The Corix Partners Friday Reading List - May 27, 2022


Top 10 Leadership and Management links of the week, curated by JC Gaillard, focusing on cyber security of course, but also a large cross section of subjects including digital transformation, emerging tech, ESG governance and the future of work


Why Cybersecurity Is Now A Board-Level Leadership Imperative


Cyberspaced: what to do when a skills gap becomes a chasm


Building trust to transform the way we protect our digital identity


Digital Transformation Isn't Just a Technology Issue, It's a Business Issue


Digital Transformation Plans Versus Reality: Top Reasons Why Organizations Fail At Digital Transformation


Customer-Centric Innovation? Sure, But With Which Customers?


How 5 and Even 6G Will Make The Metaverse A True Reality


The hard truths about Web3: What no one else is talking about


Everyone likes to talk sustainability, but who takes responsibility?


What If Banks Had to Disclose the Climate Impact of Their Investments?


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By Jean-Christophe Gaillard

Keywords: Cybersecurity, Leadership, Management

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