Face-to-Face Vistage Lean Leader Masterclass - July 2021 – Coventry, UK


Lean Leader Masterclass - Leadership of Improvement

Vistage Executives (Group 250) - Coventry - 15th July 2021

I was speaking to a group of Vistage Key Executives (Group Bob Battye - Key 250) in Coventry, UK in a Lean Leader Masterclass. This is the second delivery of this workshop within a three-week period, and it was fantastic to be back delivering with Bob Battye, Vistage Group Chair. Bob has over 20 years’ experience running Peer Groups and Leadership Coaching. The participants were highly engaging, open to learning and started to develop lean skills and knowledge through the two lean simulations using experiential learning.

The UK industry is coming under more and more pressure to improve organisation operating performance, reduce cost, improve quality, and schedule delivery. We are already under-performing in comparison to other G7 countries and post Brexit delivering business improvement is an imperative organisation strategy. Building business improvement capability, selecting the right business improvement methodology and driving the programme is critical to get a return on investment (ROI) and start to improve organisation performance. This Lean Leader Masterclass is for executives who will lead or be part of a leadership team considering or currently implementing a business improvement programme into their organisation.

Masterclass Sessions

  1. Change Disruption and 4IR:
  • Recognise that 4IR will have a massive impact on the way we live, work, and socialise.
  1. Strategic Planning:
  • Appreciate the importance of linking lean to strategy.
  1. Lean Leadership Masterclass (Main Session):
  • Gain an overview of lean methodologies, tools and techniques.
  • Experience Lean Simulation Phase 1 (As-Is).
  • Perform a Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Exercise.
  • Plan and Execute Lean Simulation Phase 2 using lean tools (To-Be).
  1. Change Management:
  • Understand it is an enabler to lean implementation and employee change adoption.


“Business improvement projects are more likely to fail due to people and communication challenges rather than the application of business improvement tools or methodologies”

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By Peter F Gallagher

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