Get rid of the waiting lists at hospitals. And less work pressure for doctors


Hospital waiting lists are a thing of the past. I've developed a whole plan to put this in the books of history. What do you think? Is it safe to have patients on a waiting list? And doctors work 11 hours a day?

People have been on waiting lists for years. It is 2022. It cannot be true that there is still too little manpower in the healthcare sector. There are so many people on this earth who would like to assist others. People who like to have a good job. to take care of themselves, their families, and others. Good! Not everyone can work as a doctor or nurse. Diplomas are required for this. However, offer assistance to the elderly with eating, drinking and making a little conversation. Come on! We can all do that with a heart for people. How often do I myself not wait at the urgencia and see the sadness around me? A person in a wheelchair is parked as if it were a car. There are many things I see that we can all improve on. I don't have to be a doctor. Or a university graduate working in the hospital. As a patient, I have more time to look around me than the doctor running back and forth. The doctor has to work 11 hours a day.

As you know, I want to see my first film in production. This movie will have shocking images. However, there are solutions. Many people are so focused on the problems that they don't see the easiest solutions. And here I say it again in this article. Working together is key. As long as people are not able to work together offline and online, nothing will change on a large scale.

Good health for everyone concerns us all. It is in everyone's interest that we ourselves and our neighbors are healthy. If the sick patient walks around in society because of a large waiting list, insufficient insurance or other problems. Then that will be at the expense of a good healthy living society for all of us. A sick person cannot always work. However, people with mental problems are hardly assisted or not at all. They are prescribed medicine with all the side effects that entails. And who pays the rent? You must have a good network around you to get the right assistance. You can't expect someone with dementia or someone who would rather not live life to be able to make the right decisions. Or better yet! Wait they're going to apply for a job. Why do you want to work here? yes, i have to pay for my anti depressia pills. Why are you depressed? I have dementia. That's young? ! yes, it's a surprise to me. However, can I work here? No, we want people with the will to live. Not depressed people.
The doctors told me during their vacation "I work 11 hours a day." No wonder many doctors seem so rushed and stressed. There is no connection between the patient and the doctor. You should be happy if you can tell your doctor for five minutes what's wrong with you. Sisters dealing with the nasty comments of angry patients No wonder you even see doctors and nurses dancing to tiktok. They don't have time to go out with friends. After an 11-hour workday, they only want to sleep.
Despite how advanced medical technology is now, it will never be able to cure you of the issues brought on by an unhealthy lifestyle. It is far preferable to live in such a way that you will rarely get sick rather than seek a modern medical fix for every issue. 
Doctors don't even live a healthy life themselves. How healthy is it to have daily work stress? A surgeon who needs three cups of coffee to survive the day. "Told me personally." We entrust our bodies to one who has a doctor's degree. However, doctors should refuse to work at 11 a.m. Since this is not justified, You have to be alert if you want to save people's lives. And take good care of yourself first.
We cannot keep elderly people in diapers waiting. They must be changed on time. We cannot put people on waiting lists who want to leave the earth because of depressive feelings. Some people need immediate assistance. And a day or week of admission and a pill is not the solution. People with experience should stand up and care about this group of people. There are often people at work who are still too young and lacking in knowledge. Pain in your body is different from mental problems.

Through my campaign, I came back to these matters and many other points. But with solutions.

By yvonne Padmos

Keywords: Health and Safety, Health and Wellness, Innovation

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