Overcoming Natural Stupidity


According to Amos Tversky, a renowned psychologist, and economist, we should study natural stupidity rather than artificial intelligence. This statement highlights the importance of understanding and addressing the inherent biases and limitations of the human mind.

In today's business world, leaders must make complex decisions daily. It is easy to fall into the trap of relying on mental shortcuts or heuristics rather than taking the time to consider all available information fully. This can lead to flawed decision-making and potentially negative consequences.

By recognizing and acknowledging the concept of bounded rationality, leaders can strive to overcome their biases and make more informed, thoughtful decisions. This can involve seeking diverse perspectives, questioning assumptions, and seeking additional data or information when necessary.

Understanding and addressing natural stupidity is not about being self-critical or hard on oneself. Instead, it is about recognizing that we all have limitations and being proactive in finding ways to overcome them. This can ultimately lead to more effective leadership and better outcomes for organizations.

By Dean Miles

Keywords: Business Continuity, Mental Health, Startups

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