Organisation Change Leadership Standpoints


Does your sponsor and change team intervene to ensure all the organisation's leaders are effective and proactive?

Leadership involvement in organisation change or transformation can be measured on a spectrum from energised and passionate involvement through to abdication. Three typical standpoints are: 


Effective and Proactive

  • Articulating a compelling change vision that inspire employees

  • Modelling the new way of working and behaving

  • Intervening respectfully to ensure sustainable change

“Organisational change leadership is about effectively and proactively articulating the vision, modelling the new way and intervening to ensure sustainable change”


Indifferent Delegator

  • Delegates change leadership responsibility to a direct report

  • Appears to be supporting the change programme

  • Remains fully focused on normal day-to-day operations

“The change leader cannot be indifferent delegator, they can delegate authority, but they cannot delegate responsibility, if they do, change implementation will fail”


Silo Focused

  • More loyalty to a specific group/department

  • Does not share critical resources with the change team

  • Lost sight of the overarching goal of organisational success

“Change implementation cannot afford the luxury of organisation silos, the leaders that create them or the behaviour that tolerates them”

Unfortunately, only one standpoint ensures change implementation success, maximises employee adoption, provides the targeted return on investment (ROI), benefits realisation and sustainable change. 

“Successful change needs effective and proactive change leadership, leaders who are indifferent delegators or silo focused must be aligned or change implementation will fail”

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By Peter F Gallagher

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