What about Smart Cities?


According to the National Foundation Research of Singapore's Prime minister office, “Virtual Singapore” is already in progress. This project will be capable of visualizing landscapes against ongoing and future renovation projects.

This may be done by positioning the sensors at the right place in the city to get the most relevant information such as bus stops, traffic lights, bridges, parking etc.
By powering the smart cities with interconnected sensors, we will enable the optimal use of the available assets by detecting where is the nearest available parking, hence reducing the traffic light, saving time and fuel and so participating in developing the garden cities to make our lives healthier, more liveable, and more relaxed than today.

Another example could be a better monitoring of the transport flows and pedestrian movement patterns or analyze which buildings is more suitable for the installation of solar panels based on the potential for solar energy production.
Many possibilities are offered in terms of comfort, but also in their wake, a multitude of ethical issues and identity, especially regarding data confidentiality should be considered.

Smart Cities, Business Success, Increase Confidence: This is the promise of Digital Twin.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that we are moving to a new world, a world where business itself is going to be forced to change by a new generation. This is a great opportunity for all of us to rethink the way we do business.

By Amenallah Reghimi

Keywords: AI, Innovation, Procurement

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