Go-To-Client Model Innovation


Drucker famously said results are obtained by exploiting opportunities not by solving problems.

In today's increasingly VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous), inflationary and COVID-recovering world many organisations are struggling to achieve the growth they desire.  Their portfolios are the richest and broadest they have ever been.  Their cost structures or more lean than ever.  Productivity is through the roof, in fact people are working harder than they ever have.

What made them successful will not make them successful.

The predominant go-to- market model remains a make, sell, ship, support style model.  It is 100% based in the selfish goal of a sale.  For many companies with heavy intense end of quarter focus to bring forward as much business as possible into the current quarter.

What is being missed is the massive unmet market need.  Most companies are simply not getting the business impacting results desired from their technology investments.

Change is now the key lever to success.  Both transformative and tactical change.  Research shows  that the large percentage of change efforts fail to deliver the desired outcomes.  Hereinlies the massive unmet market opportunity.  What companies are really selling is change.  The ability to help companies successfully change.

This requires a vastly different approach.  A shift from a go-to-market model to a go-to-client model that recognises change is hard, change requires an ecosystem, and a different set of mindsets and behaviours.

In a recent example for a 5G asset tracking idea, it was determined that 9 external companies and 11 internal functional groups would need to rally around the program of change to change the operating, financial, risk and commercial models including changes in business processes, technology and the ways in which people worked.

Helping your clients successfully execute the changes they seek is the ONLY path to future success. 

Those that continue to focus on selling, versus those that are deeply committed to change success, will fail to grow.

Those who embrace a differentiated go-to-client model, driven by client delight through change leadership will see significant growth.

By Chris Luxford

Keywords: Customer Experience, Leadership, Sales

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