Embracing WFH and The Remote Workforce


It is now the norm and you as a business owner, manager, worker, manager, etc, must embrace the best of the best work from home tools to keep your business, your company, and the economy going. I want to share a few tips and tools based on my own experience, research, and technology learnings, as I have been working from home (#WFH) for more than 18 years. I understand not all job roles can be transitioned to a remote workforce, but for companies getting started, these tips might be the most helpful for you.

1. Choose your Security (Mobile, Online, eCommerce)
2. Corporate Access and Corporate Liable Equipment and Devices
3. Digital Communications (Messaging, Doc Sharing, Videoconferencing)
4. Sales and Marketing Shift - Moving to Pure Digital for Now
5. Ongoing Engagement & Remaining Relevant

Choose your Security (Mobile, Online, eCommerce)
Whether you are using smartphones, tablets, or company provided/personal computers, you need to adhere to very strict security requirements for work activities. Make sure your Internet, Computer, and Phone security software is live, up to date, and activated. If you can, make sure to use a secure VPN connection when accessing corporate assets, files, and systems. If you fail here and allow employees to just use ANY device they have at home, then you are opening yourself up to massive vulnerabilities that you can bet will have hackers ready to grab and disrupt what they can.


By Stephanie Atkinson

Keywords: Business Continuity, Future of Work, Mobility

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