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Susan Dolan

CEO at The Peoples Hub

Los Angeles, United States

Search Engine Optimization Consultant first to crack the Google PageRank Algorithm. CEO of The Peoples Hub built to help people and to love the planet

Available For: Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Los Angeles
Speaking Topics: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Social Impact

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Company Type: Enterprise
Business Unit: Technology
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Media Experience: 21 years

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Digital Transformation
Innovation 30.26
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2 Article/Blogs
The Suffragettes 'If'
May 24, 2018
Pleased to be working with Certain Curtain Theatre on their play production 'Woman On Fire’

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Tags: Innovation, Social, Business Strategy

Social Media 4 Social Good – Bosnia Herzegovina to No 10 Downing Street
September 29, 2017
Medjugorje, Bosnia Herzegovina, 2015. I am sitting on a balcony, enjoying the view, when suddenly my reverie is interrupted by an incoming Facebook message.

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Tags: Innovation, Social, Marketing

2 Media Interviews
Thought Leader and Influencer Interview with Susan Dolan, CEO,
September 04, 2022
Thinkers360 thought leader interviews profile prominent members of the Thinkers360 community who embody the power of ideas in their work. In this edition, we speak with Susan Dolan, CEO of The Peoples Hub, which is a community’s network hub built to help people and to love the planet. Susan is a search engine optimization consultant who was the first SEO person to crack the Google PageRank algorithm as confirmed in 2014 by Eric Schmidt’s New York office.

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Tags: Innovation, Social, Business Strategy

The search dilemma: looking beyond Google’s third-party cookie death
Search Engine Watch
April 16, 2021
The ad tech and search industry are precarious that Google will use this as a new way to establish market dominance that feeds its own interests. Google expert, Susan Dolan details on the current realities and future trends

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Tags: Big Data, Business Strategy, Open Innovation

1 Quote
Downing Street launch for tech-for-good start-up pledging to end homelessness
Scottish Housing News
September 24, 2021
Susan Dolan, CEO, The Peoples Hub, added: “The Peoples Hub are proud and honoured to support the launch of Socially Homes. We feel this will bring much needed change for people in the UK and beyond.”

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Tags: Innovation, Social, Business Strategy

1 Speaker Bureau Listing
Cruise Lecturer
Cruise Lecturers Association
July 03, 2014
Professional Lecturer on Digital, Google, Social Media at the Cruise Lecturers Association

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Tags: Business Strategy, Innovation, Marketing

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