

London, United Kingdom

* DELIVERY-FOCUSED CONSULTANT, INTEGRATION DIRECTOR, CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT, PROGRAMME DIRECTOR: 30+ years’ leadership across multibillion M&A advisory, pre/post-merger integrations, business transformations and regulatory programmes for Banking, Financial Services, Oil, Apparel, Media, and Technology / FinTech clients.

* PORTFOLIO DELIVERY, STRATEGY: I establish clear strategies, determine standards, governance frameworks, and appreciate global cultural differences, building performant transformation and integration teams to execute programmes that achieve benefits realisation and ROI. With my focus on critical details and issues; I bring clarity, and direct resources to solve problems and achieve investor-centric outcomes; supporting both start-ups and established multinational companies in achieving business mission, strategy, objectives, and performance targets.

* BOARD, C-SUITE, STAKEHOLDER INFLUENCE: with my credibility and gravitas that fosters trusted relations, shapes strategic vision, and defines clear agenda and direction – I maximise best practice PMO, technology innovation, Agile project methodologies and organisational investment to accomplish corporate vision.

* MITIGATES RISK, LEGAL, REGULATORY, REPUTATIONAL: with my deep-rooted multijurisdictional knowledge, end-to-end deal lifecycle, organisational change and cross-border financial expertise that enables seamless delivery of buy- and sell-side M&A projects.

* GLOBAL AWARENESS, CONFIDENCE, RESULTS: my unique global perspective and multicultural awareness, I have delivered change across EMEA, Asia-Pacific and the Americas.
Building trusted advisor relations and inspiring the confidence of the Board, C-suite leaders, and senior decision-makers; I am repeatedly called upon to advise on strategy, roadmaps, and solutions to lead programmes that realise long-term tangible results.

* TRANSFORMATIONS, INNOVATION: I am highly skilled at shaping successful transformations and deploying innovation, new approaches and digital solutions to ensure teams can deliver realistic and sustainable business benefit; understanding the broader picture whilst assessing risk and change complexity.

* CULTURE, CAPABILITY: I thrive in challenging environments, building on existing strengths and cultures to add value and commercial benefit with a reputation for establishing scalable, resilient, and fit-for-purpose solutions that elevate operational excellence, staff engagement and consumer experience.

Available For: Advising, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: London, England , United Kingdom
Speaking Topics: ESG, Banking in the new world , Leadership in challenging times

Speaking Fee $3,000

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December 07, 2021
ESG - action today to ensure a tomorrow
December 07, 2021
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December 07, 2021

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1 Advisory Board Membership
Renewable Energy Growth: Not just hot air, or opaque light!
December 06, 2021
The rapid growth of solar and wind power in recent years has brought hope in global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit the most dangerous effects of climate change.

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Tags: Renewable Energy

8 Article/Blogs
Why CIOs must prioritise system integration in 2022 and beyond
Plutus Consulting Group Limited - Issuu
April 27, 2022
Enterprise software strategies tend to go in cycles, particularly for implementing business applications, but whatever approach is dominant, fundamental challenges such as system integration can remain unresolved. In the past years, we have gone from best-of-breed strategies to the enterprise resource planning ERP suite and back to best-of-breed with the rise of software-as-a-service SaaS.

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Tags: Analytics, Risk Management

GPMIP: UK Financial Services – reconciling M&A strategy & deal delivery
October 01, 2021
At Global PMI Partners we work with clients across many industry and business sectors around the world. Our specialist knowledge, international presence and collaborative approach is key to driving successful outcomes for all.

The Financial Services sector is no different – with varying trends and specifics across banking, insurance, asset and investment management, all impacting M&A strategy, planning and execution in a unique way. Our deep understanding of these areas, and our ability to bring relevant skills, expertise and strategic leadership to develop customised solutions, makes us critical to supporting you in this sector.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions, Project Management

Responsible Banking - a myth of truth?
February 20, 2021
Banks around the world are adapting to the possibility of an irrevocably changed post-pandemic world with shifting customer demands, changing consumer behaviours and client expectations of greater transparency for managing investor savings and assets. A fundamental change of the way banks manage people’s money, transact as intermediaries and deliver customer services is well underway. Some say - a paradigm shift is becoming a reality!

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Tags: Fintech, Business Strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions

Are Big Oil companies doing enough to change ‘behaviours’?
February 08, 2021
The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) comments in its headlines that, ‘we’re facing the biggest environmental challenge our generation has ever seen. No matter what we’re passionate about, something we care about will be affected by climate change’. Nothing is more truthful or appropriate when considering the ever-increasing demands for food production, energy generation and natural resource consumption on our planet. This essay looks at identifying a related threat and opportunity that a global organization, British Petroleum(BP) in this instance, has as a leading global energy producer with a significant potential impact on climate change. (Source:

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Tags: Leadership, Business Strategy, Climate Change

The End of LIBOR….December 2021 – you think it is way off.?
September 17, 2019
Not really, given the amount of preparation needed and scope of impact…The interest rate benchmark LIBOR is expected to cease after end-2021.

No, it will, and Firms must transition to alternative rates before this date!

As well as banks and insurers, the discontinuation of LIBOR will affect many asset managers and other firms if they have not prepared for this event.

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Tags: Social, Leadership, Mergers and Acquisitions

The Growth of Populism..
June 20, 2019
The Growth of Populism (a political approach that strives to appeal to ordinary people who feel that their concerns are disregarded by established elite groups.)

What are two of the biggest challenges facing the global business community that have been triggered by the rise of populism?

Populism is growing, and globalisation is at fault. The 2008 financial crisis was because of globalisation. Not so, as it is more complex than that.

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Tags: Innovation, Leadership, Business Strategy

Transparency and Collaboration....
February 18, 2019
According to the Kimberley Process website, the Kimberley Process, which began in May 2000, is an international certification scheme that regulates the trade in rough diamonds and aims to prevent or stem the flow of so-called ‘conflict or blood’ diamonds entering the ‘legitimate’ world market. Consisting of states and regional economic integration organizations, significant success has resulted primarily due to the collaborative and integration efforts of these participants.

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Tags: Social, Leadership

Globalisation and Power shifts
May 07, 2018
According to the Economist article Global Power Shift, ’a new global economic order is now emerging to replace the one that has existed since the end of World War II. For the foreseeable future, the global economy will be defined by a complex and continuously shifting set of economic relationships. They will be increasingly interconnected, to be sure, but with ever-changing rules for conducting business across borders.’

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Tags: Social, Leadership, Business Strategy

1 Founder
Plutus Consulting Group Limited
Plutus Consulting Group Limited
August 09, 2005
Plutus Consulting Group is a well-established financial services firm, consulting, advisory and professional services group. We have a 30-year track record in delivering mergers and acquisitions deals, regulation and compliance programmes and sustainable / ESG investment portfolios.

Our core mantra and strategy are to deliver effective and tangible results in an ever more complex and challenging world.
Putting it simply…

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Tags: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Mergers and Acquisitions

1 Media Interview
Kira Conversations: Ep 6 - John Martin, Founder & CEO at Plutus Consulting Group
November 13, 2020
Noah Waisberg, Kira Systems' Co-Founder and CEO, recently talked to John Martin, Founder and CEO of Plutus Consulting Group, about how the implications of both Brexit and COVID-19 on the industry.

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Tags: Social, Leadership, Business Strategy

5 Miscellaneouss
Plutus Consulting Group Limited - Issuu
April 01, 2022
Summit Diagnostics has partnered with Aspire Performance Improvement to bring to market a
technology-enabled solution to assist clients with business and technology problem solving for the key issues that affect the financial services industry.

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Tags: Analytics, Climate Change, Innovation

Avoid falling short of new operational resilience regulations which came into force in the UK, yesterday.
Plutus Consulting Group Limited - Issuu
April 01, 2022
In 2021, the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) finalised the regulatory policies for operational resilience and set deadlines for firms to comply.
By 31 March 2022, firms must identify their important business services and set impact tolerances for them. And they must be able to show they have done enough mapping and testing to enable them to do so.

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Tags: Govtech, Predictive Analytics, Risk Management

Diamonds - does the Kimberley process work?
London School of Economics
November 08, 2019
According to the Kimberley Process website, the Kimberley Process, which began in May 2000, is an international certification scheme that regulates the trade in rough diamonds and aims to prevent or stem the flow of so-called ‘conflict or blood’ diamonds entering the ‘legitimate’ world market. Consisting of states and regional economic integration organizations, significant success has resulted primarily due to the collaborative and integration efforts of these participants.

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Tags: Analytics, Ecosystems, Entrepreneurship

Globalisation and changing dynamics
London School of Economics
November 01, 2019
How have changes in the dynamics of globalisation over this period impacted the relative power of the US, Europe, and Asia in the global order? (1990 -2015)

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Tags: Business Continuity, Culture, Entrepreneurship

Globalisation and growing Populism
London School of Economics
November 01, 2019

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Tags: Culture, Innovation, Management

1 Miscellaneous
Achieving Operational Resilience through risk management and AI
January 17, 2022
Gartner defines operational resilience as “initiatives that expand business continuity management programs to focus on the impacts, connected risk appetite and tolerance levels for disruption of product or service delivery to internal and external stakeholders.”

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Tags: AI, Cybersecurity, Risk Management

2 Panels
COP26 Key takeaways
ICRS / Eventbrite
November 30, 2021

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Tags: Climate Change

UKSIF Autumn Conference - How can fixed income investing drive progress to net zero?
UKSIF / LinkedIn
November 24, 2021
Panel: How can fixed income investing drive progress to net zero? Most investors have now developed their approaches for equity investments, but for fixed income investors the path to net-zero has not been so clear. This panel will consider the specific challenges for fixed-income investors and fixed-income portfolios in becoming aligned with net zero pathways. Moderator: Oscar Warwick Thompson, Senior Policy and Communications Manager, UKSIF Nachu Chockalingam, Senior Credit Portfolio Manager, International, Federated Hermes John Martin, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Plutus Consulting Group Limited

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Tags: Climate Change, Leadership, Sustainability

1 Profile
Company readiness - ESG performance evaluation
Plutus Consulting Group Limited - Issuu
March 14, 2022
How ready is your company to genuinely assess ESG key performance indicators?

A question asked by many.

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Tags: Change Management, Ecosystems, Sustainability

1 Webinar
Responsible Banking: how detangling ESG behaviours will influence the future of banking
March 05, 2021
John Martin, CEO of Plutus Consulting addresses the Big Question:
"What should the banking sector be focusing its resources on, what challenges lie ahead, and how does it re-establish 'trust' in the financial system?"

Aimed at C Suite business leaders, Asset managers, senior managers in capital and asset allocation, concerned investors, pension fund administrators, ESG (environmental, social and governance) and sustainability leaders.

The objective of this webinar is to connect owners, investors and managers of private capital/assets to Responsible Banking strategies, in the context of Climate emergency.

The next COP meeting (Nov 2021) in Glasgow has highlighted the need for ESG factors to be in the mainstream of thinking within the financial services sector. It is an undeniable truth that Responsible Banking should be at the forefront of this paradigm.

• An introduction to the technical and practical meaning of Responsible Banking, its objectives and how they align to ESG principles

• The challenges facing the Banking industry together with consumer preferences or demands

• Detangling the many faces of ESG to distinguish important factors needed in client-consulting communication

John Martin is the CEO and Founder of a well-established financial services consulting, advisory and professional services group, with a 30-year track record in delivering Responsible Banking and Sustainable Investment services. His core business strategy is to achieve effective and tangible results, in an increasingly changing world.

John's success is a combination of his extraordinary customer focus, extensive global finance and risk experience, supported by expertise in ESG strategy and a growing sustainable investment sector. His belief that sustainability is not about biology, but about changing behaviours, has attracted extensive market support, leading to the development of transformative change portfolios that maximise capital investments and growth.

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Tags: Innovation, Fintech, Business Strategy



3 Article/Blogs
The SPAC bubble era is coming to an end?
March 11, 2022

On Wall Street, 2021 became known as the year of the SPAC and it seemed that everyone was getting involved, from former politicians to sports stars, rappers to celebrities. Special Purpose Acquisition Companies, or SPACs, are nothing new in the world of investing. They first emerged in the 1980s, but have been in the spotlight since 2020, creating a bubble that has grown so big many experts believe it’s about to burst.

SPACs, are publicly traded shells designed with the goal of merging with real profitable businesses and have raised tens of billions of dollars over the past year or so. They have come under fire as many young, volatile businesses are skipping stringent IPO norms, going public and receiving SPAC support without necessarily warranting it.

Furthermore, the SPACs of today are often structured so that those sponsoring them can profit even if regular shareholders suffer. Overly optimistic valuations and forecasting made by companies going public via SPACs—without the usual checks and balances—can grow future profits for some, but not others.

Combine the SPAC hype with the high price-to-earnings ratio (P/E ratio) of the NASDAQ and experienced investors are warning of red flags. A P/E ratio over 30 suggests the market is overvalued, as Wall Street fails to support extreme valuation for long periods of time.

With an average NASDAQ P/E ratio over 30 in the past year, there are fears that it is an indicator of trouble ahead. History shows that a high P/E ratio is a strong signal of stock market crashes.

In a confusing market where overconfidence leads to instability, there are few IPOs and SPACs that are truly worth investing in. Is this the case?

A thought to ponder whilst I continue looking for the next unicorn.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions, Risk Management

Why we need to fix the plastic pollution problem
March 08, 2022

Marine litter and plastic pollution endangers aquatic life, threatens human health and results in myriad hidden costs for the economy. Such a global threat requires a global response, and the upcoming United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) is an important stage for governments and policymakers to catalyse change.

At the resumed fifth session of UNEA – held virtually and in-person in Nairobi between February and March – world leaders will focus on plastics and deliberate on proposals with the aim of establishing an Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee INC to work towards a legally binding global agreement.

Marine litter and plastic pollution can alter habitats and natural processes, reducing ecosystems’ ability to adapt to the climate crisis, according to UNEP’s From Pollution to Solution report. This affects millions of people’s livelihoods, food security and social well-being. Urgent, multilateral action is needed to identify where plastic waste enters waterways and how to put in place ‘prevention’ incentives to minimise this occurrence.

In North America, through the Mississippi River Plastic Pollution Initiative, UNEP engages citizen science by working with thousands of community volunteers to track upstream and coastal plastic pollution data along the Mississippi River. This data is collected using a free, open-source mobile app called the Marine Debris Tracker.

In South-East Asia, UNEP’s CounterMEASURE project identifies sources and pathways of plastic pollution in river systems, particularly the Mekong and the Ganges. With the use of technologies and innovative approaches like GIS, machine learning and drones, the project has developed plastic leakage models for localities in six countries that can be scaled and replicated across continents.

To highlight the scale of the issue, UNEP has prepared a plastics exhibit in Nairobi for UNEA. The exhibit presents visitors with a visual representation of key data related to the plastic pollution problem by using plastic waste collected on the Kenyan coast.

UNEP’s body of work demonstrates that the problem of plastic pollution doesn’t exist in a vacuum. The environmental, social, economic and health risks of plastics need to be assessed alongside other environmental stressors, like climate change, ecosystem degradation and resource use.

Identifying where plastic emissions are coming from really matters for how we tackle it. Rich countries emit very little – this means domestic strategies to reduce plastics in these countries will not make much difference to ocean plastics.

What rich countries can do is support low-to-middle income countries in improving waste management infrastructure - it’s key to tackling plastic pollution. And, importantly, they can ban the export of any plastics to other countries where it could be mismanaged.

Understanding the distribution of emissions across the world’s rivers is also crucial. Our strategy for tackling this problem is vastly different if we only must focus on a few or even tens of the world’s largest rivers (as previous studies suggested) versus thousands of smaller ones. 

To stop plastic pollution in our oceans we need a global approach to reducing plastic waste and managing it appropriately to stop it leaking into the natural environment. Focusing on a few rivers will not be enough.

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Tags: Ecosystems, Emerging Technology, Sustainability

TCFD reporting - ESG data
January 27, 2022

The UK is becoming and will become a world leader in sustainability reporting, being the first major economy to implement regulation on the TCFD framework, this April.

Time will tell.

The TCFD framework was developed by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures, established by the G20 - to encourage companies to report on their climate-related financial risks and opportunities, setting expectations of investor requirements of better understanding company’s exposure and how they manage risk.

  I don’t like, ‘To encourage companies’ (Too soft)

There are two sets of recommendations, one for non-financial companies, and one for financial institutions, whilst not mandatory yet, but are intended to provide guidance on how companies can provide relevant information about climate change risks and opportunities in a consistent way.

ESG reporting has its challenges –confusing voluminous data, not standardised and lacking consistency.

To start with. (I can see my English teacher frowning already!)

We have a long way to go.

Let us have a chat.

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Tags: Analytics, Climate Change, Risk Management


2 Services
Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Location: Global, based in the United Kingdom    Date Available: January 03rd, 2022     Fees: 1500 per day

Submission Date: December 07th, 2021     Service Type: Service Offered

Plutus Consulting Group is a well-established financial services firm, consulting, advisory and professional services group. We have a 30-year track record in delivering mergers and acquisitions deals, regulation and compliance programmes and sustainable / ESG investment portfolios.

Our core mantra and strategy are to deliver effective and tangible results in an ever more complex and challenging world.

Putting it simply…

We listen, we learn, we lead

Respond to this opportunity

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Location: Global, based in the United Kingdom    Date Available: January 03rd, 2022     Fees: 1500 per day

Submission Date: December 07th, 2021     Service Type: Service Offered

-As an Integration Director, with 30 years’ global specialist banking and financial services experience, I have a track record of strategic and operational leadership of large-scale corporate M&A and business transformation programmes that have delivered multi-million-pound operational efficiencies – creating shareholder value, client delivery and SME support – understanding end to end lifecycles from planning, execution to benefits realisation.
-I am known for guiding and influencing C-Suite stakeholders in the strategic design and operational execution of the most complex, business-critical, and disruptive business integration and divestment initiatives. With expertise in strategy, delivery and as an SME, I troubleshoot plans and integration challenges, breaking down the barriers to effective change management.
-I enjoy the process of understanding high-risk and high-profile M&A and organisational integration challenges, building and leading teams through transformative change, mitigating regulatory risk and reducing operating costs. As a Big ‘4’ trained Chartered Accountant, I also bring extensive understanding and capability to managing large programme budgets in the hundreds of millions of pounds.

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