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777 benefit shows ready. The backing singers and dancers have to wait a little longer. It is exciting. Especially Christmas are the most important shows. This woman plans to give away thousands of children's books to children's homes for free.

There are over 50 different shows available. In addition, there are also Christmas shows available. The goal is to give 777 free shows. During the live doc. Anyone can watch behind the scenes. Of course, this live doc will mainly be there for making my first film. A theater show is very different from a movie. That is why I am grateful to the many people who have the utmost expertise and demonstrable experience.

A live documentary of the making of this film and a look behind the scenes of the benefit concerts. Watch how companies react to this idea, whether they participate or not. Yvonne Padmos shows everything live. From her bloopers to her live performances on stage, And watch the actors react! Which famous actors will appear in this film? And which angel investor gets a private dinner with Yvonne? And can you ask several questions?

Who will be the first journalist to ask questions? And on which channel does she go live on TV?

We embrace angel investors for the funding of many projects. Yvonne Padmos does work for free. However, her team does not. The dancers, backing singers, producers, etc. have to be paid. Every project can therefore only continue with the right funding. Yvonne Padmos has specially made an NFT collection to get extra funding for all her projects. In addition, she even visits sugar companies. We cannot wait too long. Yvonne would like to start with the first shows in September 2022. And especially around Christmas, it will be busy.

Some people wait for the right funding first. However, you can wait a long time. I assume that a start has to be made in order to get more sponsors. Businesses get free advertising in many ways. NFT owners also all get something extra. Fans get free giveaways. In addition, it is in everyone's interest that there is a change in hospitals, waiting lists removed, attention to patients, less work pressure for doctors. Etc.. The shows supports various causes. Including the children's homes, cliniclowns. Years ago I started my own foundation. Due to having ended up in hospital several times, it was not possible to achieve the goals. Do not freak out! In other words, the goal was "world peace" This foundation was founded after I myself was in a coma for a week. After three epilepsy attacks. "What do you want the foundation for?" WORLD PEACE is what I said as the man gave me a weird look. The foundation is officially established in the Netherlands.
Yet I never wanted to give up. It gives me strength to carry on. And with a good team and the right funding, I can certainly give 777 benefit shows. When the film is in production and visible to all, Then everyone will understand how it really works. I can stand on a stage but no longer spend hours in front of the computer. However, I am now doing that to arrange everything. The reason is that I also want a live doc. This woman literally makes lemonade out of limes.
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By yvonne Padmos

Keywords: Innovation, Leadership, Project Management

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