The Dilemma of Project Management


Organization, nowadays, exaggerate in overloading project managers with role’s requirements and obligations. Unfortunately, many organizations do respond proactively to the market development in the same speed markets grow. As clients become more and more sophisticated in their structure, consultants maintain the same old image about project managers thatchy inherited twenty years ago. 

If we map the main project management obligations, we can then, somehow, imagine the dilemma. Project managers, basically, are required to manage clients’ relationships and expectations, resources, time, budget and risks. For a simple project such as a small building or utility line, a project manager can manage and full all mentioned obligations. However, on the other extream, in the case of a mega or even giga project where the client is represented by multiple stakeholders, the project manager finds herself handicapped. This is because, focusing only on managing the client relationships can eat up all her time and maybe more. This is when a more than one layer in project management will be required. I.e. assigning a project director to deal with the client and project manager to follow up on other tasks.

The point is, if not organization figure out how project management, as a practice and culture, can be set, they will keep reacting to clients’ demands and face failure. From my experience, I can say it is not easy siren this is a multi-level change and goes unto the higher level of authority within the organization. Building a project management practice is linked to enhancing the organizational structure, establishing a dynamic set of procedures that adapt to the type of project and, of course, providing the right support to the project manager.

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By Ahmad M. Salih, DBA

Keywords: Change Management, Culture, Project Management

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