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Happy Friday!

On this day, December 9, 1979, the Global Commission for the Certification of Smallpox Eradication signed their names to the statement that “smallpox has been eradicated from the world.” The disease had been endemic to Europe, Asia, and Arabia for centuries, killing three out of every ten people it infected, but these figures rose to 95% in the new world. Back in 1967, the World Health Organization (WHO) began a global vaccination programme against smallpox, officially declaring it eradicated in 1980. Smallpox was also one of the first diseases to be controlled by a vaccine. It was one of history’s deadliest diseases and is estimated to have killed more than 300 million people since 1900.

Forty years later, in December 2019, the coronavirus was first reported in Wuhan, China. The disease quickly spread worldwide, resulting in the COVID-19 pandemic. To tackle the pandemic, strict measures such as social distancing and travel restrictions were put in place around the world. Scientists worldwide began to develop vaccines. Almost two years after COVID-19 was first identified, there were more than 200 million confirmed cases and over 4.6 million lives lost to the disease. Change disruption is the order of the day.

“Change disruption is the order of the day. New technology, viruses, climate change, geopolitics, rapidly changing customer buying habits, and social media accelerate the way organisations need to adapt. Those with superior change leadership capability will stay ahead of the competition”

Additionally, the great resignation, the desire for hybrid working, and quiet quitting have made us all aware of the importance of organisational change management. We now live in an era that I refer to as the ‘Age of the Employee’, where employees want to feel included, valued, engaged, and have a sense of purpose in their work. To navigate this era, leaders will need to have leadership of change knowledge and skills. Organisational change, transformation, and improvement have become permanent features of the business landscape. The owners and shareholders of organisations are now starting to demand that the leaders they select have both day-to-day operations and change implementation skills. Organisational change leadership is about effectively and proactively involvement in the change. Change leaders have three responsibilities, Articulate a compelling change vision that inspires employees, Model the new way of working, and Intervene respectfully to ensure sustainable change.

Have a fantastic weekend with the ones you love and care for, enjoy some fresh air, exercise, eat drink and be happy.


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