The One Piece of Information you need before implementing AI


What is the right way to implement AI?

The real Artificial Intelligence (AI) transformation starts by asking the right questions and building the habit of transformation amongst the staff because one who isn’t eager to learn or move forward will stay behind.
At the moment when you think to leverage AI in your company, you should at the same time:
- Think about an implementation strategy to not lose money.
- So, once the AI strategy is defined, the problems to be solved are clear, you need to educate your teams and enable transformation internally by clarifying the targets to be achieved.
- Engage your internal team
Involving your employees and teams is important. It has to come from the top down. If you don’t have a CEO and top managers who understand the importance of AI in your context, it isn’t going to work.
- Get clean and integrated data
It’s all about the data. It is important to work on the data sources and identify how you can get clean and structured data to start. AI without data may lead to a big failure. AI with the wrong training data will certainly lead to incorrect recommendations and maybe bad decisions.

Once all of this is done, I suggest doing a proof of concept and well define measures of success.

What are the wrong ways?

There are many failure factors when implementing AI such as:
- Don’t start AI because you want it. AI is not right for everything
- No AI strategy: understand what you are doing and Why you are doing it.
- You don’t have clean, structured, relevant and enough data
- Without support from leadership, your AI transformation might not succeed
- Don’t start alone. Partnership and market expertise are important
- Without KPI to measure the success
In a word, it’s important to not jump on an AI implementation project blindly.

By Amenallah Reghimi

Keywords: AI, Mobility, Procurement

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